Chinese Takeout Meets … Fashion? Cute Or Not?


Did you ever look into a take out box and think to yourself  —  hey, my cellphone and wallet would fit nicely in here?

Yeah no, me neither.

Seems kind of silly, but Kate Spade has just recently launched a new “Asian Fusion” inspired collection — including a controversial Chinese Takeout Box look-a-like purse. It may just be me, but it seems like the brand is charging us an awful lot of money for what I could probably get for free at Panda Express, minus the shiny gold strap of course. You could probably even DIY that strap, if you really wanted to.


Since its debut at New York Fashion Week, debates over the takeout purse have been circulating all over Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. Comments seem to be mixed: some are confused, some are angry, and some think it’s downright hilarious. Either way, the controversy could cause a slight downtick in Kate Spade’s popularity in China, who is currently trying to expand the brand in the country.

If you, like me (and most of China), are not a fan of this confusing rice-carrying bag, not to worry. The collection also features cuter animal inspired options.

Like this bird cage bag:

bird cage


Or this Japanese maneki-neko cat purse, which is apparently selling out quite quickly among Chinese consumers.

cat bag


What do you think? You be the judge.