The Perfect Walking Heel By Blogger Kristen Lam
  • by Jeline Abutin
  • July 9, 2014


In search of a cute heel for the summer that withstands even a New Yorker’s walking lifestyle? Look no further than blogger Kristen Lam’s favorite heeled sandal, “The Warren” by Madewell.




Seen constantly on her Instagram as well as her blog KristenGlam, Lam’s go-to heel is as versatile as it is practical. With its 1-1/2 inch stacked heel, the minimalist, triple-strapped sandal gives you just enough height while keeping you grounded as you commute on busy urban sidewalks or travel through exotic lands.


Can’t seem to find a pair of The Warren heels in your size? Check out our alternative picks below from Topshop.


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.04.03 PM

1. Preeta Premium Sandals: $130

2. Nowhere Black Strappy Heels: $100

3. Heartbreaker 2Part Heel: $45

4. Rose Gold Toe Sandals: $110


And be sure to check out Kristen’s official site here.