Monique Lhuillier Mixes Naughty And Nice With ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Inspired Wedding Dresses

The weather is warmer, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. Sure, these are signs that it’s spring time, but it also means wedding season is here! Are you a bride-to-be looking for inspiration (or simply dreaming of your ideal Pinterest-worthy wedding)? Look no further! Monique Lhullier is never short of impressive and at this year’s bridal fashion week, she has done it again. The Filipina American designer’s Spring 2016 dresses are inspired by something familiarly whimsical, but with a darker twist.

Feminine, figure-hugging silhouettes, deeper necklines, cutouts and intricate, flowery detailing is just the beginning of Lhuillier’s Alice in Wonderland inspired collection. But don’t let these sparkling elements distract you from the other side of the collection. In her interview with The Knot, Lhuillier says she drew inspiration from the darker elements of the story:

“My collection is very sensual and elegant, really pushing the limits. I researched Alice in Wonderland references– specifically the fantasy of it and darker elements. There’s a lot of darkness, but also a lot of light. The gowns are extremely sensual, sultry and close to the body. These gowns look at the naughty and nice side of the bride.”

monique_theknot1 monique_theknot2 monique_theknot3 monique_theknot4 monique_theknot5 monique_theknot6 monique_theknot7

These are only some of the gorgeous gowns from her Spring 2016 collection and although there are sexier and bolder elements, Lhuillier still produced beautiful dresses that literally made the inner hopeless romantic in me gasp. Subtly naughty to appeal to the bride, but all over nice for a family friendly wedding dress? Sounds like my kind of dress!

Which one is your favorite? What would your ideal wedding dress look like?


Feature image courtesy of Michael Weschler and Monique Lhuillier.
Images of gowns courtesy of

This Korean Bride Had 54 Marriages in 50 States

Within many Asian American families, there is a lot of pressure for daughters to get married by a certain age. For instance, performance artist Maria Yoon felt intense pressure from her father to marry a “well-suited Korean guy.” Frustrated to the point where she avoided spending time with family all together, Yoon decided to create a performance art piece where she married 54 men, women and inanimate objects in 50 states, dressed in the traditional hanbok that is common attire for traditional Korean weddings.

Yoon started her journey in Las Vegas, accompanying a friend who won the 44 million lottery. She decided to start making marriage proposals to anyone she was interested in and in that trip alone, married her waiter’s friend and a Diana Ross impersonator “she fell in love with” at a drag show. But after these two marriages, Yoon realized she couldn’t stop there. So Yoon traveled across the United States to all 50 states where she had 54 marriages to a fifth-generation cowboy from Wyoming, a lesbian woman in Massachusetts, a Maine lobster trap and many, many more.

While all these marriages are technically illegal, Yoon filmed her journey and made it into a a documentary called Maria the Korean Bride. Calling herself the “voice of unmarried Asian-American women,” Yoon says “this story isn’t just about [her] or [her] dad. It’s about America’s voice.” The trailer to her documentary is below:


A Look Inside Jay Chou’s Secret Fairytale Wedding

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou, known for his poignant lyrics and signature fluid voice, got married last week. Based on the pictures, the wedding was nothing short of a fairytale. And with a skilled lyricist like Chou as the groom, you can only imagine what the vows must have been like.

The romantic occasion took place in Yorkshire, England and despite speculation (there were gorgeous engagement photos thanks to celebrity wedding planner Sarah Haywood), details of the wedding managed to stay a secret until Chou released photos on Facebook.

In the past, Chou said he would get married by the age of 35. He lived up to the promise, but he definitely cut it close. Chou was married January 17th, the day before his 36th birthday.

Jay Chou’s Facebook (

Chou married the beautiful Hannah Quinlivan, a 21-year-old Australian Taiwanese model who he had met four years ago. Only family members and close friends were invited, and even they arrived in England without knowing where the ceremony would specifically be held. In fact, the exact date was ambiguous as well. Since then, however, Chou has posted photos of the dreamlike event on Facebook.

Held in Selby Abbey, the wedding has been hailed the wedding of the century by many in Taiwan. Just look at the bride’s gorgeous gown and you’ll see that the statement definitely holds some ground. To imagine Chou’s start as a struggling musician to the Asian music icon he is today, paired with the fresh-faced bride, the fairytale feeling really is a fairytale in its own way.

Here is a clip of the ceremony:

Prior to the wedding, a European-style photo shoot was posted on his Facebook. The engagement photos show the two in Paris, Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle and Prague.

Jay Chou’s Facebook (

Jay Chou’s Facebook (

The two have announced that they want to have a baby for the Chinese Year of the Sheep (2015), and Chou is set to film a movie in England, but will fly back to Taiwan in March for a wedding banquet.

In all of this grandeur, we can’t help but think of Jay Chou’s 2007 song “I’m Not Worthy,” with a music video navigating the complications of being famous with a love life.

Turns out, a happy ending is possible, and that some leaps are worth taking.

Beautiful Indian Bridal Wear Inspired by Disney Princesses


The love for Disney Princesses is at an all-time high. Earlier this month, we discovered a campaign by Disney Channel (Asia) which had Southeast Asian celebrities pose as Disney Princesses. That’s not all. We’ve seen artists re-imagine Disney Princesses as different ethnicities and even gender bend the princesses into princes.

Clearly, the Disney Princess hype is far from over. Recently, Indian bridal wear company Wellgroomed Designs found themselves inspired by Disney as well. The result? Wellgroomed created nine stunning Indian bridal looks inspired by Disney Princesses.

“In our quest to do something out of the the ordinary, we thought it be awesome to do a Disney themed bridal shoot,” Wellgroomed explained on their official blog. “After all, many brides grow up idealizing characters like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jasmine, etc.”

“Our idea was to showcase these characters as Indian brides,” they continued. “We knew it would be a challenge to pull this off but we’re blessed with some very talented and creative people in our industry.”

Check out the breath-taking bridal wear below and tell us your favorite!

wg 1

Inspired by Snow White.

wg 2

Inspired by Rapunzel.

wg 3

Inspired by Ariel.

wg 4

Inspired by Cinderella.


wg 5

Inspired by Pocahontas.

wg 6

Inspired by Aurora.

wg 7

Inspired by Jasmine.

wg 8

Inspired by Belle.

wg 9

Inspired by Mulan.


All photos courtesy of Wellgroomed Designs.
Decor: Universal Decor
Photography: Amrit Photography
Jewelry: Obsession Jewelry
Makeup: Makeup Vibez by Ranjit Heer
Hair: Powder Room Studio | Glam by Sav I Iris Chau
Locations: Dhaliwal Banquet Hall, Surrey | Hycroft Manor, Vancouver
Models: Michelle Senghera, Jasmeen Johal, Carly Pinchin, Rachel Deagon, Alisha Sidhu, Shirin Sharifikhah, Iris Chau, Chanel Brar and Astra Pereira

This Sailor Moon Themed Wedding Will Have You Saying, “Moon Prism Power!”


My friends and I share a serious bond through our extreme love for Sailor Moon (and yes, we were excited about Sailor Moon Crystal), but when you share your obsession with your life partner AND on your wedding day, now that’s true love. Sailor Moon fans will definitely find themselves ogling at Michelle Nguyen’s Sailor Moon themed wedding. A friend passed this blog post onto me, and it’s only appropriate that I share it with our readers — or should I say fellow “Sailor Scouts.”

Michelle Nguyen, a contributing writer for Defective Geeks, pulled out all the stops for her wedding down to every little detail (even the bridesmaids nail art)!




If you want to see more pictures from the wedding and get a behind-the-scenes of how she created everything, head over to Defective Geeks blog post!

All photos courtesy of Defective Geeks.


Talented DIY Bride Makes Her Own Wedding Dress For Only $30


These days, DIY weddings are definitely the latest trend. Soon-to-be brides have invaded craft stores everywhere looking for candles, mason jars and ribbon. But one bride has decided to take this DIY trend to the next level.

Seattle bride Chi Kreneta decided that she would test her crochet skills on something that many women spend years dreaming of: her wedding dress. The talented crocheter utilized her 50-minute bus commute each day to work on the gown of her dreams. The beautiful, floor-length gown features cap sleeves, an empire silhouette and uses a common pineapple stitch throughout. Chi Kreneta simply wore the piece over a white slip, accented it with a ribbon and voilà, her masterpiece was complete!

Although the dress took 5 months of hard work, it’s clear that it all paid off. Best of all, the materials to create the dress only cost a total of $30.

“I crochet a lot on the bus during my commute and have made other things like hats, scarves, and shorter dresses,” Kreneta told ABC News. “I knew I wanted to design and make my own wedding dress (I also sew) and figured that crocheting it would be the most efficient way to accomplish.”

Additionally, Kreneta points out that the dress is in honor of her late grandmother who taught her how to crochet as a child.

Check out the impressive time lapse video below!




Monique Lhuillier Designs Wedding Gown For Her Fashion Role Model, Her Mother


Wedding gown guru and highly sought-after fashion designer Monique Lhuillier takes frequent trips to visit her family back in her hometown, Cebu City. But when she made the 16-hour flight this year, it wasn’t just to soak up some Philippine sun. Instead, it was for a rather special — and golden — occasion.

This year marked her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Her father Michel Lhuillier, a Vietnam-born Filipino entrepreneur of mixed French descent, and her mother Amparito Llamas, a Filipino with Spanish roots and a background in modeling, celebrated the occasion in a grand ceremony and bash at the Cebu Cathedral.


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.33.17 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.33.23 AM


(Can we just take a moment to drool over how gorgeous Amparito looked on her wedding day?)

For an event alternatively called the “Golden Anniversary,” the festivities and, of course, the attire could be nothing less than pure gold. Lhuillier took matters into her own hands to create a wedding gown that was as uniquely special as the first one her gorgeous mother wore. (The perks of having a designer in the family, am I right?)

“What I wanted to do was take elements of her original [wedding] gown, so we took it out of the box after being there for 48 years,” said Lhuillier, who said she began prepping designs for her mother’s gown around a year ago. “We found it in really great shape, and there was something so beautiful and timeless about that dress. So I had her put it on and the wonderful thing is that it still fit!”

Using the lace from the original dress, which featured a Watteau train that flowed from the shoulders down to the floor, Lhuillier designed a new gown with a slimmer silhouette and long sleeves.

“Then I did this beaded antique gold overlay covering the entire outfit to incorporate gold into this dress. I dusted beads on her shoulders, her sleeves and then it trickled down the waist and the sides of the skirt. In the back, I drizzled it all over the entire train,” explained Lhuillier. “After all, it was a golden wedding anniversary!”





The beautifully redesigned wedding dress was the perfect way to pay homage to the lady Lhuillier calls her fashion inspiration.

“I grew up with a very glamorous mother. Her elegance and chic style were my earliest influences. I was naturally inclined to design specialty dresses and gowns,” Lhuillier said in a ShopBop interview in 2013. “I’ve always gravitated toward a more glamorous aesthetic. My mother is such a sophisticated, regal woman, and when I was growing up, I didn’t know anything different. I thought all women lived life that way! My sister and I loved watching her get ready and transform.”

To this day, Lhuillier loves to see her mom get dolled up for an occasion, and the Golden Anniversary was no exception. “My mother looked like a queen that night,” she gushed. (And don’t worry, her father looked equally dashing in classic black-and-white attire with a winning bow tie.)



Getting Married at McDonalds Is the Latest Wedding Trend in Hong Kong


Thousands of girls everywhere dream of saying their “I do’s” with their prince charming on a beach in Hawaii, or maybe in a quiet traditional church with friends and family. Somehow, I don’t think Ronald McDonald’s face ever made it into the picture of the most romantic day of their lives. Certainly not mine at least.

But for those of you who are extreme Big Mac lovers, or if you’re up for joining in holy matrimony with your spouse whilst catching a whiff of freshly fried french fries, then you are in luck. According to Elite Daily, there are now 15 McDonald restaurants scattered all over Hong Kong which offer services for you and your loved one to become husband and wife. Make no mistake, you’ll want to get going on those reservations because there is already a high customer demand.

You can rest assured though that you’ll be in good hands with good ol’ Mickey D’s because they take their business very seriously. They offer four different types of packages for you to choose from, including the Sweetly Party, Full Love Party, Happiness Party, and Love Forever Party. Packages also come with decorations, a balloon bridal bouquet, wedding favors and more. What more could a bride possibly dream of?







Photos courtesy of Elite Daily


Check Out This Badass Wedding Shoot in China


Traditionally when a couple gets engaged, the following ensues: the bride and groom to-be typically jet off to some romantic destination with a scenic background of hilltops, mountains, or a field of blooming flowers to have their engagement photos taken.

But perhaps you choose a profession where you are on-call 24/7, like SWAT officer Hou Wei Lin, and you may not have the time to whisk off into the sunset with your fiancé.

Well Hou didn’t give up on his dreams of commemorating the special event. Instead, with the help of his fellow SWAT officer team members, he cleverly combined his workplace and his wedding shoot with fiancée Li Jinyang to produce the most badass, action-packed, yet adorable wedding shoot ever in China.

Check out the pictures below:




shooting range









Photos courtesy of EliteDaily

How Technology Helped a Chinese Soldier Marry the Love of His Life


In this day and age, with the rapid development of technology, pretty much anything is possible. We’ve seen everything from hologram waiters to virtual girlfriends in Japan, and it seems like each latest device or invention is even more bizarre than the last.

But sometimes, technology can also be used to fulfill a man’s simple wish to get married to the love of his life when he can’t physically be there on his own wedding day. Now this we can definitely appreciate.

Xinjiang army soldier Liang Tao was set to marry his fiancée, surnamed Yang, on July 26. Sadly, though he was already on leave, Liang was called into a mission that required him to stay in Xinjiang, as he was the only leader available. Deciding to put his duties first, Tao and his fiancée called off the wedding — only to be surprised by the commissioner of the army, Zhang Jiang Guo.



Having heard of Tao’s plans to marry, Guo decided to throw the couple a surprise video wedding. Guo and Tao’s fellow army soldiers were able to connect Tao to his wedding via satellite, where he appeared on a screen at the wedding ceremony.

Though this was nowhere near ideal for the bride, Yang reportedly burst into tears as she saw her husband’s face on the screen. She expressed her gratitude to the Xinjiang army, saying, “Thank you for everything you prepared for me. Although my husband is not with me here right now, this is a more meaningful and unforgettable wedding than others.”

Check out the happy couple’s wedding pictures below:






Photos courtesy of Shanghaiist