Youtube Stars React to Live-Stream Korean Eating Shows

Early last year, we asked you if you would be willing to pay just to watch someone eat food online. Not surprisingly, most of you thought the idea was crazy.

What was surprising was just how popular these live-stream eating shows have become in South Korea. Seo Yeon Park, a popular online eater (is that even the correct term?) quit her job to become a full-time online eater. After all, she makes up to $9000 a month by eating in front of the camera for three hours a day. How? Her loyal fans, of course. Can’t let your favorite online eater starve, right?

After discovering this South Korean phenomenon, The Fine Bros decided this would make for a great reaction video. And who better to watch people eat online than those who are used to being in front of the camera themselves? Check out your favorite YouTubers reacting to live-stream Korean eating shows:

The YouTubers reacted with confusion, disgust, confusion, envy and of course, confusion. Many simply didn’t understand the appeal to watching other people eat.

“People enjoy the vicarious pleasure of my online show when they can’t eat that much, don’t want to eat food at night, or are on a diet,” Seo Yeon explained to Reuters. “One of the best comments I ever received from a viewer who said that she had gotten over her anorexia by watching me eat. That really meant a lot to me.”

And that’s not the only reason people tune in. Apparently, these shows are sometimes viewed simply for company. “For Koreans, eating is an extremely social, communal activity, which is why even the Korean word ‘family’ means ‘those who eat together,’” says Professor Sung-hee Park of Ewha University’s Division of Media Studies.

So what’s the final verdict? While it doesn’t seem like live-stream eating will be a fad in the US anytime soon, no one’s arguing that the job description is something to be envious about.

As one YouTuber remarked, “$9000!? Sign me the hell up!”




Wanderlusting? Plan The Perfect Trip With Ruzwana Bashir’s PEEK


“I realized that I was a travel junkie because, even after visiting over 40 countries, from Iran to Cambodia, there were still so many other places I wanted to go,” says Ruzwana Bashir, founder and CEO of It explains why the 31-year-old, a woman clearly of many talents — the British Pakistani was the first woman of Asian descent to become president of the Oxford Union, was a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Business School and worked as an investment banker in London — decided to start an online travel company that provides celebrity-curated travel recommendations and high quality activities and tours. Backed by tech giants like Jack Dorsey and Eric Schmidt, Peek allows real-time bookings on their app and website in 17 American cities, as well as London and Paris.

But it’s not just a to-do list — it’s the how-to-do list that’s key. Bashir has used her considerable influence (she was named in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in tech list in 2012 and Silicon Valley’s Most Stylish in Vanity Fair) to cull from the famous and well connected their own personal recommendations and travel itineraries. Do a foodie crawl in San Francisco like Chinese American chef Brandon Jew; plan a perfect Napa Valley trip à la Japanese American model Devon Aoki; see Vegas the way ultimate Vegas insider Tony Hsieh of Zappos does; or experience “the closest thing to heaven on Earth” on Kauai’s north shore courtesy of Bloomberg’s Emily Chang.

“I travel to see awe-inspiring sights, to be enthralled by new cultures and to seek out those special experiences that end up being truly unforgettable,” says Bashir. She recommends that travelers “embark on adventures that push you out of your comfort zone, as these will help you learn about yourself and create fantastic memories that you’ll cherish forever.”





Audrey Magazine: What’s your favorite itinerary or activity on Peek right now?Ruzwana Bashir: I love views of beautiful landscapes, so my favorite experiences are floating over Napa in a hot air balloon and taking an amazing helicopter tour in Hawaii. Not only do you fly over the world’s most active volcano, you also enjoy stunning views of the hidden tropical valleys, lush rainforests and roaring waterfalls below.

AM: Where are two places you haven’t been to yet and are dying to go to?
RB: I’m really excited to head to the Okavango Delta in Botswana for a safari. I’m also desperate to visit Bhutan, to trek through the countryside, visit beautiful monasteries and immerse myself in a fascinating culture.

AM: Where are you off to next?
RB: This month I’m staying in the States, with visits to Aspen, Yellowstone Park and Lake Tahoe.

AM: Pick one: free clothes from your favorite designer for a lifetime or a trip around the world?
RB: Numerous research studies have shown that having experiences makes us twice as happy as buying products, so I would have to go for the trip around the world!

AM: You’re now based in San Francisco. Describe your own perfect day there.
RB: My perfect day in SF would include visiting the Ferry Building for breakfast, and then taking a seaplane over the Golden Gate Bridge for majestic views of the city. Then I would head to Golden Gate Park to see the California Academy of Sciences — at heart, I’m a geek who is obsessed with nature, so this place is a feast for the senses. Then I would have a pit stop at the Japanese Tea Garden, followed by Foreign Cinema in the Mission District for dinner with a film in the background. Finally, on my way home I’d stop by Bi-Rite for an ice cream sandwich.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.34.18 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.34.32 AM



This story was originally published in our Fall 2014 issue. Get your copy here




Heartwarming Video of What Growing Up With Sisters Looks Like

They say that the bond between sisters is a bond like no other. Sure, sisters can be a headache and they can argue way too much, but when you think about it, life wouldn’t be as beautiful without them.

The following video, created by Buzzfeed Yellow shows how three sisters are as children and how they turn out as adults. Clearly, some things never change.

The video was only released earlier this month, but it already has over a million views. Why? Find out for yourself by checking out the video below. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Summer Beach Hair Tutorial by HEYCLAIRE

The weather is picking up and that can only mean one thing: summer is around the corner!

You probably already have your sunscreen, sandals and sunglasses ready, but what to do with that hair? For summertime, many of us want perfectly textured beach hair, but we have no idea how to achieve that look. I can’t tell you how many times I came back from the beach and my tangled hair was the opposite of sexy.

Well we have just the thing! Make up artist/vlogger Claire Marshall, otherwise known as heyclaire, shows us how to get that perfect summer hair in quick and easy steps. Check out the video below and get the products you need to style textured hair.


beachhair 1

beach hair 2

beach hair 3

beach hair 4

beach hair 5

beach hair 6


Top 10 Asian Babies Who Became Online Sensations

Whether it’s memes on Reddit, gifs on Tumblr or videos on YouTube, Asian babies and toddlers have definitely had their share of viral fame. After all, who doesn’t enjoy looking at cute and hilarious Asian kids? This trend seems no where near its end and we have absolutely no problem with that. In fact, we’ve put together a list of our Top 10 Asian Babies Who Became Online Sensations.

1) Business Baby Meme

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.08.23 PM
bbm 1 bbm 2 bbm 3 bbm 4 bbm 5 bbm 6

2) Evil Asian Baby Meme

eab 1 eab 2 eab 4

eab 5

3) Squishy Face Baby Gif


4) “Mom Tries to Teach Adorable Girl Life Lesson” Video

5) Zony & Yony Dance

6) Nom Nom Baby Meme

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.54.26 PM

7) “Soon” Baby Meme

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.36.25 PM

8) Baby feels rain for the first time – Video

9) “I Must Dance” Meme


10) Yerin Park

yp 1 yp 2 yp 3 yp 4 yp 5

This Dancing Baby Will Be The Best Thing You See All Day

Move over Psy, it looks like you have some major competition.

This video titled “What a dance by a chubby Korean baby!” already has over 400,000 views since it was uploaded onto YouTube yesterday. The reason? Watch below and find out for yourself. We promise you won’t regret it.


Want to check out more adorable Asian babies? We have just the thing:

1) Adorable Asian Babies Who Dress Better Than You 
2) Adorable Asian Babies Who Dress Better Than You (PART II)
3) Audrey Readers Have Adorable Asian Babies
4) Adorable Asian Babies (Halloween Costume Edition)
5) Adorable Asian Babies With Puppies 


Women Are Getting “Hand Lifts” For Engagement Ring Selfies

Surgery continues to be a rising trend among Asians. In fact, this phenomenon to alter one’s physical appearance has grown so much that South Korea, who has the world’s highest rate of cosmetic plastic surgery, has created a number of popular television programs focused on surgery. Ironically, Korea recently created a show which focuses on reversing the effects of excessive plastic surgery… with more plastic surgery.

As much as we think we’ve seen it all, we seem to constantly stumble upon new and shocking trends focused on altering one’s physical appearance. For instance, the new trend among bride-to-be’s: hand lifts.

Gone are the days when we would find out about our friends’ engagements through excited telephone calls or save-the-dates in the mail. Instead, we generally get this news through Facebook statuses and Instagram photos.

As you can expect, this has gotten some women quite insecure about the state of their hands while showing off their dazzling engagement ring. Hand-lifts have been becoming quite popular among bride-to-be’s.

ring selfie 2

According to Elle, a NYC dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad said he’s had a 40% increase in women seeking hand-lifts. He directly correlates this to social media and the rise of selfies.

“As we age, the skin on the hands can lose fat, becoming more thin and bony with prominent veins and wrinkles,” Ostad tells Elle. “Social media has certainly led people to be more concerned about their appearance and how they present themselves, so if women can receive a quick procedure to make themselves feel better and younger, it’s something that they are willing to do.”

The quick procedure, which onlt takes about 10 minutes, is done by injecting Juvéderm into the hand. This will instantly smooth out the wrinkles and give a plumper, younger-looking appearance. The results last about 10 months, but your wallet will have to cough up $1,200. 


(photo source)

The Adorable Ye-bin is Back!

Do you remember this adorable little face? We’ll give you a hint. She isn’t afraid of strangers.

Yes, this is little Ye-bin. This cutie became a viral sensation when her video “Mom Tries to Teach Adorable Girl Life Lesson” hit YouTube and gathered nearly 9 million views. During the video, Ye-bin’s mother tries to teach her about strangers and being safe, but we get the feeling Ye-bin is so friendly that she would accept all sorts of sweets from strangers.

This time around, Ye-bin’s mother is trying to teach her how to say the phrase “I am scared.” Simple enough right? As it turns out, even the most simple of tasks becomes adorable with this little girl.

Throughout the video, Ye-bin struggles with the pronunciation of the phrase, but she isn’t bothered. In fact, she’s giggling the entire time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child say “I’m scared” with such a cuteness.

The video was only uploaded yesterday, but it has already gathered over 30,000 views. Check it out below.



Wong Fu Demonstrates “The Silent Treatment”

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Wong Fu Productions, it’s that they’re great at calling us out on our habits.

One Wong Fu short made us think about “accidental racism” and had us reevaluate the difference between our interpretation of racism versus curiosity. Another video had us look at our habit of judging “creepy guys” from “romantic guys.” Another short even poked fun at our habits during dates.

This next Wong Fu short is just as funny and just as relatable. It highlights something we can all laugh about: the silent treatment.

Don’t try and deny it. You may say you’re great with communication. You may even say you never play games in relationships, but at one point or another, you’ve certainly given or received the silent treatment.

During a session of “Who can stay mad the longest?” with your significant other, have you ever thought about what he/she was thinking? Check out the hilarious video below and tell us if you can relate.



Who Knew Judo Could Be This Cute?

Anyone who is skilled in the art of judo knows that it should not be taken lightly. Although the name judo means the “gentle or yielding way,” an intense Judo match is far from gentle.

The objective of this martial art, which is derived from jujutsu, is to throw or takedown an opponent to the ground. You may immobilize or subdue an opponent with a pin, or force an opponent to submit with a joint lock or a choke.

The idea behind judo is to use your opponent’s strength against them and adapt to changing circumstances. Because it does not solely focus on one’s strength, judo can be mastered by anyone regardless of their body type.

Although judo welcomes all, we certainly didn’t expect to see these tiny girls on the mat for a judo match.

Our initial fear of the young girls getting hurt is quickly erased. We can’t help but squeal at how cute these girls are in their mini judo outfits. They bow to one another enthusiastically and take turns pinning one another to the ground.

By the end of the match, the girls simply run towards each other and hug before falling to the ground giggling. Watch the video below.