TUTORIAL: Electric Winged Eyes
  • by Rachel Chen
  • June 19, 2014


Everybody loves the winged eyeliner trend. It’s chic, fun and effortlessly intensifies the eyes! This summer, word has it that the latest summer trend for eye makeup is electric eyes. Urban Decay has recently released an electric eyeshadow palette, called the Electric Pressed Pigment Palette that you can buy for $49 dollars on Urban Decay’s website.

urban decay


At a first glance it may not seem like the most practical palette for your everyday look. It oddly reminds me of my childhood-favorite, Lisa Frank, with all its bright, slightly blinding neon colors.

So the question is, how on earth are you supposed to make those colors look attractive on your face? If I tried this myself at home, I would probably end up looking like a trippy clown.

Thank goodness for makeup guru and beauty blogger Jen Chae’s (known as frmheadtotoe on her Youtube channel) tutorial, where she teaches us how to combine the electric palette with the winged eyeliner that looks effortlessly cool!

Check out Jen Chae’s tutorial via Youtube here:


So, have we convinced you to try this new look or what?