• by Winnie Galbadores
  • October 9, 2013
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Who is Xian Lim you may ask? He’s only one of the hottest and most admired stars in Philippine showbiz. This Chinese Filipino actor, model and singer has received several awards and has been featured in a variety of films and television shows. His most recent film role was Alex in Star Cinema’s Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? where he acted alongside real-life girlfriend, Kim Chiu. He has earned his rightful spot as today’s Daily SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy) and you’ll find out why below.
He looks absolutely stunning in any photo shoot he does.
His smile is just mesmerizing.
He’s even more adorable when holding a puppy.
He’s fit and athletic. (He was a varsity basketball player while attending the University of the East).
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He has a smokin’ body. Enough said. tumblr_mr9qdr3jyW1s77auro1_500.
And if these GIFS don’t win you over, then I’m not sure what will.
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tumblr_mf8elrSEuH1qfzadvo1_250 tumblr_mf8elrSEuH1qfzadvo3_250
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  1. Mr. Everything,Gifted,the IT guy,Total/Complete package,Every girl’s dream,Every mother’s dream for a son-that’s Xian Lim…he has all the potentials of becoming a big star and now he is-so much loved and supported around the globe by his millions of fans…he has the looks ,the talents,the charm and admirable characteristics that u can be truly proud of!!!

  2. Xian lim is a truly SHAG…multi talented….a complete package … so proud being a super fan of Xian….

  3. Thank you for this wonderful article about Xian, he deserves all the breaks that he is getting, he earns it. We, his fans are so proud of him, God is good.

  4. Oh my Xian Lim yes he is a hard working dude and we love him for that, a very simple and focused goodlooking, talented young man nor to mention very intellecyual too, We love and support you Xian and im so proud tobe a fan.

  5. All of those and more! He’s the Renaissance man, the complete package. And wonders of wonders, he is actually a nice person. Which is saying a lot with all the jerks and scoundrels that populate showbiz. No wonder he has a large following not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

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