The Daily Shag | We Got Married’s Julien Kang

Happy Friday! We hope you’re winding down from the week and making good plans for the weekend. In fact, one of our own plans this weekend is to catch the last episode of the Julien Kang/Yoon Se Ah couple on the South Korean reality show We Got Married. I’m a longtime follower of the show and I’m sad to say that they’re ending their run.  

For those of you who don’t know – Julien Kang is Korean Canadian actor (his dad is Korean and his mom is French Canadian) based in Seoul. He’s also starred in popular Korean dramas such as To the Beautiful You and High Kick 3, in addition to We Got Married. 

But to congratulate him on a successful stint on the reality show – and to well, his beautiful abs – here’s a some of our favorite pics of Julien. He’s definitely a SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy).


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The Daily Shag | Ten Reasons Why We Love the Behind The Scenes Video with Daniel Henney

Happy Friday! We are allowed to cheat and GIVE YOU TWO DAILY SHAG POSTS (click here for the other one). We’re giving you double-dose of Smoking Hot Asian Guy (SHAG) this week with Daniel Henney. Let us the count the ways how much we love this video – click on!

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The Daily SHAG | Song Seung-heon in When a Man Loves

We’re giving you a thumbs up for your abs too.

Our latest S.H.A.G. (SMOKING HOT ASIAN GUY!) is none other than South Korean heartthrob, Song Seung-heon. Song Seung-heon is returning to kdrama-land with the MBC meloadrama When a Man Loves on April 3rd! While we don’t know how much of his abs will appear in this upcoming drama, we can give you this picture for now to hold you over. Click on for more pictures of him in action … a mob boss?

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The Daily SHAG | Hyun Bin for Esquire Korea April 2013

Ever since Hyun Bin was discharged from the army earlier this year, I’ll say he’s taking his sweet time finding his next project. While I respect the actor take all the time in the world for the perfect project, I’m actually really waiting for one thing: Hyun Bin’s post-military duty abs. In the meantime, enjoy this adorable shoot for Esquire Korea.

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The Daily SHAG | Godfrey Gao for GQ Taiwan March 2013

Oh. My. Goodness.

Just when we thought Godfrey Gao couldn’t get any more attractive, he goes and does a photoshoot for GQ Taiwan. He’s already one of our daily SHAGs, but we don’t mind putting up a picture of him again. Admit it, you don’t mind either. And what could possibly make this day better, you ask? Well, there’s also a video:



Need a picture for every day of the week? We felt the exact same way! Click on for more pictures of Godfrey Gao!


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The Daily SHAG | Lee Byung-hun’s Workout Video for G.I. Joe: Retaliation (aka The Best Four Minutes You’ll Spend Today)

It’s no secret that I love Lee Byung-hun. And it’s also no secret that I want you to love him too. I came across this workout/training video of the South Korean actor recently – and heavens, it was just too special to not devote a entire post of screen caps to share with our S.H.A.G. fans (Audrey readers). While the video caught moments of him talking (about what, I’m not sure), there was plenty of SHAG-worthy moments to go around.


Click and check out the goodies. And before you can thank me – you’re welcome. Happy Friday!

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The Daily SHAG | The Sudarso Brothers Rocking WongFu Merchandise

Since we love our readers, we decided that instead of giving you just one Daily S.H.A.G. (Smoking Hot Asian Guy) we’d give you two. We bring you Yoshi and Peter Adrian Sudarso (yes, they’re brothers!) While we often see the Sudarso brothers with their shirt off (We’re not kidding- check out their youtube videos. You won’t be disappointed) the boys show us that they look just as good with a shirt on. With advertising like this, who wouldn’t want to purchase some Wong Fu merchandise? Click here to get your hands on your own Nice Guy Tee and brighten up your day by clicking on to see more pictures of the Sudarso bros:

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The Daily SHAG | Happy Birthday Jay Park (This is a Shirtless Megapost!)

Happy 26th Birthday to today’s Daily SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy), Jay Park! In honor of the singer, dancer, rapper, b-boy, music producer, songwriter, model, choreographer and actor, we’ve put together a collection of something he seems quite proud of- his body. Click on for the Jay Park Shirtless Megapost. Enjoy!

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