Winter Issue Extra: BuddhaX’s CC Push-up
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 28, 2013

BuddhaX is a new exercise concept that combines breakdance with power vinyasa yoga to create breakflow, a unique series of integrated dance moves and yoga poses. When done at a continuous, reasonable pace you can burn between 500 and 1,500 calories per hour (not to mention, look really cool doing it). Here, co-founder Japanese B-boy A.T.S of Rock Steady Crew demonstrates the BuddhaX CC Push-up, a core-focused movement that works out every single muscle. Try it — he swears anyone can do!

STEPS 1 & 2:

Move toward a seated pose, balancing on your left palm with your foot flat on the floor. Distribute about 65 percent of your weight on your foot (35 percent on your hand). Tighten your core muscles and breathe steadily throughout the progression of movements.

Bring your left heel down to the floor and start to shift your weight onto the left heel, beginning to twist your body to the left side.

STEPS 3 & 4:


STEPS 5 & 6:

Continue to shift your weight and twist your body to the left placing your right hand on the floor and pivoting your left foot so your weight shifts from the heel to the outside edge of the foot and then to the toes. As you shift your weight left, your right foot will naturally want to come off the ground. As it comes off the ground, carefully bend your knee.

Fully shift your weight and evenly distribute it between to your left toes and both hands, which are now flat on the floor making sure to keep your neck aligned as shown.  Maintain the bend in your right knee.




With your chest facing the floor and maintaining the bended right knee, bend your elbows into a push-up and then push back up to almost straight arms (always have a micro-bend in the elbow for joint protection).



Slowly shift your weight back around back to the starting seated pose while maintaining the focus on a strong core. Make a goofy face and smile! (Then repeat on the other side.)