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The Ultimate Cat Nap, Even More Yellowface and Other MUST READS OF THE WEEK

Posted By Ethel Navales On August 18, 2014 @ 11:30 pm In News,Pop Culture,Trends | Comments Disabled

1) Get the ultimate cat nap with Japan’s new privacy hoods. (READ HERE [1])

2) Butter on a stick? A fan attached to chopsticks? Would you purchase these bizarre Japanese inventions? (READ HERE [2])

3) Stephanie Chang: the first Asian-American woman in Michigan’s State Legislature. (READ HERE [3])

4) Check what these dedicated Indian students have to go through to get to school. (READ HERE [4])

5) Everyone has fallen in love with this Chinese firefighter who rescued a kitten. (READ HERE [5])

6) This Chinese escape-room exhibit allows you to simulate your own death. (READ HERE [6])

7) North Korea’s threats over James Franco and Seth Rogen’s new film pushes Sony to make major alterations. (READ HERE [7])



8) Who say’s you shouldn’t play with your food? Artist creates chocolate legos. (READ HERE [8])

9) George Takei opens up about his family being taken at gunpoint (READ HERE [9])

10) More and more and more yellowface. (READ HERE [10])




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