Steven Yeun and Conan O’Brien Strip Down For A Korean Spa

A Korean Spa, for a first-timer, is definitely an experience you won’t forget. To be frank, there’s plenty of nudity everywhere you look so you’ll see everyone’s full moon, their stars and everything in between.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable enough to walk amongst others in your birthday suit. In fact, in Korean Spas, it’s actually frowned upon if you’re clothed because it’s a snub to the other spa-goers. It’s as if your body is superior and no one deserves to see it. However, in America, baring it all is just something we’re not accustomed to. Our idea of a spa trip typically has us comfortably bundled up in a robe and the level of nudity would only go so far as a body towel to hide the cash and prizes.

So imagine throwing American stars, Conan O’Brien and Steven Yeun, into a Korean Spa. Sounds entertaining? Yup, it absolutely is. From their embarrassing interactions with the other men to their awkward bromance moments, the little episode is pure hilarity.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.30.43 PM

Watch as Steven and Conan go au naturel at a Korean Spa:

In all honesty, that full body scrub sounds glorious…minus the screaming. Anyone else ready to hit up the spa?



Guess That Asian: A Learning Game Inspired by Steven Yeun

Last week, Steven Yeun appeared on Conan and talked about other Asians who claim they get mistaken for him all the time. I have to admit, I can relate. No, I have not been mistaken for Steven Yeun (at least not yet), but I have been mistaken for other girls simply because we’re both Asian. Sometimes it’s a girl who’s completely different in height, age and ethnicity. Heck, sometimes it’s Lucy Liu.

The point is, Steven Yeun is right. Not all Asians look alike. While he decided to prove his point with interracial lookalikes, I have developed a fail-proof game to help practice telling all Asians apart (because clearly, some people need assistance with this).

Answers will be provided below, but remember, we are here to foster an environment of learning and enlightenment. So let’s begin!




1. Steven Yeun vs. Daniel Dae Kim


I know it must be really hard for some of you to see that these are two different people, but they are! One is Steven Yeun, an actor from The Walking Dead (hint: he’s the guy in the first picture you saw). The other is surprisingly not Steven Yeun! He’s an actor named Daniel Dae Kim, best known for Lost and Hawaii Five-O.



2. Rinko Kikuchi vs. Doona Bae


Oh, the challenges of being critically acclaimed. One is Japanese actress and Audrey Cover Girl Rinko Kikuchi, known for Babel, Pacific Rim and the upcoming Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter. The other is not even Japanese at all. Yup, there are different kinds of Asian! Doona Bae is a Korean actress and the Wachowski’s newest favorite who stars in Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending and the upcoming Netflix series Sens8.



3. Dev Patel vs. Suraj Sharma


Sometimes, all you need to do is turn in a great performance in an Oscar-nominated film and….not get nominated for your acting. One is Dev Patel, the kid from Slumdog Millionare, who is also in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel franchise, The Newsroom and the upcoming Chappie. The other is Suraj Sharma, the kid from Life of Pi, who will be in the upcoming Sundance winner Umrika. Can’t tell the difference? Just ask Claire Danes!



4. Randall Park vs. Kim Jong Un


This is where it starts to get tough. One is a ruthless North Koren dictator. The other is an actor who plays the North Korean dictator in The Interview and now plays the dad in Fresh off the Boat. Confusing, right?



5. Mindy Kaling vs. Malala Yousafzai


After a drunk, old man mistakened Mindy Kaling for Malala Yousafzai, Kaling responded, “Did he really think I’m Malala? And that if I were, I’d be at the Boom Boom Room?” But we can’t blame the man! After all, Audrey Cover Girl Mindy Kaling is a 34-year-old actress/showrunner and Malala is a Nobel Peace Prize winner at the age of 17.



6. Lee Byung Hyun vs Dr. Ken Jeong


According to Lee Byung Hyun, this mistake is something that actually happens so let’s help clear it up for people! Lee Byung Hun is an action star who will be the newest Terminator, while Dr. Ken Jeong is a comedian who bares all in The Hangover series. It’s okay, we can see how people mistake them by the their body types. So similar!!!



7. Priyanka Chopra vs.  A White Girl in Brownface


Aren’t white girls great at playing Indians? Judging by the people who put white girl Amy Jackson in brownface for Ek Deewana Tha, Bollywood sure seems to think so. The actual Indian is Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood superstar and Audrey Cover Girl. That being said, we totally see how you can’t tell these two apart… I mean it’s uncanny!



8. Psy vs. G-Dragon


Kpop, kpop, kpop! All Kpop stars look the same right? That’s why it’s so hard to tell the “Gangnam Style” singer and BIG BANG member apart. I mean, aside from a few very devoted fans, who can tell the difference?



9. Makoto Kusanagi vs. Scarlett Johansson


Ooops, my bad! I forgot Scarlett Johansson was white. Didn’t she just blend in so well with the Japanese people in Lost in Translation? No worries, she’s going to be a great Makoto Kusanagi in the Ghost in the Shell movie.



10. Harold vs. Kumar


This one hardly needs explanation. John Cho and Kal Penn just look so alike. I mean, even I can’t tell them apart. But here’s a tip– Harold (played by John Cho) is Korean while Kumar (played by Kal Penn) is Indian.



All jokes aside, we hope you see how ridiculous it is to believe that all Asians look alike. After all, if people can take the time to learn the difference between Marvel’s Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, surely they can learn the difference between Asians, right?


Answers: 1. Steven Yeun (A), Daniel Dae Kim (a); 2. Rinko Kikuchi (A), Doona Bae (a); 3. Dev Patel (a), Suraj Sharma (A); 4. Randall Park (A), Kim Jong Un (a); 5. Mindy Kaling (A), Malala; 6. Lee Byung Hun (a), Ken Jeong (A); 7. Priyanka Chopra (a), Brownface (A); 8. Psy (A), G-Dragon (a); 9. Makoto Kusunagi (a), Scarlett Johansson (A); 10. Harold (a), Kumar (A)


Steven Yeun Argues Not All Asians Look Alike, But Some Look Like Brad Pitt


Thought it was bad that some people believe all Asian women have the same type of hair? Well, it gets worse. Much worse.

In this day and age, there are still some people who can’t tell Asians apart because they’re under the impression that all Asians look the same. Maybe they don’t get enough exposure to Asian folks. Maybe the only Asians they can identify are the ones on TV. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no longer room for these kinds of mistakes. Even Steven Yeun had to comedically remind the masses of this ignorance.

On Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Steven Yeun announced to the audience that he’s on a mission to prove that Asians are not clones of each other. He broke it down for the greater public by loudly stating, “WE DON’T LOOK ALIKE.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.46.47 PM

Yeun then told O’Brien how countless people have said they get confused for the Walking Dead star. “People will come up and like [say], ‘I get mistaken for you all the time,’” Yeun recounts. “And I’m like, ‘You’re 55 years old! Or you’re a 12-year-old girl. What are you talking about?’”

What’s even better is how Yeun tries to reverse the confusion to show that “everyone looks alike” with a few examples of ethnic celebrity look-alikes. He finds an Asian Brad Pitt, a Black Matt Damon and an Asian Elijah Woods.

Watch how it all unfolds here:



TBT: Top 5 Favorite Talk Show Moments with Asian Stars

1. Steven Yeun talks about dating.

In this adorable 2012 clip, Yeun talks about his thoughts on dating. Hopefully, he still doesn’t think 20 steps ahead.

“I’m like not normal and I really think like 18, 20 steps ahead,” Yeun admitted. “So it’s like, ‘Oh my god that girl is so cute, I would love to date her. Wait a minute what will happen when we’re on our marriage and on our second child and she says, ‘Hey, can you cook me some spaghetti? I’m really tired,’ and I’m like, ‘Sure I’ll cook you some spaghetti,’ and I bring the spaghetti and she says, ‘This tastes like crap’ and she throws the fork on the ground. And you’re like, ‘I don’t want that,’ so… no thanks.

“You’re going to be destined for a lonely life if you keep thinking that way,” Conan remarked.

But that didn’t seem to faze Yeun who simply responded, “It’s gonna be good, I have…so many comic books.”

2. Sandra Oh talks about her parents’ adjusting to her wanting to be an actress.

Sandra Oh was just as glamorous in 2007 as she is now! At this point, Oh was already an established star in her role as Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy, but she talked about how important education is to her family and how the rest of her relatives have Master’s degrees. She points out that when she first came to Los Angeles with the intention of becoming an actress, it took time for her parents to come to terms with it. Their fundamental question was how much this career could contribute to society, asking her “What is the social purpose of what you’re doing? What are you helping society with?”

3. Aziz Ansari talks about handling bullies on Conan.

During this talk show interview, Aziz Ansari first hilariously wonders about the mysteries of online dating by discussing that his friend found a wife online while he just found nuggets from Wendy’s.

He then goes on to discuss a documentary on bullying and his work with an anti-bullying charity. Despite his light-hearted approach and jokes in-between, he mentions an aspect of bullying that’s concerning: bullying today has, if anything, become more specific and elaborate and should be addressed.


4. Mindy Kaling talks about backhanded compliments.

In this interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Mindy Kaling talks about how she is sometimes the recipient of a lot of backhanded compliments. “People are like, ‘It’s so nice that Mindy Kaling doesn’t need to subscribe to the ideals of beauty that other people do’ and I’m like, ‘I do subscribe…’ or ‘It’s so refreshing that Mindy feels comfortable to let herself go and be a fat sea monster,'” Kaling jokes. She mentions that she does run and work out, and that “it takes effort to look like a normal/chubby woman.”

At the same time, she acknowledges the good sides of being a role model on her show by being average-sized and having a consistent love life along with a satisfying career and social life.

5. Jackie Chan talks about his adorable socks and sings “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.”

Jackie Chan cheekily points out how no one would ever walk up to Robert DeNiro and shout his name along with a series of kung-fu moves, and yet that’s how Chan is usually greeted. Ultimately, Chan gamely pokes fun at his own accent when calling an operator for Pinkberry, teaches Ellen some Chinese, and displays his singing chops!



Know any more talk show moments that should be on this list? Let us know!


Steven Yeun and Sandara Park Team Up For Hilarious Mini Web Series


We never thought we’d see The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun and 2NE1’s Sandara Park — two of our favorites — collaborating together. So you can imagine our excitement when we discovered that the two were acting as a couple for the BeFUNNY mini web series, “What’s Eating Steven Yeun?” Was there squealing and jumping for joy involved? Possibly.

BeFUNNY studios works to bring together Asian American celebrities from Hollywood and Asian celebrities from all over Asia. In our opinion, they couldn’t have picked a better duo. After all, Yeun has openly discussed the lack of roles available for Asian Americans and how he’s bent on changing that.

“People ask, ‘So, how are the roles now? You must be getting so many.’ And it’s like, I don’t know if you know, but I’m Asian still,” Yeun told TheWrap during an interview in July. “It’s not a complaint, that’s just how it is now. I think that if I had not been Asian, I probably would have a whole plethora of roles, at least to audition for, but it’s just not what has been written.”



Rather than sit and sulk about the circumstances, Yeun decided to do something about it by writing and producing his own projects which will offer better roles to Asian actors. Yeun is working on an adaptation of Kang Chol-Hwan’s memoir The Aquariums of Pyongyang, which focuses on life inside of a North Korean concentration camp, as well as some cartoons and comedies like this mini web series.

“What’s Eating Steven Yeun?”  follows Yeun as he decides to leave his career in America to enter the next chapter in his life and become a South Korean idol. The hilarious web series shows that this transition may not be as easy as Yeun expected.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.45.32 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.45.57 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.46.30 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.47.07 AM


Check out all three episodes below!


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3



Steven Yeun On How Korean Parents React To A Career In Acting


Steven Yeun recently went on Ellen as a first-time guest to promote the return of The Walking Dead. During his interview, he talked about his parents as well as the blood poisoning injury he received on set.

After Yeun admitted that The Walking Dead was his second audition ever in L.A., Ellen asked the Korean American actor if his parents approved of his decision to pursue acting as a career.

“No, my parents are Korean, and traditionally, that first generation of Korean Americans aren’t too happy with the little curveball that you throw them when you’re a kid,” said Yeun. Although his parents weren’t happy with his decision at first, Yeun told Ellen that they were now proud of him as an actor and would even give him advice about the entertainment industry.

“My dad wanted me to wear a suit everywhere I went,” Yeun said, adding that his father would tell him to wear a suit, even when he would go out to buy oranges. “He’s like, ‘You should get a suit … what if they get you and then you’re not in a suit? Then you look stupid.’”


Later in the interview, Yeun talked about how he got blood poisoning after performing a stunt where he falls and lands on his arm. When his arm started to bleed, he wiped off the blood and thought nothing of it until his arm swelled the next morning. As a result, he had to get a steroid shot and an antibiotic shot in the buttocks.

“And the nurse, she said I had a very taut tushy. I’ve been doing squats,” Yeun said.

“What a wonderful compliment,” Ellen responded. “I love when they compliment your butt right before they put a shot inside of you.”

The Walking Dead‘s fifth season will premiere October 12 on AMC.


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Top 5 Reasons We Love Glenn from “The Walking Dead”


The season premiere of The Walking Dead is only a month away, but for dedicated fans, this is still too long of a wait. If this Entertainment Weekly cover and interview wasn’t enough for you, we’re here to help. Today’s #TBT is in honor of upcoming season 5 premiere. We’re focusing on everyone’s favorite character of course. Read on to find out the Top 5 Reasons We Love Glenn from The Walking Dead.


1) He’s a proud Asian.

When we took a look at the statistics of people of color who actually win Emmy awards, the results were shocking. Needless to say, an Asian popping up on our television screen is rather rare. This is where The Walking Dead‘s Glenn breaks the mold. Not only is Glenn a popular Asian character, he has proudly pointed out that he’s Korean American. By simply distinguishing this fact, he has stepped away from the token Asian character.

glenn korean

glenn korean 2

2) He’s the risktaker.  

Whether he’s risking his life to be zombie-bait..
glenn risk

..offering to be the distraction so others can get away safely…
glenn risk 2

..getting Plan B pills for Lorrie (because she couldn’t get them herself, right?)..
glenn risk 3
Or covering himself up in bloop and guts.
glenn risk 4 glenn risk 5

Glenn has continuously risked his life for the safety of his group.



3) He’s loyal to the group.

Although the members of the group are clearly not his blood relatives, Glenn has taken on the mentality that they are. He takes care of them, protects them, and shows undying loyalty. [Spoiler] His anger towards the Governor for what he did to Maggie makes this clear. These are the people he loves and will do anything for.
glenn gif family
glenn family 2
glenn family 3

4) He gets the girl.

No, he is not  the sidekick who’s there purely for humorous reasons. He’s one of the few characters who actually provide love and romance amidst the horrifying setting.

glenn maggie 1 glenn maggie 2 glenn maggie 4

5) In the middle of death, blood, and human’s being eaten, he bring us THIS.
glenn this 2 glenn this


Be sure to check out the Season 5 trailer below: