Wedding Wear | Q&A with Kang Chun Lin of Enzoani
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 28, 2013

Taiwanese native, Kang Chun Lin, is the designer behind the international formalwear company Enzoani. The company consists of five separate collections—Enzoani, Blue by Enzoani, Modeca, Love, and Love 16. From your prom to your wedding, Enzoani has you covered. Known for their lace and the quality of their materials (all of their crystals are Swarovski), Enzoani creates pieces that not only look beautiful but also feel luxurious. Designer Kang Chun Lin took some time to talk with me about his career and the inspiration for his 2013 collections.

Audrey Magazine: How did you start getting into design?
Kang Chun Lin: I actually have a business background but I’ve always been interested in design. I learned by myself through books and then I completely redesigned my mom’s wardrobe. From there, I knew that this is what I wanted to do and went to the London School of Design and started all over. Forget business, I want to make dresses.

AM: What made you want to start designing wedding dresses as compared to other apparel?
KCL: I have always loved handcrafted things like embroidery, beading, and appliqués. When I decided to do this career, I though bridal would be perfect for me. You can’t use a lot of these materials on ready-to-wear things.

AM: What is the trend or idea behind the 2013 collection?
KCL: The most important thing for this new collection is mysticism. This season, we use a lot of different layers and play a lot with concealing and revealing. For example, we hide the ruffles; it’s not on surface but it goes down underneath. We use many layers and cover them with hand-cut appliqués. So it’s not just outward beauty. When the bride feels and touches the dress, she can feel that it’s not just a normal ruffle or lace dress.

AM: Are there any standout pieces in the collection?
KCL: Definitely this one (pictured above). This dress really focuses on layering and I really like the color contrast with the blue and black on top of the nude color. It has blue hand-embroidered lace underneath an Alecon lace appliqué on the surface that is covered with Chantilly lace.

AM: For wedding dresses, do you generally stay with whites and off-whites or do you use color sometimes?
KCL: This season we use some colors other than black and white. I still use black lace but I use violet underneath. It’s really a vintage look. It fits with the theme of mysticism; you can see everything clearly but nothing is too strong.

AM: When you’re approaching wedding accessories, how do you form the dress, the veil, the shoes?
KCL: The veils don’t particularly go with any particular dress but I use the same materials like lace appliqué.

AM: How is designing for a younger audience different than designing for an older one?
KCL: For Love 16, the colors are a lot brighter and younger. It’s a prom collection compared to the Love collection, which is special occasion wear. This season, there are a lot of high legs, creating a look that is sexy but still young.

AM: As an international company, how do you design for such a global market?
KCL: That’s why we have different collections. Modeca is more focused on the European girl. It’s just a small collection. Blue by Enzoani is more for the majority of brides; the fitting and style is more commercial. Enzoani is for here, America.

AM: How would you describe the ideal Enzoani bride?
KCL: The Enzoani bride is definitely confident. When a customer asks me, “What kind of girl should wear this or that,” I respond “As long as you put on a dress and look in the mirror and have a smile on your face, that’s it!” Don’t limit yourself, just try on. You will see your face and know what you love and don’t love.