The Ultimate Cat Nap, Even More Yellowface and Other MUST READS OF THE WEEK
  • by Ethel Navales
  • August 18, 2014
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1) Get the ultimate cat nap with Japan’s new privacy hoods. (READ HERE)

2) Butter on a stick? A fan attached to chopsticks? Would you purchase these bizarre Japanese inventions? (READ HERE)

3) Stephanie Chang: the first Asian-American woman in Michigan’s State Legislature. (READ HERE)

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4) Check what these dedicated Indian students have to go through to get to school. (READ HERE)

5) Everyone has fallen in love with this Chinese firefighter who rescued a kitten. (READ HERE)

6) This Chinese escape-room exhibit allows you to simulate your own death. (READ HERE)

rogen frano
7) North Korea’s threats over James Franco and Seth Rogen’s new film pushes Sony to make major alterations. (READ HERE)



8) Who say’s you shouldn’t play with your food? Artist creates chocolate legos. (READ HERE)

9) George Takei opens up about his family being taken at gunpoint (READ HERE)

kp yellowface
10) More and more and more yellowface. (READ HERE)