YG’s Cosmetic Line Moonshot Goes International With Global Online Store


We went crazy when we heard YG Entertainment released their cosmetic line, Moonshot. Who wasn’t mesmerized by all the vibrantly colored powder mousses and the luminous cream paints. But those of us who are a “moonshot” away from Seoul, we had no access to the wonderful pigmented products…until now. It’s time to rejoice and have our fill of cosmetic candy because YG just released Moonshot’s online global store, which means international shipping!

The brand that dares you to be extraordinary released their makeup looks for Spring/Summer 2015, and they don’t fail to wow us! Watch the behind the scenes to see how the makeup artists achieved the S/S15 looks by using Moonshot’s hot new product–the powder duo.

The models in the video are seen sporting the newly-released powder duo in Minty Wind and Aries Scent. If the video wasn’t enough to have you craving these colors, the actual products will certainly do the trick.

For those of you who’ve used green eyeshadows before, you may have experienced the green color turn into a dark ash grey color instead and you’re stuck looking like you wiped dirt across your eyelid. You don’t have to worry about that with Moonshot. The green color of Minty Wind stays true to its vibrancy. That means no dirt on your lids and only extraordinarily cool eyes.

duo_403 copySS_Collection_04


If green’s not your cup of tea, then have a look at Aries Scent. Nothing can beat a good lavender purple shadow– it’s equivalent to the trusty Little Black Dress but for your eyes. The Aries Scent palette will be your go-to for the spring and summer because it’s great for all skin tones and all eye colors, especially those with brown eyes.duo_703 copySS_Collection_03

Check out Moonshot’s international online store for more quality multi-use products! Plus, there’s a FREE SHIPPING event happening until April 19th. Better start stocking up on those goodies! Take a closer look at these top sellers that were featured in their Fall/Winter collection:

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.33.13 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.34.15 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.34.36 AM


All images courtesy of Moonshot Cosmetics.



Japan’s Latest Beauty Trend May Have You Looking Sick

Admit it. We’ve all experienced our fair share of beauty and fashion trends that may have seemed attractive at the time, but looking back, you wonder what you were possibly thinking. For me, it was those odd leather belts with long fringes, colorful plaid shorts and teased hair that would probably make Snooki proud.

Japan is no stranger to quirky and bold fashion and beauty trends. For instance, their latest Harajuku make up trend has girls looking like adorable dolls … who seem to be running a high fever.



This latest beauty trend is called “Me no shita chiiku” or “under eye blush.” The flushed feature creates a sickly appearance, which also consists of pale skin, puffy under eyes and a signature large doll or puppy dog eyes. However, the goal isn’t to look sick, but youthful, like the natural flush that appears after playing outside in the sun.

“Flushed cheeks are usually associated with young people.” RinRin Doll tells Yahoo Beauty. “The higher blush placement favored by Harajuku girls makes cheeks appear round and youthful.”

Japan is not the only country where youthfulness is ideal. In Korea, celebrities favor the illusion of under eye bags called “Aegyo Sal,” which gives the illusion that your eyes are constantly joyful and smiling.

These trends differ greatly from the current beauty trend in the United States where contouring and highlighting for slim, chiseled and smoldering features are in. What do you think about the youthful beauty trend? Do you prefer this over the contouring trend, which gives a more mature appearance?


All photos courtesy of RinRin Doll.


The “How to Look More White” Makeup Tutorial for Self-Hating Asians

Joy Regullano, the comedian behind the  White Fetish viral video, is back. This most recent video parody, which is called “How To Look More White! Self-Hating Asian Party Look” pokes fun at makeup tutorial videos while packing in a serious punch about the impact of white beauty standards.

In the video, Regullano pokes fun at many controversial beauty routines such as skin bleaching and eyelid tape. For example, Regullano uses white skin perfect powder to erase her “ugly brown poop skin.” Soon enough, the tutorial takes a dark turn as she goes to extreme measures to erase any semblance of Asian-ness from her face until she essentially “becomes” a white woman.

The “makeup tutorial” is both hilarious and uncomfortable to watch. While it should be noted that there is debate over whether the lighter skin preference in Asian beauty standards is a result of Western colonialism (lighter skin has generally always been preferred because it was an indication of higher socioeconomic status), it’s undeniable that modern media generally adheres to a strict white beauty standard, which excludes and hurts any woman or man that doesn’t fit.

While this makeup tutorial is great for some quick laughs, it also leaves us with a lot to think about. Here it is the full video below:


[VIDEO] 100 Years of Korean Beauty in One Minute



In the latest episode of its 100 Years of Beauty web series, YouTube channel Cut highlights the evolving beauty trends of North and South Korea.

The video begins with Korea’s beauty standard of the 1910s, when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule. According to the video, Korean women of that era preferred to have ornamented hairstyles and natural makeup, with pale skin, natural brows and no contouring.

Once the video hits the 1950s, beauty standards become divided not only by decade but also by region. After the Korean War, North and South Korea had extremely polarized standards of beauty because the two countries adopted different economic systems.

Robin Park, the researcher for the video, said that the North’s standards of beauty were based on a woman’s ability to work and contribute to society. As a result, North Korean women used minimal products, and makeup trends in North Korea remained almost unchanged from 1959 to the early 90s. Meanwhile, South Korea mirrored Western or Japanese beauty trends and experimented with various makeup products.

As of 2015, South Korean beauty standards emphasize bright, clear skin and accentuating natural features. The final South Korean look in Cut’s video, however, seems to embody the sexier style of K-pop stars, such as CL and Hyuna, instead of an average present-day South Korean woman.

You can learn more about the research behind the looks below:


This story was originally published on iamkoream.com 


Sigma’s Brush Cleaning Mat and Glove Have Makeup Junkies Raving

If you’re a makeup junkie like me, you probably have dozens of makeup brushes to take care of. I completely understand that cleaning them is time consuming and a chore, but having clean brushes is important, especially if you want to avoid breakouts or spreading germs.

Sigma’s brush cleaning mat and glove have been around for a few years now, but it was only recently that I discovered it. Prices range from $32 to $39. For such a steep price for a silicone glove or sink mat with ridges, I can understand why normal makeup users are skeptical to purchase it. However, don’t be fooled by its simple looks; the brush cleaning mat and glove significantly cut your cleaning time and will give your brushes the deep cleaning it needs to get dirt, oil and old makeup out.

Courtesy of sigmabeauty.com

Courtesy of sigmabeauty.com

Courtesy of sigmabeauty.com

Courtesy of sigmabeauty.com

There are two sides on each glove. One side has larger ridges for face brushes and the other contains smaller ridges for cleaning small eye brushes. The same concept is applied to the mat. Pretty self explanatory, right? Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. Each set of ridges perform different tasks. Below, Bun Bun Makeup Tips gives a step-by-step pictorial on how to utilize the glove:

1. Load up your brush with your favorite cleanser.


Courtesy of bunbunmakeuptips.com

2. Wash away the yucky old makeup.


Courtesy of bunbunmakeuptips.com

3. Rinse until water runs clear.


Courtesy of bunbunmakeuptips.com

4. Refine


Courtesy of bunbunmakeuptips.com

5. Re-shape your brushes to its original form.


Courtesy of bunbunmakeuptips.com

The result? A squeaky clean and pampered brush set that’s ready to go for a client or another month’s round of makeup shenanigans.

For additional reviews and how-to’s, head over to YouTube and watch HelloFritzie do a brush cleaning tutorial while FromHeadToToe gives you her honest thoughts about Sigma’s glove.

Feature image courtesy of beautylish.com.


Fashion Show 300x250_3

Incredible Makeup Hack: Use Red Lipstick to Get Rid of Dark Circles


If I’m being completely honest with you, there have been quite a handful of “all-nighters” in my life. Who hasn’t had to give up sleep for work, school or that unhealthy addiction to Netflix? Whatever the cause may be, you’re bound to have a few days where you can’t hide the missing hours of sleep– they show up on your face in the form of dark, unforgiving circles.

Sure, there are plenty of expensive products specifically made for dark circles, but these brightening products often don’t give full coverage or simply create unnatural white circles. Trust me, you don’t want those things either.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.53.16 AM

Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed/Getty Images

Leave it to YouTube beauty blogger, Deepica Mutyala, to find the solution. As it turns out, we don’t need expensive products to cover up our dark circles. All we need is a red tube of lipstick.

I know, I know. Lipstick doesn’t sound like something you’d want near your eyes, but trust us on this. Mutyala explains in her video that the opposite colors of your blue and green circles are red and orange. As a result, putting some lipstick on your dark circles offers more coverage than a bright concealer.

The trick is to know your skin type and understand what shade of lipstick would best oppose your circles. For instance, those of you who have have lighter skin will probably want to stick with a peach color while those of you who have tan skin can opt for orange and red shades. Blend the lipstick, cover it up with your normal concealer and voilà! You’ll be able to fool anyone into thinking you got a full night of sleep.

Mutuala’s viral video has already gathered nearly 4 million views. Check it out for yourself and let us know if you have any other crazy makeup hacks!





Less is More: “Normcore” Springtime Makeup Trend


Normcore has to be one of the most confusing trends I’ve ever encountered. For those who aren’t too familiar, the “normcore” trend was birthed in late 2014 as unisex fashion with pieces that are unpretentious in an attempt to look “normal.” Such pieces include over-sized dad pants, plain tees and Birkenstocks paired with tube socks. To me, it all sounds like an early 90’s throwback. But i-D best explains the confusion by pointing out, “the purposeful nonchalance regarding appearance made its way into fashion, and suddenly the unplanned became planned.”

Somewhere in the mix, this paradoxical trend inspired a new makeup look also called “Normcore.” Some Korean makeup artists drew inspiration from the Paris Fashion Week F/W 14, noticing that the models were sent down the catwalk with minimum makeup except for some color around the eyes. More recently, Marc Jacobs reinforced this trend even further in his S/S 15 collection. According to i-D, Marc Jacobs models “weren’t wearing any make-up. Not just that “no-make-up make-up” style. Really, no make-up.”

With Spring right around the corner, I’m excited to try out this trend even if the name is super misleading. Coming from 2014, where it was all about the graphic brows and the Kim K contouring, I’m ready to stop covering up and start shedding the extra layers of makeup. It’ll be refreshing and most importantly, it’ll give my skin some time to breathe.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.49.19 PM

Normcore makeup is all about being soft and lightweight, but impactful. No heavy foundation, only key coverage, no heavy contouring and no sharp eyeliner. When it comes to the eyes, you want to showcase deep eye sockets and your brow bone. So for eyeshadows, be sure to stay with warm matte colors like gold and orange hues. For more on application, you can watch a couple tutorials below.

Although this video does not have subtitles, you can still get an understanding of normcore make up by watching this video. Feel free to skip ahead to 2:18 for the tutorial:


Here’s a bolder variation of the look:


All photos courtesy of Jung Saem Mool.


Master Your Contouring Skills … With A Spoon?

Are you having trouble perfecting your contouring skills? Do your contour lines resemble dirt on your face rather than chiseled cheekbones? Theres no need to go out invest in expensive new makeup brushes. You can achieve the perfect contour with the help of a metal spoon and standard clear tape. Yes, you read that correctly.

Mari from the beauty website, XOVain, shows you step-by-step instructions for three contouring methods. Now grab your favorite contour shade, your go-to face brush and let’s get started!



1. Apply tape on top of your cheekbones.Contour1

2. Sweep contour shade beneath the tape.Contour2

3. Blend until the harsh line softens.





This is similar to the tape method, but your contour line will be less angular.

1. Place spoon on your cheekbones and use the curved edge as a guide to apply the contour.


2. Once again, blend the harsh line.ContourSpoon3



This method is a bit more time consuming, but the goal is to contour three points on your face: the temples, cheekbones and jawline. What’s the point? Besides cheekbones, contouring your temples will give the illusion of a narrower forehead, and contouring your jawline will give you a chiseled jaw line and even help hide a double chin in photos. Initial placement of the contour shade in these areas will look like an “E” and “3” on the sides of your face. But not to worry! That is why blending is the most important step.

1. Sweep contour from your temples, to below your cheekbones and around your jawline. ContourE

2. Blend away!CountourE2


Voila! With some practice, you’ll be a contour master in no time and will be ready for your next photo op. Don’t forget to turn your head and pout to show off your new contour skills!

Which method was most helpful to you?

All photos courtesy of Mari at XOVain.com.


These 6 Videos Will Turn You Into A Morning Person


My bed and I have a very loving relationship, but my alarm clock seems determined to rip us apart. Are you a morning person? I’m certainly not. Luckily, there’s people who can help.

If your New Year’s resolution was to wake up earlier, or if you just want to beat some winter blues, have no fear! Here are six tried-and-true morning routines from some of YouTube’s favorite beauty and fashion gurus. Watch while grumpily pouring your cereal into your bowl, and find yourself slowly feeling more excited about this morning…and all of the mornings after it!




1. Getting ready for a chill day in? Check out Jenn Im‘s morning routine with everything from a healthy smoothie, a neutral makeup look and even a tutorial on how to rock a side braid.



2. Follow Michelle Phan‘s busy morning. Phan’s day always includes a 10-minute workout, a walk to the subway and lots and lots of make up fun.



3. MamaMiaMakeup certainly isn’t a morning person either, but in this video, she successfully gets out of bed, puts on her makeup and even makes a batch of pancakes.



4. Vagabond Youth’s Amy Lee shows us that all you need for a good morning is an omelette,  a leather jacket, a good lipstick color and some happy music.



5. In this “Asian Morning Routine,”  you’ll find awesome skincare techniques, a super filling breakfast and (most importantly) fluffy Hello Kitty slippers. 



6. From Head to Toe’s Jen Chae shows us that a dog is the perfect alarm clock. Apparently, good mornings also include onesies and dancing your way to the shower. 



Feature photo courtesy of Asian Beauty Secrets 

Japanese Makeup Artist Transforms Into Audrey Hepburn, Ariana Grande and the One Direction Members


A few months ago, we showed you the skills of Paolo Ballesteros, a Filipino host and actor who has undeniable talent when it comes to makeup. Using wigs and his makeup skills, Ballesteros has made himself look like Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce, Kim Kardasian and countless other Hollywood stars.

Well it looks like there’s someone else who has picked up a talent for recreating Hollywood looks. A Japanese makeup artist known as Zawachin has attracted 276K followers on twitter for her monomane meiku (imitation makeup).

While Ballesteros gained popularity for his ability to look like female celebs, Zawachin uses makeup to look like both male and female celebrities. In fact, she transforms into celebrities of various age, gender and ethnicity.

Zawachin often uses masks, objects or even her hand to block the lower half of her face. By doing this, she allows the focus to lay on her eyes and eyebrows. Surprisingly, even though she only shows part of her face, her imitations are practically flawless.

Using impressive makeup skills, wigs and even proper wardrobe, Zawachin has transformed into Avril Lavigne, Ariana Grande and, most impressively, all the members of One Direction. Most recently, she has been able to mimic the classic look of Audrey Hepburn. She was even able to mimic Hepburn’s famous pixie bangs without actually cutting her hair.

Check out the photos below and be sure to check out Zawachin’s twitter account and official website.



Photo courtesy of Rocket News 24


Photo courtesy of Rocket News 24


Photo courtesy of Rocket News 24

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.41.10 PM

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.41.19 PM

Photo courtesy of Twitter