Audrey’s Top Ten Stories of 2014


While we’re more than excited to kick off this new year, let’s take a moment to look back on all the stories of style, beauty and inspiring Asian Americans of the previous year. Here’s Audrey’s Top Ten Stories of 2014! 



1) 20 Asian Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Asian
“Not all Asians look the same. I repeat, not all Asians look the same. Even if they don’t necessarily “look it,” all of the following celebrities are Asian…” (click here) 



2) Adorable Asian Babies Who Dress Better Than You
“Here are kids who make the playground their runway and lower our self-esteem by dressing way better than we ever did during our toddler years…” (click here)



3) Marvel’s Newest Superhero Is An Asian American Woman
“It looks like Marvel is ready to put another Asian American woman on the superhero grid. Cindy Moon, who goes by the name Silk, will have her own comic book series by February 2015…” (click here)



4) Even More Photos Of The Brazilian Man Who Got Surgery To Look Asian
“The newest internet sensation is undoubtedly Xiahn, a 25-year-old Brazilian man who had 10 surgical procedures to achieve an Asian appearance…” (click here)



5) Cruel & Racist Statements Told To Asian Adoptee Children
“Adopting two daughters didn’t make Kelley-Wagner feel any less of a mother than the women who gave birth to their children. Being adopted didn’t make Liliana or Meika feel less like daughters. Unfortunately, many others didn’t seem to share their sentiments…” (click here)





6) The Adorable Ye-bin is Back!
“This cutie became a viral sensation when her video “Mom Tries to Teach Adorable Girl Life Lesson” hit YouTube and gathered nearly 9 million views…” (click here)



7) VOICES CARRY: Carissa Rae
“Filipino American singer Carissa Rae Alvarado, born and raised in Southern California, first started appearing in YouTube videos in 2008, crooning covers of Alicia Keys and Michelle Branch when she was still in high school…” (click here)



8) 4 Ways The Korean “Ajumma” Is Becoming The New Style Influencer
“For some time now, the stereotypical Korean ajumma has long been thought of as the antithesis of style — something, as a young Korean woman, you never wanted to become. And yet, I’ve been noticing that ajumma style is slowly seeping out into the real world, the non-ajumma world of the rest of us…” (click here)



9) 25 Asian YouTubers You Should Check Out This Summer

(click here)



10) Michelle Phan, YouTube’s “Beauty Bestie,” Empowers Women From the Outside In
“Know this face? This is the face of a CEO, media exec, lifestyle guru, music producer, entrepreneur, author, multimedia artist, beauty expert and YouTube mega-star…” (click here)

Top Stories of the Week: Lunch Around The World, Asian Men in Television and The World’s Smallest Woman Doing Big Things

1) How School Lunch in America Compares to Japan, Philippines, India and Korea (CLICK TO READ)


Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 2.48.10 PM
2) Jen Lee’s “Dear Korea” Shows What It’s Like To Live In Korea As A Korean American (CLICK TO READ



Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 3.44.18 PM
3)Asian Men As The Romantic Lead: Before John Cho There Was James Shigeta (CLICK TO READ




4) Steven Yeun On How Korean Parents React To A Career In Acting (CLICK TO READ



Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.56.43 PM

5) The World’s Smallest Woman Achieves Her Biggest Dream on “American Horror Story: Freak Show”  (CLICK TO READ

Top Stories: Why We Love Steven Yeun From “The Walking Dead” & Kimiko Glenn From “Orange is The New Black”



Here are our Top 5 stories of the month!




top 1
1. Top 5 Reasons We Love Glenn from “The Walking Dead” (READ HERE)


top 2
2) Find Out Why We Love Kimiko Glenn, The “Orange is the New Black” Actress Behind Brook Soso (READ HERE)


top 3
3)  Ki Hong Lee’s Debut Film “The Maze Runner” Premieres Today (READ HERE)


top 4
4) “Sorry to keep you waiting, boys” — Sanrio Launches Hello Kitty Men (READ HERE)


top 5
5) “The Real” Host Jeannie Mai Talks Divorce, Plastic Surgery, Fashion and More (READ HERE)



TOP STORIES OF THE WEEK: Parents Receive Amazing Surprise, Epic Wedding Photos & The Best Celeb Boyfriends

1) YouTube Star Surprises Parents By Paying Off Their Mortgage (READ HERE


Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 1.21.54 PM
2) Check Out This Badass Wedding Shoot in China (READ HERE

3) 10 Asian Celebrities Who Would Make Amazing Boyfriends (READ HERE


4) Check Out This (Awesome) Angry Rant About Yellow Fever (READ HERE)


5) Chinese Doctors Bow For An 11-Year-Old’s Selfless Decision (READ HERE

Audrey’s Top Ten Stories of 2013

2013 was quite the year for Audrey Magazine. Not only did it mark our ten year anniversary, it was also the launch of our revamped website. While we’re more than excited to kick off this new year, let’s take a moment to look back on all the stories of style, beauty and inspiring Asian Americans of the previous year.

Ranked by which stories were the most popular of the year, we bring you Audrey’s Top Ten Stories of 2013!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.41.22 AM
1) Breaking The Asian Myth | Asian Hair
“If there’s one Asian stereotype we’re all very familiar with, its Asian hair. No one knows when this actually happened, but at one point people began thinking that all Asian women had the same kind of hair…”

2) Not For Weak Stomachs: Removal of a 25-Year-Old Blackhead 
“In September we showed you the results of sleeping with makeup on for an entire month and called it a horror story. Now we take that back. We take it all back. Apparently, that wasn’t a skincare horror story at all. This is…”

2013 c
3) Korean Twin Sisters Unrecognizable After Plastic Surgery 
“It’s no secret. In Asia, plastic surgery is becoming more and more common. In fact, double eyelid surgery is so typical that many girls have been known to receive the procedure as a graduation gift. Aside from these minor procedures, just how far has surgery entered Asian culture? According to some, surgery has become a very serious ordeal…”

2013 d4) World’s 15 Most Followed Asian Female Celebrities on Twitter 
“1. Indonesian entertainer Agnes Monica (@agnezmo) — 8,326,171 followers
2. Japanese-Swiss-Polish Brazilian TV personality Sabrina Sato Rahal (@sabrinasatoreal) 3. Indonesian singer Sherina Munaf (@sherinamunaf)…”

2013 e
5) Korean American K-Pop Star Embroiled in Nude Photos Scandal
“Korean American singer Ailee has been receiving enormous attention from the Korean media after nude photos of the K-pop star surfaced on the Internet. Allkpop, a popular New York-based K-pop website, published censored versions of the photos last night, igniting a firestorm of controversy…”

2013 f
6) The Ultimate Guide to EXO
“EXO is separated into two subgroups, EXO K and EXO M, which promotes in Korea and China respectively. But together? This boy band totals to 12 members. Overwhelming? Just a bit. As much as we wanted to get to know the line-up for KCON, was learning all 12 members worth it? YES. The answer to that question is a very enthusiastic yes…”

2013 g
7) False Rumor: Philippines Disqualified From Pageants For The Next Two Years 
“In the midst of all this good news for the Philippines, a strange rumor has begun to spread. According to The Adobo Chronicles, the  Association of Beauty Pageant Franchise Holders (ABPFH) has disqualified the Philippines from international beauty pageants for the next two years claiming that Filipina candidates had an “enormous advantage” this year…”

2013 h
8) Asians in Fashion | EXO-K for Ivy Club Autumn 2013
“With the rise of EXO’s popularity, we can confidently say that  Ivy Club made quite a good decision to have the boys model and endorse their Autumn 2013 look…”

2013 i
9) Extremely Racist Responses to Olympus Has Fallen
“Its no secret that we still face racism today. Every time I start to believe that I live in my ideal/equal world, acts like this bring me back to the reality that we still have a long way to go…”

2013 j
10) Where I Went and What I Bought: Seoul
“I took a dream vacation last month. Not to some tropical hideaway surrounded by crystal clear waters. Not to a romantic European capital overflowing with crumbling palaces and fine wine. No, I went on a shopping vacation. To Korea…”