Dessert Must-Have: Iceskimo Serves Up Snow in San Diego


It seems as though more and more of my friends have become self-proclaimed “foodies” (yes, by “friends” I also mean me) and have been instagramming every new food experience. More recently, my hometown friends have been frequenting a local shop called Iceskimo. I don’t know if it was the hype or the adorable round logo that attracted me, but I had to check it out.


After some research, I found out that this Taiwanese dessert was originally called xue hua bing, which translates into “snow flower.” Fittingly, the dessert is now commonly called “snow.” Using the same ingredients for ice cream, the mixture is frozen into large cylindrical blocks. The blocks are then put on a rotating machine that shaves the block down into super fine ribbons of snow–the perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture.


Once entering the building, I was welcomed by vibrant colors and a buffet of sweet toppings. My excitement was building up like I was my 7-year-old sugar-loving self again.


The secret to Iceskimo’s success is their modern approach to the Snow which allows the customer to customize their dessert however they please. With snow flavors like Lychee and Black Sesame, and toppings like red bean and almond jelly, this place is definitely a level up from your typical frozen yogurt spot.

Not to mention their hospitality! Thank you to the worker who was generous enough to add more condensed milk to my cup.


Snow needs to be added to Audrey’s list of mouth-watering desserts stat! I highly recommend you try out Iceskimo if you’re ever in San Diego, especially during those summer days.

Who am I kidding? It’s good any time of of the year.


All photos courtesy of Iceskimo.