Thursday Style with Audrey | Curls or Stick Straight?
  • by Audrey Archives
  • May 30, 2013

I love Thursdays; not only does Thursday usher in the long awaited weekend, but Thursdays also mean it’s styling day here at the Audrey office. My co-workers and I meet up shortly after lunch and instead of our usual check-in meetings, we have a styling “party” where we test out styling products. Today was a hairstyling party and we tested out a 1” Lighted Titanium 450 Flat Iron by Andis Professional and Remington’s “All That!” hot rollers. With these products we either curled or straightened our hair and added finishing touches by using either hairspray and/or hair serums.

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I usually straighten my hair when I go out and because my hair is wavy having a flat iron is a must, which is why I was excited to test out andis’ titanium flat iron. It heat up pretty quickly and because it has a range of heat temperatures, it helped us to control the heat a little bit more. Although we set the iron at the highest temperature, I couldn’t really feel the heat when I grabbed a hold of it. Right before I used it on my co-worker, Olivia’s hair I lowered the temperature and started flattening her hair. I usually need to slide the iron twice to get the hairpiece completely straight, but with andis that wasn’t necessary. The lock of hair that was exposed to the iron completely flattened right away, despite Olivia’s naturally wavy hair. It wasn’t too heavy or difficult to hold either, so I was able to straighten all her hair pretty quickly without having to rest my arm.

Another bonus is that the iron wraps around the sides, so that one can curl one’s hair as well, so curling we went. Alix, my other co-worker flipped curls on our editor, Kanara. She claimed it was pretty easy to do and you could try using our tips below to make it even easier for you.

1. Separate a piece of strand from your hair

2. Wrap the iron around the section of your hair (make sure you don’t hold it for too long!)

3. Repeat!


In addition to all of this, the device comes with a complimentary flashlight that gives you a better view of what your doing to your hair.

We tried curling the traditional way as well by using Remington’s “All That!” hot rollers. Although the process to curl Kristine’s straight hair was traditional, these rollers were not.  Made out of rubber, these rollers were flexible to move and bend it any way you want them to. In fact, bending it is part of securing the roller in your hair. You first wrap a lock of your hair around the roller and then push it in to snap it into place. You can wrap it up to wherever you want it to, meaning it will even roll all the way up to your roots. Kristine’s hair cane out really nice, as you can see below, and it was way easier than using a hot curling iron.


To add finishing touches to our hair styles, we used either Sojourn’s firm hold working spray, CHI Rx’s silk lock hairspray, CHI Rx’s moisture therapy serum, or hair cream from Lucido-L. Another way to vamp up your hair and/or your hairstyle is to use andis’ “Elevate” blow dryer. A bonus about this hair dryer is that it’s an ionic device leaving your shiny and glossy after you’re done using it!