Police: Colorado Teen Emailed Mother ‘You Will Pay’ Before Stabbing Her to Death

by Steve Han

Eighteen-year-old Isabella Yun-Mi Guzman was arrested last Thursday for allegedly killing her mother by stabbing her 79 times in her face and neck in the bathroom of their Aurora, Colo., home Wednesday evening. As of Friday, she is being held without bond on investigation of first-degree murder.

According to the arrest affidavit obtained by ABC 7NEWS in Denver, the mother, 47-year-old Yun-Mi Hoy, was attacked as she went to take a shower in an upstairs bathroom on Wednesday night. Isabella’s stepfather, Ryan Hoy, was eating dinner downstairs when he heard a thumping sound upstairs and his wife calling his name.

When he rushed upstairs, he caught a glimpse of Isabella, who pushed the door shut and locked it. Hoy said he ran to get his cellphone and dial 911 when he saw blood seeping from under the bathroom door, telling the operator that he believed his wife was being attacked. When he went back to the bathroom, the door opened and Isabella walked out, holding a knife. Hoy said she never said a word as she walked past him and went downstairs. Continue reading