TRY THIS: How Long Can You Go Without Checking Your Phone?

When you leave the house for the day there are probably three things you always need to take with you, your wallet, keys, and of course phone. Taking your phone everywhere with you has become so normal, but has it also become a problem? Take a look around you while you’re walking around or lounging somewhere, you’ll most likely see people always on their phones. Smart phones have definitely come a long way and popular social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more can easily be connected to your smart phone.

In the short film I Forgot My Phone, director and actress Charlene deGuzman is seen doing activities such as laying in bed with her significant other, hiking, and attending a birthday celebration, but all moments are disrupted by the use of a phone. When explaining the concept of this short film, deGuzman writes on her tumblr that she has come to realize that everyone, including her, is always on their phones and it “makes me sad, I’m constantly working on living in the moment, enjoying and taking it all in (without Instagramming them – GASP!) but I know it takes a little practice.

The accuracy of her short film is kind of surreal and depressing. When I first watched it I definitely could relate to some of the scenarios and remember having the same facial expressions. Although I’ve gone through some of them, I do admit that I’ve been on the other side, the person that is on their phone checking Instagram or not engaging in a conversation. Now it just takes practice. It’s time to not check your phone 24/7 and enjoy life moment by moment.


Do you have any other scenarios where phones have disrupted your moments? Let us know in a comment below!