Guy Tang: Celebrity Hairstylist and Ombre Hair God

Remember years ago when ombre hair was a new trend? Who am I kidding? Girls are still rocking that sun-kissed look in their tresses, no matter what time of the year! Now, there are even ombre lip colors and nail designs. From the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like the ombre trend will end anytime soon. However, finding a hair stylist that can properly execute that gradient effect is difficult and pricey. No one wants to be stuck with a horrible dye job.

So ladies, thank hair heaven for Guy Tang. He is a talented magician to say the least. When the hair ombre first gained popularity among women, Tang was not only ahead of the game, he hit the mark by painting the perfect gradient effect on women’s hair.

Based in West Hollywood, California, Tang works as a hairstylist and model. He rose to fame quickly while tending to YouTube sensations Michelle Phan and Cassey Ho. According to his Facebook page, Tang trained extensively with Redken, Joico and Paul Mitchell, as well as a certified hair extension specialist. This allowed him to join forces with the popular clip-in hair extension company, Bellami, to create his own line of extensions that features his signature ombre.

He has made quite a name for himself, and for good reason. His work and passion speaks for itself.

From choppy and frizzy to smooth and fabulous.

From choppy and frizzy to smooth and fabulous.

In this case, orange is not the new black. Guy Tang color corrects a client's hair.

In this case, orange is not the new black. Guy Tang color corrects a client’s hair.

Guy Tang and Cassey Ho from Blogilates.

Guy Tang and Cassey Ho from Blogilates.

Tang’s clients on Yelp praise his work and many refer to him as a “hair god” while claiming he spends hours, an entire day even, dedicating himself to a single client. For this amount of work, don’t expect a cheap hair job either. It’s rumored that Tang’s heavenly work can cost you upwards from $500. Yikes! I guess I should start saving now.

All photos courtesy of Guy Tang.


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