Hailee Steinfeld to Appear in 10 Films By Next Year

Yahoo has nicknamed Hailee Steinfeld “the hardest working 16-year-old in Hollywood” and for good reason. This well-earned title may have a thing or two to do with this quarter-Filipina actress being scheduled to appear in 10 films between now and next year. Suddenly, we feel pounds of guilt for ever complaining about our “busy schedules.”

At the age of 13, Steinfeld rose to fame with her role as Mattie Ross in the 2010 film True Grit. The young actress gained an unbelievable 10 Oscar nominations for that role alone– an achievement that actors well into adulthood strive for.

Much to the surprise of her new fans, Steinfeld disappeared for a few years after True Grit. She tells Yahoo that she was simply waiting for the right project. As it turns out, although we have not seen her on the big screen since True Grit, the young actress has been keeping herself busy through her teenage years and has found a heap of projects that are worthy. Clearly, we never should have doubted her.

One of these much-anticipated projects is already available for you to check out. Steinfeld stars as Juliet in the latest adaptation of Romeo and Juliet directed by Carlo Carlei. And next month, Steinfeld will hit us with another anticipated film Ender’s Game. Acting alongside Harrison Ford, Steinfeld will bring the popular science fiction novel to life.

Check out the trailer for Romeo and Juliet below and stay tuned for more updates on this amazing actress.