Asians in Fashion | Zhang Jiani for A Summer Fashion Shoot

Chinese Actress and Model Zhang Jiani recently took some breath-taking fashion photos just in time for Summer. Her most recent work includes her role as Meng Jin Zhen in Gong 3 and her role as Su Su in the drama Jing Zhong Yue Fei. Clearly, she is just as good a model as she is an actress. Check out her complete control of vibrant patterns and colors in the fashion photos below.

Zhang-Jiani 2 Zhang-Jiani 3 Zhang-Jiani 4 Zhang-Jiani 5 Zhang-Jiani 6 Zhang-Jiani 7


A Wave of Love: Esther Hahn

Summer 2009 Issue: Girl Talk

For professional surfer and model Esther Hahn, catching a wave is more a love affair than a career.

Story by Shinyung Oh

Riding a wave beats falling in love.

So says 23-year-old surfer and model Esther Hahn.

She describes the feeling of achieving what she calls her “ultimate goal” — of barreling her lithe 5-foot, 5-inch frame in a giant wave. “You’re in the middle of a dreamland, in a different universe when you’re in there,” she says. “It’s the best feeling. It trumps all other feelings.” Continue reading