Find Out Why Ken Jeong Almost Passed on ‘The Hangover’ in This Tearjerker Video

Just when we thought we’ve seen all sides of Ken Jeong, including alllll of his backside in The Hangover, we see a vulnerable side of him as he talks about his wife, Tran Jeong.

Sure, Jeong has had us laughing and yelling “Toodaloo, M–” for years, but it’s what happened behind the cameras that really touched our hearts. In a recent video with Upworthy, Jeong recalls when he first got news of the Hangover role, which was also the time he received the frightening report that his wife had Stage 3 Breast Cancer.

“It was devastating,” Jeong said as he described the moment.

Initially, he was willing to throw out the opportunity to star in The Hangover and give his time to his family, but he changed his mind after talking it over with his wife. She saw the role as time for him to release any worries and she convinced him to let acting be his form of therapy during the hardship. In turn, the Mr. Chow role became his means of freeing his frustrations and anger.

“It was also just to make my wife laugh,” Jeong admitted.

While filming The Hangover, Jeong witnessed the love of his life and the mother of his children endure 16 sessions of chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiation. In his Huffington Blog post, Jeong expressed that it was during that time he “fell in love with [his] wife all over again and discovered a deeper love and appreciation for her than [he] ever had.” Now, Ken Jeong speaks as an ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer to remind us that all women–especially Asian American women–need to care about breast cancer.

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