Fitness Friday: How To Get (And Stay) Motivated

Two years ago, I made the choice to switch to a healthier lifestyle. This mainly consisted of being aware of what food I ate and figuring out a consistent workout schedule.

Truthfully, it was very difficult in the beginning because I did not know where to start. I had very little knowledge about gyms, workout equipment and types of exercises I should be doing. Stepping into the gym was so intimidating, I would often stay on a treadmill or elliptical so I would feel “safe.” As much as I wanted to strength train, I was self-conscious of how weak I looked or how stupid I may seem with improper form (proper form is VERY important, by the way, but more on that later). Even if I did workout with other people, I was very stubborn and reluctant to follow certain exercises.

But I kept on trying. You have to keep in mind that everyone starts from somewhere. The important thing is that you are up and making an effort! If you ever lose motivation, feel lazy or get intimidated, here are some tips to help keep you going:



1. Surround yourself with positivity.


Let’s be honest, many of us are constantly checking our social media accounts. So why not start there? Personally, I go on Pinterest or Instagram to find motivational quotes so I can easily refer back to them when I need an extra push.

It is also important that you keep positive energy around you, whether it’s a fellow workout partner that is willing to push you or having friends that share your excitement on your fastest timed mile. A support system will help you along your fitness journey.

Others can’t support you if you don’t support yourself. Don’t ever put yourself down! Even if you feel like you didn’t work out as hard as you should have, don’t worry! It’s much better than skipping a workout altogether. According to Neesha Choksy at, having positive thoughts after a workout will help you stay motivated and you won’t be dreading the next time you exercise.



2. Dress Up!

Courtesy of Abundant Heart Apparel on Etsy.

Courtesy of Abundant Heart Apparel on Etsy.

No, not like that! Put down those heels, girl. When you workout, wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in! When I started exercising, all I had were pajamas and sweats. Looking like I rolled out of bed did not help me feel energetic at all. So I went out and bought fitted leggings (you know you want to check out that booty after squatting) and colorful tanks tops. I also tend to buy tops with motivational quotes, no matter how cheesy it may seem.



3. Tune Out The World


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Are you one of those people where music affects your mood? Grab your iPod and create a fast-paced energetic playlist. Trust me, the right beat and the right song will keep you going. This will also help you focus on yourself and not the guy flexing in the mirror across the gym.

Do you need some song suggestions to get your started? The one song that will always push me to my limit is Lil Jon and Steve Aoki’s Turbulence.” I know, it’s very EDM, intense and something I don’t normally listen to, but it helps me run just a little faster on the treadmill. Are you feeling a little competitive or need to let out some steam because of an ex-boyfriend? Try an empowering song like “Better Than Her” by Matisse and Akon. You’ll feel so accomplished after your workout. Who needs a man in your life anyway?

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Replacing Wrinkles With Muscles: Chinese Senior Citizens Who Are More Athletic Than You


Whenever I spend time with family members in their 50s and 60s, they like to remind me that my 20s are my prime years and physically, things will only go downhill from this point on. They usually follow this up with horror stories about joint and muscle pain, but I won’t go into that.

Now as it turns out, if I were talking to some of the senior citizens in Beijing, China, the conversation would be very different. In fact, I may find a few who would challenge me to a push up contest. And trust me– they would win.

Head over to Beijing’s Temple of Heaven Park and you will see it covered in senior citizens. No, they’re not there peacefully feeding pieces of bread to ducks (which would have been my initial guess). They’ve taken over the jungle gym to work out.

And these aren’t just tiny, delicate work outs either. Men are doing sit ups while hanging from metal bars, women are jump-roping and just about everyone seems to be able to do pull ups better than I ever could.

You may be surprised to discover that many of these athletic senior citizens didn’t actually exercise before retiring. With a job to maintain and kids to raise, many admit to not even caring too much about their physical fitness in their younger years. Now retired, the senior citizens finally have time to focus on exercise.

As expected, China’s life expectancy seems to have benefitted from this senior citizen hobby. Huffington Post notes:

Despite rampant cigarette smoking, suffocating pollution and some ghastly food-safety scandals, China compares favorably with other upper middle income countries on life expectancy. At 75.2 years, China’s life expectancy currently lags only 3.5 years behind that of the U.S., despite China having around one-eighth of America’s per-capita GDP.


Check out this video below and see their athletic skills for yourself. Keep in mind that nearly everyone in this video is over 60-years-old and retired. In fact, the man in the beginning is 86 and ran a marathon just four years ago.