We Finally Know the Identity of Katy Perry’s Famous Left Shark


During Super Bowl XLIX (2015) a real MVP came through and no, I’m not talking about Tom Brady. I mean none other than the Half Time showstopper, Left Shark.

He stole our hearts with his flustered movements as he boogied to his own beat. Call me a softie, but after watching his performance, I was inclined to console him with a great big hug and an “It’s okay, you did your best” speech.

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one touched by his impromptu dancing. In a matter of 24 hours following Super Bowl, Left Shark was turned into an internet sensation. Left Shark memes and gifs took over social media and it seems there wasn’t a single person who Left Shark didn’t woo with his awkward dance moves.




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Because of their rocketing notoriety, the dancing duo were featured as special guests on The Late Late Night Show with John Mayer. Being from a special species of “dancing sharks,” the great whites had a “marine biologist” accompany them and explain the “clumsier, dumber” nature of the Left Shark.


But all jokes aside, I’m sure we’re all really wondering who exactly is behind this adorable, bewildered, flailing Left Shark? Recently on Today, the identity of the man behind the great blue and white costume was revealed.

Left Shark is none other than Bryan Gaw.


image1 image3

Although a review of the performance joked that “the Left Shark failed out of choreography school,” it’s safe to say that Gaw is quite learned in the arts. Gaw is a professional dancer who has been working with Katy Perry for quite some time now.  His Instrgram shows a number of photos backstage during Katy Perry’s various events and gigs. In fact, he’s one of the few people Katy Perry follows on Twitter. Much to our amusement, Gaw seems to be fully embracing his Left Shark identity.

Go ahead, Bryan, go ahead with your Left Sharky self.



Featured image courtesy of avclub.



GoldieBlox Makes AMAZING Commercial For Girl Engineers

The GoldieBlox girls are back and more amazing than ever.

Debbie Sterling, a female engineer, decided to create GoldieBlox after realizing that toys for girls rarely focused on things related to the engineering field. Its no wonder that 90% of engineering jobs are held by men when women were never given the opportunity to explore the field as a child.

As children, we were not given legos, lincoln blocks, or robots to build. We were given dress-up barbies, build-a-bears and fake makeup kits. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with bears and barbies, Sterling wanted to create toys to inspire girls who may have some interest in engineering. She simply wanted the option to be available. Her website describes her creation as follows:

GoldieBlox is a series of interactive books + construction toys starring Goldie, a curious girl with a love of engineering. Goldie’s stories encourage girls to build, developing the spatial skills that are fundamental to engineering. As she goes on adventures with her friends, she comes across problems that she must solve by building simple machines. As the story unfolds, the girls get to build what Goldie builds. Through the downloadable e-book app, kids get to hear the story narrated and receive helpful hints and tips to enrich the building experience.


The girls are back and ready to show off their incredible engineering skills. Check out the amazing commercial below. You can also vote here to help GoldieBlox win a chance at airing their commercial in the Super Bowl.



You think you know what we want, girls.
Pink and pretty it’s girls.
Just like the 50’s it’s girls.

You like to buy us pink toys
and everything else is for boys
and you can always get us dolls
and we’ll grow up like them… false.

It’s time to change.
We deserve to see a range.
‘Cause all our toys look just the same
and we would like to use our brains.

We are all more than princess maids.

Girls to build the spaceship,
Girls to code the new app,
Girls to grow up knowing
they can engineer that.

That’s all we really need is Girls.
To bring us up to speed it’s Girls.
Our opportunity is Girls.
Don’t underestimate Girls.