The Daily SHAG | Jung Seok-won for Esquire

Holy moly. Actor Jung Seok-won (Rooftop Prince and Haeundae Lovers) makes hearts race in his latest editorial for Esquire Korea by showing off his well-sculpted body (those abs! that back!). Unfortunately the 28 year old is taken – he recently announced his upcoming marriage to singer Baek Ji-young (who’s 9 years older than him!). In any case, all we can do is appreciate his good looks (and body) from afar. More pictures after the cut!

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The Daily SHAG | Happy Birthday Daesung of BigBang! (Yes, this is a megapost.)

Happy Birthday to the adorable Daesung of Big Bang (he’s 24!) Check out our megapost featuring some of our favorite Daesung moments in music and television!

Daesung is a pretty awesome performer.

His voice is so awesome that even his fellow BB members try to imitate him.

He also sings pretty sweet ballads in Japanese too.

Oh hey, shirtless Daesung at a BigBang concert. Howyoudoin’?!

He’s also pretty funny on variety television. Here’s a clip of him on “Family Outing” with BigBang fellow member T.O.P.:

Or this classic scene where Daesung plays an overbearing Korean mother in BigBang’s Secret Garden parody (which by the way, you should watch in full if you haven’t seen it yet):

He also does great imitations of Kpop girl group dances (including Kara, 2NE1, and Afterschool)

He once got rejected by a girl named Gwisoon on “Idol World” – and came out with a trot single as result:

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The Daily SHAG | White Frog’s Harry Shum Jr. (This is a Shirtless Megapost.)

To celebrate the theatrical release (opens today!) of  Harry Shum Jr.’s new film White Frog , we’ve decided to make him our Daily S.H.A.G. (Smoking Hot Asian Guy).  But make no mistake- this appreciation post is no ordinary one. This is Harry Shum Jr.’s Shirtless Megapost.
Click on for more  pictures and be sure to check out our interview with Harry Shum Jr.!

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The Daily SHAG | The Hangover Part III’s Peter Jae

The release of The Hangover Part III couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re due for another Daily SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy) and who better than The Hangover‘s Peter Jae (you may remember him from one of our favorite series K-Town Cowboys!), who worked as a stuntman for the film. Peter is also currently working on stunts for the upcoming Michael Mann film, Cyber, starring Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Tang Wei, and Wang Lee Hom. If you happen to be a fan of abs, you’re in for a treat! Click on for more pics:

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