Catch Up With Your Favorite SHAG (Super Hot Asian Guy) Yoshi Sudarso

Does that face look familiar to you? Does your favorite SHAG (Super Hot Asian Guy) ring a bell? That’s right, Yoshi Sudarso is back and he’s got a lot more than his good looks to share with you.

For those that are just getting to know him, Sudarso, who is of Chinese descent, was born in Indonesia and moved to the United States at the age of nine. He and his brother, Peter Adrian, are primarily known on social media and YouTube. His beginnings in the entertainment industry began with small modeling jobs, a bit of acting and a lot of stunt work.

Now, he’s taking bigger steps towards making a name for himself. He is currently starring in the newest season of Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers series titled Dino Chargewhere he plays Koda, the sweet yet resilient blue ranger. But this is only the beginning of a list of projects for Sudarso, which includes planning his wedding! He took some time out after filming in New Zealand to talk about how he got started in Hollywood and his future plans for re-connecting with his roots in social media.

Courtesy of Yoshi Sudarso on Facebook.




Audrey Magazine: How did you get started in entertainment?

Yoshi Sudarso: I began in college. I thought it would be fun to make spare money on the side, so I did extra and background work in the summer for two years. I met people through that and they recommended other jobs or to look on Craigslist to find small jobs. I did modeling, a little bit of acting and stunt work most of the time. I realized stunt work was where I wanted to be so I chose that route.

AM: Did you always want to be in entertainment when you were a kid?

YS: No not at all, not even the slightest actually. I wanted to do something with math. I wanted to be either a math teacher or an accountant. I always wanted to do martial arts and never really did it until high school because my parents wouldn’t let me. So I just kind of followed what my parents wanted me to do, which was accounting and math. Pretty much the typical Asian route, you know? I went to school for that at Cal State Long Beach and halfway through, I decided to change and do Theater.

AM: How did you become the blue power ranger? What was the process like?

YS: I’ve always loved Power Rangers, maybe a little bit more than I’d like to admit, in the sense that I’ve seen pretty much seen every season and I’ve seen the Japanese counterpart as well. Since I’m a huge fan, I always wanted to be a power ranger. One day I was doing a small stunt job for a friend. I met Sonny Sison, the stunt coordinator, who came up to me and said, ‘You’re going to play a power ranger, Spider-Man…’ different characters. So I put on the stuff, it was one of those fake five-dollar masks, then I did the movements and he said, ‘That’s the actual pose!’ And I said I like Power Rangers and I know all the poses so he said, ‘Well, if you’re into Power Rangers, I’m the guy who works for Saban and heads the live entertainment section for Power Rangers.’ I said, ‘Oh! I would love to try that!’ So for three years, I did Comic-Con, birthday parties, whatever it may be. Then two years ago, I heard about auditions for the actor. I googled who the casting director was and found her name, found her email and I emailed her saying I would love to audition for the Power Rangers. I feel like I’d be a good fit. I don’t have an agent, so this is why I’m doing this. I’m not an actor, I’m a stunt man and I’d like to jump in. She says, ‘You know what? You got a good look so come on in.’

My brother and I go in, I get cut after the second audition and he goes all the way to the end. Some stuff happened and he didn’t end up getting it. So this time around, I said I’m going to stick with stunts and you do all the acting and I will double for you. He said okay. For two years we did that and it was really fun. Then we auditioned again because he got the call saying they wanted him back. I go to the auditions with him, I get cut again after the second round and he goes on to do it. And I guess he kept emailing the producer saying, ‘Hey, you need to bring Yoshi back. You haven’t seen enough of him, you haven’t seen his full potential. You really need to see him again.’ The producer says, ‘Fine, we’ll bring him back and put him in this caveman role.’

When my brother told me I got a call back, we looked over the script and thought this character sounds really stupid. I didn’t understand how to do this character so I played it kind of gruffy. After two hours of just reading it, my brother says, ‘Why don’t you play it like a cute little puppy, like an adorable guy?’ I didn’t see it like that, so I played it like that. The next day, we go to the audition and they loved it! But Power Rangers are all about diversity. You can’t have two Asians guys, so they had to choose one or the other. Peter played the other role really well, but it just so happens they couldn’t find anybody else for this role to fit it well, so I ended up getting the role.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.19.24 PM

Courtesy of YoshiStunts on Twitter

AM: How would you describe your character, Koda?

YS: I first saw this guy as really stupid. We had some acting and stunt training for about a month. Stunt training was easy, acting was a little bit different for me. The acting coach said, ‘I want you to tell me about your character.’ So I told her he’s kind of stupid and funny. She said,'”The first thing you don’t want to do is judge your character. You want to understand him.’ I said okay, he’s funny, kind of out of the water, not understanding of how things are going, he’s super loyal, he’s not the smartest guy but he has a heart of gold. So I think he’s a lot like a guard dog, in a sense that he’s a super sweet, nice little puppy. But as soon as something happens, he’s just on and ready to protect whoever is around him.

AM: Do you have other projects or plans for the future?

YS: I have a couple of other projects that I’ve had on my mind. I always wanted to do a Dragon Ball Z live action adaptation, which I was already working on for a while. The production company we were working with ended up taking it into their own hands, recasting and everything even though it was my idea. So, we took our script and moved on. We’ll probably do ours as soon as I get back.

I’m also talking to Strawburry17, a YouTuber named Megan Camarena, and I’ve been working on a bunch of scripts we want to work together with. I think we’re going to try to do something along the idea of a Western web series. There’s not enough Asian cowboys, so that should be fun.

AM: Would YouTube be a side job or main focus after Power Rangers?

YS: I think YouTube would probably be a side thing. My brother and I already tried to do Apartment210 for a while and we just couldn’t find enough time for ourselves to do it because we kept working in the industry, which is great, but it’s kind of tough for everybody else who was banking on Apartment210. I definitely have to go back to my roots, like YouTube and social media because it’s a lot of fun to do.

AM: Ultimately, what is your career goal?

YS: See, that’s something I’m not quite sure of. I never really [wanted] to be an actor, but I’m finding it a lot of fun to be able to portray these characters. As a stunt guy, you really don’t get much say in anything you do. I love doing action. If anything, I’ll probably go cliche and be an action actor. With the Western that I want to do, it’s going to bring a lot of jobs to Asian Americans, because I’m going to try to bring more Asians into it so I really want that to work out.

AM: You also got engaged recently. Congratulations! How’s planning going?

YS: She definitely did a lot, which I feel terrible about. She knows what she wants and I don’t really mind with anything. I actually asked her to marry me when I had nothing. I didn’t have Power Rangers. After I asked her to marry me, I won Wipeout and then got Power Rangers so I said, phew! Thank you, God! She’s actually taking a break from planning because she’s in New Zealand right now with her sister. She’ll probably come visit me in March and then go back to the States.

AM: Has it been hard? Do you travel back and forth or are you just staying in New Zealand? 

YS: Just staying in New Zealand. It’s definitely hard. It’s been really tough because it’s such a long job, eight months. This is the longest run I’ve ever been on. We started at the end of August, flew to New Zealand the next week and we were here until December. We had less than a month’s break and then we were back to it again. We’ll be done at the end of May. It’s the longest run I’ve had at any job, so it’s cool, but it sucks that I’m not back home where I can do other things like meeting with other people, other jobs, scripts that I could be working on. But it’s getting my name out there and people could see what I’m capable of because for a while, people thought that Peter and I were pretty boys that don’t do anything else. So I want to prove them wrong.


After getting to know Yoshi Sudarso for the first time, I conclude that he’s hard-working, willing to sacrifice time from home and from his fiancee, has a list of goals while striving for success. On top of that, his endearing personality definitely proves he is much more than a pretty boy. I think Audrey readers would agree with me when I say that his title should change from “Super Hot Asian Guy” to “Guy To Bring Home To Mom And Dad.” Or… he can always be both!

All photos courtesy of Yoshi Sudarso on Facebook and Twitter.



The Daily SHAG: Mario Maurer

If there’s anyone that has the right to be called a SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy), that would have to be Mario Maurer.

This 25-year-old Thai German actor and model is actually of Chinese and German decent. At the age of 16, Maurer began his modeling career, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he was thrown into fame with his lead role in The Love of Siam. The film received critical acclaim and dominated in Thailand’s 2007 film awards season. Maurer’s portrayal of the character Tong gained him the Best Actor award in Southeast Asian film category at the 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival, Best Actor Award for the Starpics Awards and a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the Asian Film Awards at the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Maurer is also known for his roles in First Love and as the lead role in Thailand’s highest grossing film of all time, Pee Mak, which has earned more than $33 million in revenue worldwide.

The Thai actor has also been gaining quite a bit of popularity in the Philippines for his role in the 2012 Filipino Thai romantic comedy romantic film, Suddenly It’s Magic. In an interview with Philippine Inquirer, Maurer discussed his good experience working in the Philippines.

“There are not many differences, except… in Thailand, it’s easier for me to get acquainted with coworkers. When I did “Suddenly,” I had to use my second language (English). But the Filipinos never let me feel I was from a different place. I was happy to work with them,” he remarked. When asked if he would consider working there again, Maurer replied, “Yes, of course. If I find time, I’ll come back-no problem. But first I want to speak better Filipino. It’s a very cute language.”

Polite, hardworking AND attractive? Mario Maurer clearly deserves to be our Daily SHAG.

mm 1 mm 2 mm 3 mm 5 mm 6 mm 7

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Top 5 SHAGs (Smoking Hot Asian Guys) of 2013

Now some of you may be wondering why we have the SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guys) series to begin with. Before you incorrectly judge, let us clarify a few things. This series was not created simply because we want to oggle at attractive men and base their worth on their looks. That would be far from our purpose.

This series was created because over the years we’ve recognized something very unfortunate. As Asians, we’ve been plagued by a number of negative and incorrect stereotypes. Sure, we’ve been able to fight off some of these myths, but many of these stereotypes still continue strongly today. One of the most widely known? A stereotype against Asian men.

Asian men, for some unknown reason, have been labeled as unattractive here in America. 

Of course, mainstream media is largely responsible for this. Too many times have we seen Asian males stereotyped as short, skinny, nerdy, awkward and unappealing in the public eye. Too many times have we heard that Asian girls can “date any race they want” while poor Asian men are left empty-handed.

Just look at the social media shots fired at New Zealand singer/songwriter Lorde concerning her “scrawny Asian boyfriend.” With such a high number of racist stereotypes thrown at him, we really begin to see just how mainstream media has depicted Asian men.

Of course, we know better. Asian men can be just as attractive, sexy and appealing as any other. This series was created to counter the very incorrect stereotype Asian men have been facing for years. Whether its their looks, talent, sense of fashion or even intelligence, these men have proven themselves as desirable.

In honor of the new year, we look back on the most popular SHAGs thus far. We present to you the Top 5 SHAGs (Smoking Hot Asian Guys) of 2013.

shag 1
“Who is Xian Lim you may ask? He’s only one of the hottest and most admired stars in Philippine showbiz. This Chinese Filipino actor, model and singer has received several awards and has been featured in a variety of films and television shows…”

shag 2
“It’s no secret that I love Lee Byung-hun. And it’s also no secret that I want you to love him too. I came across this workout/training video of the South Korean actor recently – and heavens, it was just too special to not devote a entire post of screen caps to share with our S.H.A.G. fans (Audrey readers)…”

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.49.09 AM
“Men’s Health Korea never fails to brighten up my month –every month. Kpop star Jay Park is this month’s cover boy and like all given cover boys of the past, he gives the world (um, fangirls) a look at his glorious abs and his tattoos…”

shag 3
“It’s rare to feel the need to swoon, sigh, giggle (yes, the term “giggle” is actually appropriate here) and blush all at the same time. If you thought this overwhelm of emotions was impossible, then you clearly haven’t seen the latest photoshoot from today’s Daily SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy), Daniel Henney.”


Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.54.16 AM
“Our latest S.H.A.G. (SMOKING HOT ASIAN GUY!) is none other than South Korean heartthrob, Song Seung-heon. Song Seung-heon is returning to kdrama-land with the MBC meloadrama When a Man Loves on April 3rd! While we don’t know how much of his abs will appear in this upcoming drama, but we can give you this picture for now to hold you over…”

The Daily SHAG: Sen Mitsuji

Today’s eye candy is none other than Sen Mitsuji! This gorgeous half Australian, half Japanese man was born on the 26th of November 1987. He is currently signed on to three different agencies: Be Natural – Tokyo, Bananas- Paris, and Ford – New York.

Aside from being a model, he is also a photographer and director. His work can be seen on his tumblr and his official website, This is Sen.

Not much is known about the mysterious and alluring model, but his work shows a definite appreciation for art, dance, and beauty. One of his films, Ange, highlights interpretive dancing. Another film, Pat & Kikka, shows a man chasing his love before it’s too late. Whatever the theme may be, Sen shows a mastery of style in his work.

And of course, Sen’s main talent is being in front of the camera. With protruding lips and eyes that stare deeply into the camera, it’s no wonder he’s caught so much attention! Check out some of his photos below.





Steven Yeun Named to People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Men’ List

Story by James S. Kim.

Actor Steven Yeun’s character, Glenn Rhee, dates one of the more attractive The Walking Deadcharacters, but Yeun is no slouch in that department himself. People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, which goes on newsstands this Friday, is giving Yeun his due for what many people already know.

The magazine didn’t choose the 30-year-old as the sexiest man, but he’s still one of People’s top picks. During his photo shoot, Yeun explained what he considered attractive in others.

“The quality that I think is sexy … is style, kind of how you carry yourself,” he told People. “I don’t think it has to do with all the ‘sex’ part of it really. I think it’s just how you exude your presence in the world. I find how you are as a human as probably the sexiest thing.”

Apparently, Yeun himself wasn’t expecting to be on the list. “When I first heard that I was going to be in the issue, I asked if they were sure, that was the first thing I asked,” he said. “Maybe second question was, is this a joke? But it’s an honor. It’s really awesome.”

Yeun said his girlfriend (yes, he is taken) was the first to hear about the news, and she was very cool in finding out that she was dating one of the most attractive men on Earth.

“She was really chill about it, and she’s so supportive, so it was great,” he said.

For a glimpse of the photo shoot and Yeun shirtless, take a look at the video below.

This story was originally published in


Who is Xian Lim you may ask? He’s only one of the hottest and most admired stars in Philippine showbiz. This Chinese Filipino actor, model and singer has received several awards and has been featured in a variety of films and television shows. His most recent film role was Alex in Star Cinema’s Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? where he acted alongside real-life girlfriend, Kim Chiu. He has earned his rightful spot as today’s Daily SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy) and you’ll find out why below.
He looks absolutely stunning in any photo shoot he does.
His smile is just mesmerizing.
He’s even more adorable when holding a puppy.
He’s fit and athletic. (He was a varsity basketball player while attending the University of the East).
tumblr_lwlwmzJkXD1qac3v8o1_r2_500 xian-lim-1
He has a smokin’ body. Enough said. tumblr_mr9qdr3jyW1s77auro1_500.
And if these GIFS don’t win you over, then I’m not sure what will.
tumblr_mdn2n5ZIla1qfzadvo1_500 tumblr_mdn2n5ZIla1qfzadvo2_500
tumblr_mf8elrSEuH1qfzadvo1_250 tumblr_mf8elrSEuH1qfzadvo3_250
tumblr_miqznngaWZ1qhhmhwo1_250 tumblr_miqznngaWZ1qhhmhwo4_250 tumblr_miqznngaWZ1qhhmhwo5_250 tumblr_miqznngaWZ1qhhmhwo6_250
tumblr_ml6mcdo2NK1qalw1no1_250 tumblr_ml6mcdo2NK1qalw1no2_250 tumblr_ml6mcdo2NK1qalw1no3_250 tumblr_ml6mcdo2NK1qalw1no4_250
(GIF Source: 1, 2, 3)

The Sudarso Brothers Top 5 Fall Looks

Yoshi and Peter Adrian Sudarso are no strangers to Audrey. The brothers have already earned their spot as a pair of our favorite SHAGs (Smoking Hot Asian Guys) and consistently give us looks to swoon over.

The brothers, who have both dipped their feet in the modeling industry, have proven time and time again that clothes are their best friend. In honor of October, falling leaves, and pumpkin-flavored everything, we bring you our Top 5 Sudarso Brothers Fall Looks.

1) The Leather Look
Its like Christmas came early! The boys give us just a hint of the “bad boy” leather look.
leather 1 leather 2 leather 3 leather 4

2) The Jean Look
In case the jean jacket craze hasn’t won you over yet, we’re sure this will.
jean 1 jean 2 jean 3 apple

3) The Layered Look
Because layers are now officially our favorite part of Fall.
layers 1 layers 2 layers 3 layers 4

4) The I-Didn’t-Know-Sweaters-and-Jackets-Could-Look-So-Good Look
Its pretty self-explanatory.

sweater 1 sweater 2 sweater 3 sweater 4

5) The Weather-Is-Confusing-Today Look
For the Fall days when mornings are cold, afternoons are hot, and nights are cold again.
weather 1 weather 3 weather 4

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Haikus With Hotties: Godfrey Gao

When contributing editor Ada Tseng suggested exchanging poetry with Smoking Hot Asian Guys (SHAGs), we were skeptical. Turns out — pure genius. Here, model and actor Godfrey Gao (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones) gamely responds to our lyrical inquiries through Japanese haiku.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 12.02.49 PM


How often do fans
Faint from Godfrey’s smile (or wink)
Be honest, OK? 

People think I am
Sexy; Flattering, its true
But I’m just bashful.

Striving for beauty
Best regimen for Godfrey
Summed up in haiku? 

Sweating on “THE” court,
B-ball is my game. Keeps my
Body in good shape.

Louis Vuitton man
How does Godfrey make purse look
So good. Confidence? 

Never thought I’d be
Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane
Powerful warlock.


 This story was originally published in our Fall 2013 issue. Get your copy here

Asians in Fashion | Lee Min Ho: Winter Photoshoot

When you think about what kind of clothes would look good on SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy) Lee Min-ho, you’d probably think of something like a nice pair of swim trunks. You know, just enough clothing to show off those gorgeous abs. You probably wouldn’t think of him in a big snow jacket nearly completely covered up.

But you’re wrong. Completely wrong.

Proving to us that he can look stunning in just about everything, the South Korean actor posed for an Autumn/Winter French outdoor clothing brand photoshoot. Needless to say, Lee Min-ho looks amazing as always.

Be on the look out for his upcoming drama, Heirs, alongside actress Park Shin Hye.

lmh 3 lmh 4 lmh 5 lmh 6 lmh 7 lmh 8 lmh 10


The Daily SHAG | Super Junior’s Lee Donghae

For those of you familiar with the K-Pop scene, you may be familiar with today’s SHAG, Lee Donghae, known simply as Donghae by his teems of fans. A member of the SM Entertainment mega-group Super Junior, Donghae originally wanted to be an athlete, but was convinced by his father to pursue singing.After winning an SM-sponsored contest in 2001, alongside future band member Sungmin, Donghae was casted into SM Entertainment and made his official debut with the group in 2005.

hae-ceci-ipad-part-6-4Despite being in a 12-person group, Donghae has made his own mark on the K-Pop scene, for not only his musical talents as a singer-songwriter-dancer, but also for his eye-catching looks. With a perfect smile and chiseled body, Donghae has mastered the elusive boy-next-door look, if your next door neighbor happened to be a gorgeous, multi-hyphenated K-Pop star. And with SuJu showing no signs of slowing down, we’re more than happy to see much more of Donghae in the future.


a04bnqzccaedmjcjpglarge tumblr_mqrvi4phJL1snx37so1_500

All images courtesy of Google