Lynn Chen, Lisa Lee and Kini Zamora Take Part in the “Celebrate Your Body” Expo


Great news, San Francisco! The fun-loving Hawaii native and Project Runway Season 13 finalist, Kiniokahokuloa “Kini” Zamora, is bringing his designs to Kearny Street Workshop‘s body-positive fashion show and expo “Celebrate Your Body.” Joining him as community honorees are Lynn Chen and Lisa Lee of Thick Dumpling Skin.

Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) has been holding classes and workshops, professionally curated and produced exhibitions, performances, readings and screenings for the community since 1972. It is the oldest Asian Pacific American multidisciplinary arts organization in the country.

In collaboration with local San Francisco company ACMIST, Kearny Street whipped up a promo featuring this year’s designers who will be featured on the runway:

To get folks excited for the event, KSW is hosting a social media takeover to spread the body positivity:

“Just like this year’s Celebrate Your Body Community Honorees Kiniokahokuloa Zamora and Lynn Chen demonstrate, we’d love for you to proudly share how you celebrate your body on your social media. We want to hear from those of you who already say it proud and those who still feel it’s a struggle. Let’s be unapologetic. Let’s make a big noise together.”


Kiniokahokuloa Zamora (Project Runway) and Lynn Chen (Thick Dumpling Skin). Photo courtesy of

If you’re in San Francisco Saturday, January 31st,  be sure to get your tickets– it’s an expo worth seeing.


Featured image courtesy of Kearny Street Workshop.

Lynn Chen Spends An Entire Day Eating Noodles From “Around The World”


Last week, we gave you a list of 10 Asian soups to keep you warm over the holidays. Well it seems everyone is craving noodles this holiday season. Buzzfeed Yellow recently released a video titled “Noodles Around The World,” featuring actress Lynn Chen (Saving Face). There are already a million reasons we’d like to be Lynn Chen for a day, and it seems this video gives us yet another reason.

In the video, Chen spends the entire day eating noodles from around the world. Yes, you read that correctly — she ate noodles all day for work. Where do we sign up for this job?

Obviously, Chen didn’t actually travel around the world in a day to taste different dishes, but she did the next best thing — she explored the different restaurants available in the Los Angeles area.



During Chen’s hunt for noodle restaurants in LA, she was able to visit Sapp Coffee Shop, Papa Cristo’s, Pho 2000, Ma Dang Noodle House and Inti Restaurant. There are a number of other noodle dishes we wish she had covered in this video, but let’s be honest here– that’s already a lot of noodles to fit into one person in one day.

Did she miss your favorite Los Angeles noodle shop? Let us know!


Lynn Chen: The Actor’s Diet

Lynn Chen stars in White on Rice, out on DVD.

Janice Jann first interviewed Lynn Chen last year when White on Rice was releasing in theaters. Here, she talks to Chen about an insidious disease afflicting so many young women.

Hollywood actresses with eating disorders are a dime a dozen. The constant scrutiny under a harsh camera lens that adds 10 pounds, the competition to out-thin the other skinny minnies, the acceptance of the fact that a big part of your job revolves around how you look — and you better look good.

After a successful debut with a starring role as a ballet dancer in the 2004 romantic comedy, Saving Face, Lynn Chen’s career seemed to be taking off. But her struggle with food was spiraling down. “When I stopped the dieting, I naturally gained the weight back. But my managers weren’t happy. My fans called me chubby,” she says. After hitting an all-time low battling anorexia, Chen decided to take time off from acting and focus on her addictions. “I wanted to address that and really deal with it and not have the pressures of Hollywood knocking on my door and telling me I had to look a certain way,” she says.

So Chen and her friend, Christy, started a blog, The Actor’s Diet, in which they post what they eat every day.  Serving as both a log for the two to take note of what they put in their mouths on a daily basis, as well as a way to demystify the crazy celebrity diets found in magazines and on television, the blog is a way to show readers that “actors’ diets come in all shapes and sizes,” says Chen.

“People think that actors all eat the same thing and they don’t. I think it’s important to talk about that. Especially Asian women. People say, ‘oh, Asian women, we don’t have to worry about what we eat, we’re a size zero’ and that’s just not true.”

Actress Lynn Chen

This issue is also addressed in Chen’s contribution to Secret Identities, the anthology of Asian American superhero comics. Chen created a female superhero who is dealing with bulimia.

With scrumptious food pictures and contributions from guest bloggers like Gilmore Girls’ Keiko Agena, Chen has managed to create a blog that both entertains and informs. “I think if we can embrace that Asian women come in all shape and sizes, we struggle, we’re human, we’re not superstars, not freaks — that’s what I want to do with the blog.”

By Janice Jann.