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The Daily SHAG | Lee Byung-hun’s Workout Video for G.I. Joe: Retaliation (aka The Best Four Minutes You’ll Spend Today)

Posted By Audrey Archives On May 30, 2013 @ 9:27 pm In audrey man,Daily SHAG | Comments Disabled

It’s no secret that I love Lee Byung-hun. And it’s also no secret that I want you to love him too. I came across this workout/training video of the South Korean actor recently – and heavens, it was just too special to not devote a entire post of screen caps to share with our S.H.A.G. fans (Audrey readers). While the video caught moments of him talking (about what, I’m not sure), there was plenty of SHAG-worthy moments to go around.


Click and check out the goodies. And before you can thank me – you’re welcome. Happy Friday!

So the video starts off with plenty of quick shots of LBH working out (shirtless and with shirt), set to the same remixed instrumental of “Seven Nation Army” you’ll hear in G.I.: Retaliation.

Hello side view.


Oh pooey, the tank is back on, but your arms are very nice.

I don’t care if they blurred this part of him lifting, but I know there’s magic going on in this scene.

I think this is what Justin Timberlake was also referring to when he was singing about sexy backs.

What’s all that sweat for? Are you tired….because….


…..you’ve been running through all our minds today.

Okay, so this may just seem like a cute shot of him smiling….but when you see him in the next shot.

Why…he’s cooking (He’s making pancakes.)!

And grilling meat.


And here’s a shot of him being interviewed again, but this time in the boxing ring.


Here he is just about to spar with his trainer.


BAM! Please be my bodyguard, LBH.



Nice, very nice. I applaud.


Here’s a “helicopter shot from above” of him doing the same routine.

Yeah, yeah we know you’re hot. We know you know you’re hot too. Stop checking yourself out.


He doesn’t just lift or box too. He runs. Too bad he runs with his shirt on.


Now he’s jump roping.


He also will turn any bad guy into minced meat judging by this shot.


Yes, we know, this is another shot of him running, but clearly, you also need the back view.


What are you thinking about?



Are you mad we’re screencapping too many shots? You can’t handle this overexposure?


Well too bad, I’m going to continue. No LBH screencap collection is complete without him in the process of taking off his shirt.


Oh look at him handle that top – toss it off to the side! LBH don’t have time for tank tops!


He”s telling his tank top with his eyes: yes, you just got owned.



Yes this was absolutely necessary to get in this post. Up close upper chest shot.

I am clearly running out of things to say, because he leaves me speechless.



What’s better than one LBH lifting? TWO LBH’s!


Don’t worry, I’ve got good looking clothed pictures as well. I like him in sunglasses.


ANd without sunglasses too.


Men of the world: make sure you buy a nice white tee that looks good on you.



And I’m going to end this post with an inappropriate shot of his trainer holding a banana and smiling at it.

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