Check Out Transformers Enthusiast’s Unbelievable Toy Collection


The sci-fi series Transformers is without a doubt an extremely successful franchise. Even with a complete change of cast, this year thousands of kids, teens and adults still lined up to watch the fourth and latest film in the series, Age of Extinction.

Battles between good and evil robots, and of course, the side romance between a dorky-boy-turned-hero and well, Megan Fox — what more could you possibly ask for? I get it. Kind of.

But former soldier and Transformer enthusiast Zhang Wei’s passion for the series may just be a little bit extreme. The man has collected an astounding number of 380 transformer toys — Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Red Spider, Metroplex to name a few — over a span of twelve years. How much has this collection cost him and his wife, you ask? 200,000 RMB, which is roughly $32,000.

Check out his collection below:









Han Geng Joins the Cast of Transformers 4

Han Geng has created quite the name for himself in both China and in Korea. The Chinese Mandopop singer first rose to fame as the only Chinese member of Korean boy band Super Junior. Han Geng made history as the first non-Korean celebrity to formally debut in Korea. With the rise of Super Junior success, Han Geng was able to gather quite the fan base before before venturing off into his solo career.

So whats this Chinese heartthrob up to now? Apparently, taking part in some of the biggest franchises. Michael Bay confirmed that Han Geng would be joining them for the final installment of Transformers. He described Han Geng as “one of Asia’s top stars in the worlds of music, television and movies and has become one of the most influential entertainers in China. Now he’ll also be known for Transformers 4. Welcome Han Geng to the cast of Transformers.”

Han Geng is the second Chinese celebrity to be confirmed for Transformers 4 (Han Geng will act alongside Li BingBing for this production). We can’t wait to see how this will all unfold! Tell us what you think.