Street Style: Get Jamie Chung’s Denim-On-Denim Look

Jamie Chung was recently spotted out enjoying the early spring temps in Los Angeles while looking casually cool in distressed denim and a pair of great oxfords.


Image Courtesy Of Camuto Group

We broke down Chung’s look and found some great denim pieces if you love her street style just as much as we do!  There’s budget-friendly options to ultimate splurges that will make great additions for your closet.



1. All Under $100!


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This Classic Denim Jacket is available at for $29.90, click here.



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These skinny, distressed jeans are available at for $24.95, click here.



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If you love Chung’s easy-going lace top, check out this one available at for $29.95, click here.

Total price for all three pieces together comes out to only $84.80!



2. For The Extreme Splurge

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 3.12.29 PM

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New York artist Rob Pruitt’s limited edition collaboration with J Brand gives a new spin on the classic denim jacket.  If you are interested in owning a piece of hand-painted work the jacket is available at for $895, click here.



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This pair of Verdugo destructed denim in Beachwood is available at for $229, click here.



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Luxury designer fans, check out this Oscar De La Renta vinyl-appliquéd lace top available on sale for $1,105.50 at, click here.



3. Jamie Chung’s Adorable Oxford Shoes


Image Courtesy Of Camuto Group

We couldn’t get enough of Chung’s footwear, so we found out her shoes are actually from Louise et Cie, which is a sub-brand under Vince Camuto.  She’s wearing the Fernanda Oxfords which you can search for online and at Nordstrom stores where Camuto brands are sold.



4. Accessories 


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.43.05 PM

Photo courtesy of

Jamie’s semi precious hand chain is too cute not to have. It’s available for $24 at, click here.

Of course, we couldn’t get enough of Jamie’s Westward Leaning sunglasses. They will soon be available at



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Less is More: Minimal Jewelry Trend From Our Favorite Asian Fashion Bloggers


Last year, fashion bloggers showed off their favorite jewelry brands layer upon layer, stacking necklaces and bracelets in various combinations. But things seem to have taken a turn towards the minimal side.

Visiting some of our favorite Asian bloggers, we find simple and subtle jewelry replacing last year’s “wear it all” themes.  Interesting details are never lost on fashion bloggers– they manage to find pieces that easily draw attention without being overly flamboyant.  We are quite enjoying this movement towards simplicity, especially if it means not having to deal with tangled up chains and bracelets.

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Image Courtesy Of

Image Courtesy Of

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Looking for new goodies to add to your collection?  We gathered a few eye-catching, uncomplicated pieces perfect for this coming spring.


1. The Pendulum Necklace by Ria Vianna, available here for $30, has a lovely thin chain and stone drop perfect for tees.

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

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2. If you prefer a shorter chain style, take a peek at the Tres Necklace by Ria Vianna available here for $25.


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3. Check out this effortless Cylinder Cuff is available here for $28.


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4. Prefer darker metals?  Here’s Kamryn Dame’s “understated, but not overlooked” Madison I necklace available here for $112.


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Holiday Gift Ideas Inspired by Asian Street Fashion Trends: Statement Pieces


If you are running around doing last minute holiday shopping or finding yourself online all day trying to find unique gifts, we’ve got you covered. We were inspired by Asian street fashion trends and we’ve rounded up a few gift ideas we think you’ll love.

Throughout 2014 we’ve seen some great statement pieces and accessories to help make outfits pop.  Below are a couple favorite street style shots and interesting products that could make a perfect gift for the most daring fashionista you know.



1. A Cool Handbag


Image Courtesy Of

Spongebob’s sequined eyes on this cross body handbag immediately caught our attention, so we searched out another adventurous piece: Moschino’s Spongebob shoulder bag available here on sale for $298.


Moschino’s Spongebob Bag, Image Courtesy Of



2. A Colorful Watch


Photo Courtesy Of

A great watch can be an accessory lover’s best friend.  Though fashion has given us multitudes to choose from, the practical purposes of a watch makes it relatable to anyone and an easy gift to give.  This bright green band caught our eye and we found a similar style, but with a unique natural wood face—a perfect conversation starter and at a budget friendly price of $56 available here.


Earth Watches Tannins Watch, Image Courtesy Of



3. All-Over Prints


Image Courtesy Of

For the urban wear fan, Joyrich can be seen all over the Asian street fashion blogs.  Their flamboyant prints and sayings are a huge favorite for both men and women. With stores in both the United States and Asia, it’s easy to get inspired and find the designs here stateside.  If you know someone that adores bold prints, we found the tee version of this sweatshirt.  You can find Joyrich’s Cuddle Currency Shirt here for $40.


Image Courtesy Of




4. A Childhood Throwback


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From Mickey Mouse to Iron Man to Looney Tunes, we’ve seen a lot of childhood favorites pop up every month on the Asian style blogs.  Check out this Tweety Bird hoodie available here for $23.


Image Courtesy Of



 5. A Pop Of Color


Image Courtesy Of

Winter usually means breaking out everything that is black and gray, but we loved how this stylish woman added in a touch of cobalt blue with her cropped sweatshirt and matching booties.  If anyone in your friends and family is a fanatic for all things blue, we found a great ribbed knit cropped sweater from Forever21 available here for $20.


Image Courtesy Of

Stay tuned for more street fashion inspired gift guides as we count down the days until the holiday festivities begin.


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An Inside Look Into Seoul’s Street Style Trends With Alex Finch


Winter trends continue on the streets of Seoul as we move towards the New Year with cozy knits, layers and oversized coats to keep out the biting chill.  Looking back over the street trends of 2014, we decided to give you a short reading break from what is “in” for Korean fashion, and instead share a bit of an inside perspective of these flowing fads and beloved street portraits.

With over a hundred thousand followers and thousands of re-blogs daily, Alex Finch’s photos straight from Seoul have captured everyone’s attention on social media to online galleries for Vogue.  While he’s out finding intriguing looks, we ask him what is it about Seoul and its fashionable people that attract growing international appreciation.



Winter Trends, Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch

Audrey Magazine: Compared to other Asian metropolitans, what fascinates you about the fashion found on the streets of Seoul worn by its city dwellers?
Alex Finch: I should start by saying that I have only seriously shot in Seoul, but have been in Tokyo a few times. I think that I like the “fashion with restraint” (don’t remember where I heard that, but I think it fits) that makes for a good selection of photos with variety. Different areas of the city definitely give you groupings of different styles, but I like the variety I see on the streets that I frequent.

AM: You’ve been taking street portraits for quite awhile, do you feel Korean fashion is more about current trend or individual eclecticism? 
AF: Again, I think there’s a mixture of both. I hear a lot of people say that Koreans just follow whatever trends are around, but I’m not sure that’s any different to any other nation that falls outside the main fashion centres of the world. However, I have some friends who don’t seem to follow any trends and just make up their own style on the go. I admire that a lot.
AM: Your photos were extremely popular during Seoul Fashion Week, is there more buzz outside versus indoors while runway shows are being presented?  Can you share with us how a day goes spent capturing all the amazing outfits being worn at the seasonal SFWs?
AF: First, I should say thank you. Most of the photographers I shoot regularly with would rather be outside shooting the street and what they see more commonly on famous foreign photographers’ websites during fashion weeks, but I did enjoy shooting backstage during this season because I got to speak to the models and try a new style.
AM: What intrigues you more during your street portraits, the individual garments people wear or how they style things as a whole?  What makes the image have more impact?
AF: I honestly think it depends. Shooting for this long, I have seen instances of both. When I’m snapping without asking, it’s usually an item that I see, be it shoes or a bag. When I’m shooting a full body portrait, then the entire look makes a difference.
AM: Finally, what is your favorite season to photograph people and their fashion choices?
AF: I’m a huge fan of spring turning to summer. It’s not too hot and the colours begin to come back after the dark tones and heavy jackets of winter. It’s also much more comfortable for me as a photographer!


From Head-To-Toe Trend, This Little One Shows Us How It’s Done, Image Courtesy Of


Winter Trends 2014, Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


Fall/Winter Trends 2014, Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


More Color Blocking For Fall 2014, Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


Fall-time In Seoul 2014, Image Courtesy Of


Favorite Summer Accessories 2014, Image Courtesy Of


Enjoying Spring 2014, Image Courtesy Of

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Seoul Fashion Week Street Style: Hats to Handbags


Sometimes an accessory makes the most impact with an outfit, and street style blogs have captured some of the best ones to be seen from Seoul Fashion Week.  Just as much as we love all the clothes, these stylish people found ways to make their accessories the main attraction of their look.

We’ve put together a few of our favorites below: a handbag designed as a favorite animal companion, some great sneakers including a bit of double love for Ricardo Tisci’s collaboration with Nike, an awesome pink structured umbrella and a couple really standout hats.  With such fascinating styles from the eventful week all around, it’s difficult for us to decide which we love more– the runway or the street trends. What’s your favorite?


Seoul Fashion Week

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Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2015

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Image Courtesy Of




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Seoul Fashion Week: Street Style of Korea’s Fashion Models


While we gave you some inspiration from Seoul Fashion Week’s attendees, we didn’t want to leave out the models themselves.  Once off the runway, some of Korea’s favorite fashion models become playful individuals who shine through their own choices of street wear and accessories.  We are used to seeing the serious side of models during runway shows and from their print work in fashion publications, but it is almost more fun to see them outside enjoying time with each other and catching a break from the craziness of Fashion Week.  Some like to follow trends and others prefer to stand out.  We loved seeing the camaraderie between Soo Joo and Irene Kim as they threw kisses to the camera up above, and we enjoyed seeing how their personalities reflect in their street styles.

Here are some other fashion models showing off their flawless street syles.


1. Kim Jin Kyung, the runner up for Korea’s Next Top Model Season 3, goes for boyfriend style charm, and staying comfortably warm in an oversized button up and sweat shirt.


Image Courtesy Of Baek Seong Won.



2. Yeo Yeon Hee, also a past competitor of Korea’s Next Top Model, has an appreciation for both urban wear styling and menswear inspirations.  Carrying on the crew neck sweater trend, she goes for a glimmering option to stand out against the dark tones.


Image Courtesy Of Baek Seong Han





3.  We love how model Park Hee Hyun pairs some striped trousers with practical, gray sneakers.


Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch




4. Irene Kim always keeps things youthful and fun, from her ombre rainbow hair style to her  playful graphic printed tops and bottoms.  She always finds a way to bring color into her outfit whether it is an accessory or a garment.


Images Courtesy Of Alex Finch And



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Seoul Fashion Week: Street Style


Seoul Fashion Week continues its progression of non-stop runway shows and exhibitions, but a runway isn’t the only place to get some fashion inspiration in Seoul. Simply step outside and there’s interesting styles to be seen all around. A look at two of our favorite street fashion photographer blogs reveal what is favored by attendees of the six day event. Winter is quickly approaching and these fashionable individuals know how to stay warm while still looking amazing.

Layering numerous tops and sweaters under oversized coats seem to be loved by all for fighting off the chilly fall days. We still see the trend of pairing skirts and dresses with warm tops, but as always, people have their own way of presenting individual tastes and styling options, some even doubled up their outerwear. There is definitely a preferred color choice by SFW’s attendees, and black seems to be it. From black on black outfits to black pieces with pops of color, nearly every street style contained the dark hue.

Another major street trend appears to be leather. Leather and mixed-media garments and accessories have been favored for quite awhile, and continually make revamped appearances throughout fashion history. Seoul city dwellers provide an ample amount of inspiration for wearing leather, and even how to soften up the tough style with flowing blouses, subtle prints and casual wear.

Below are a few of our favorite street looks from Seoul Fashion Week.

sfw 1

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sfw 2

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sfw 3

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sfw 4

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sfw 5

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sfw 6

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sfw 7

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Style Tips For Petite Women With Tracy Qiu


For those of us that aren’t statuesque, Tracy Qiu of shares with us her stylish and versatile height lengthening tips. You wouldn’t be able to tell from her street style portraits, but Qiu stands at 5’3’’ and with blog tagline of Dress To Look Taller, she has mastered navigating any trend whether or not they are easily wearable by petite women. “If I like a trend that’s not quite suitable for a petite girl, I will look for trendy items with specific cuts and shapes that will work on a petite girl like me,” Qiu explained as she expressed her attention to the details and clothing proportions. Qiu said, “I want to write from a problem solving angle. As much as I love fashion, I think it’s subject to change all the time, but style stays. To me, knowing your body type well, and knowing how to dress to your advantage helps to build individual, unique styles and confidence. So, my goal is to share tips to petite girls and hopefully they can apply these tricks and become more confident.” With a strong blog that goes beyond timeless looks, it’s refreshing to see someone who promotes ways to dress for women and girls in a world where fashion is dictated by a standard height of 5’9’’. Keep reading for Qiu’s worthy tips on outfits, shoes and what garments she feels petite women should consider avoiding.


1) What are your favorite three go-to looks to accentuate long lines/height?

Qiu: My favorite 3 go-to looks are: High-waist, wide leg pants with a cropped top or tucked in shirt and platform high heels for a long line look.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.53.16 AM



A Maxi dress. The shape of a maxi dress makes it simple, and the natural long line of the dress extends heights for sure.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.55.26 AM



A Midi Skirt or Midi dress gives a very feminine and sophisticated length, and it creates the illusion of having longer legs.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.57.24 AM


2) Favorite shoe styles to accentuate long lines/height?

Qiu: We ladies are lucky that there are high heels. I recommend nude color pumps that match your skin tone for natural extension, and cool platform wedge heels for dramatic height extension. I use this trick a lot especially when pairing with high waisted, wide leg pants. I also prefer pointy heels because I found it adds more height than a round toe.


3) What would you consider a styling faux pas for petite women?
Qiu: Styling faux pas for petite women in my opinion is overly baggy or loose fitting outfits. Every petite woman has a different body shape, so understand your body type and pick pieces that work to your advantage.



Below are a few more lovely looks from Qiu, and be sure to take a peek at her blog for more outfit inspiration along with informative posts and “how to wear” suggestions for trends that aren’t necessarily easy for petite body types.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.05.00 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.05.40 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.07.35 PM

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Fall Street Style: Asia’s All About Casual Crewnecks


Summer is slowly withdrawing its balmy qualities for the cool, crisp days of our colder months. Much to our delight, this means a new wardrobe rotation begins!

For some simply bringing back their favorite fall items is satisfying, for others it means new retail therapy sessions—out with the old, in with the new.  If you do decide to revamp your closet staples, take a peek at this early fall tendency for Seoul city dwellers with all its variations: the casual crewneck sweatshirt.


The crewneck originated as an American football sporting garment in the 1930s, and now it has been diversified plenty of times with urban streetwear brands.   While some opt for a more fitted size, you can go oversized and layer away as the temperatures continue to drop into winter.  While heat makes it difficult to look fresh in the heavier fabricated sporty trends, it’s September so those who love to embrace the runway’s more workable options can break them out.

Graphic print sweatshirts are popping up all over Seoul’s streets.

crew 1

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crew 2

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crew 3

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Others go for the more solid, classic look.

crew 4

Photo Courtesy of

Can’t get enough?  Check out these fall and winter 2014 collection crewnecks from a few contemporary womenswear designers and brands.

crew 5

Rag & Bone New York’s graphic chainstitch sweatshirt in grey heather. Available at: for $325

crew 6

The Agi Mixed-Media Sweater in cement marl and silver from All Saints. Available at for $250.

crew 7

Helmut Lang’s more unconventional Waft Sweatshirt in black. Available at for $275.

crew 8

Alexander Wang’s Paisley Pullover with contrasting sheer cutouts. Available at for $595.





ASIA STREET STYLE: Menswear Inspirations


To the annoyance of my husband, I am one of those women who’d rather peruse the men’s section on shopping excursions; it’s not a matter of being anti-frill and fluff, but rather a curiosity to see how menswear styles change compared to the fleeting moments of its gender counterpart.

The persistent availability of tailored trousers with polished shirts and jackets are at the core of a less experimental framework that makes up the majority of men’s fashion. There is significance to the fact that the main components of suiting have been carried through from the 18th century until present-day, a continuum which doesn’t hold true for women’s styles if you ever decide to research historical fashion plates.

This unchanging calibre has made it’s way into inspiring designers for contemporary womenswear; the trend continues well into this year and will likely emerge again during the Spring and Summer 2015 shows that are about to kick off with New York Fashion Week next month.

To end my ongoing preoccupation with history and timeless quality in apparel, here are some of my favorite menswear inspired street looks from Japan and Korea.

mensw 1

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mensw 2

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mensw 3

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mensw 4

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