Celebrate Spring With A Bright Pink Lipcolor

Spring is finally here! For some, that means warmer weather, lighter clothes and prepping for a festival-filled season. For others, spring is a time to update their beauty routine and try out the latest beauty must-haves. Well ladies, now is the perfect time to bust out your favorite pink lip colors. The brighter, the better!

There are many more shades of pink than the well-known bubblegum pink that we are so familiar with (you can thank Barbie for that). But not to worry! If a daring electric pink seems a bit too risque and you’re more comfortable with a subtle pink hue, we’ve got you covered, too.

Below, beauty bloggers Maricar from xoVain, Kileen from Cute & Little and Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog share some favorite pink lipsticks for spring:

1. Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in “Pink Buff”


Courtesy of xovain.com

2. Lorac’s Alter Ego Lipstick in “Duchess”


Courtesy of xovain.com

3. Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in “Sheer Liar”

Courtesy of xovain.com

Courtesy of xovain.com

4. Marc Jacobs New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel in “Eat Cake”

Courtesy of xovain.com

Courtesy of xovain.com

5. Nars Audacious Lipstick in “Anita”

Courtesy of xovain.com

Courtesy of xovain.com

Courtesy of xovain.com.

L-R: Sonia Kashuk, Lorac, Urban Decay, Nars,  Marc Jacobs. Courtesy of xovain.com.

6. MAC “Lovelorn”

Courtesy of cuteandlittle.com.

Courtesy of cuteandlittle.com.

7. YSL Rouge Volupte #8 “Fetish Pink”


Coutesy of cuteandlittle.com

8. Body of Royalty in “Last Kiss”

Courtesy of cuteandlittle.com

Courtesy of cuteandlittle.com

9. Body of Royalty in “Goddess”

Courtesy of cuteandlittle.com

Courtesy of cuteandlittle.com


L-R: MAC, YSL, Body of Royalty. Courtesy of cuteandlittle.com.

10. Milani “Hot Pink Rouge”

Courtesy of makeupandbeautyblog.com.

Courtesy of makeupandbeautyblog.com.

11. Milani “Flirty Fuschia”

Courtesy of makeupandbeautyblog.com.

Courtesy of makeupandbeautyblog.com.

12. Milani “Flamingo Rose”


Courtesy of makeupandbeautyblog.com.

13. Milani “Rose Hip”


Courtesy of makeupandbeautyblog.com

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks. Courtesy of makeupandbeautyblog.com.

Milani Color Statement Lipsticks. Courtesy of makeupandbeautyblog.com.

So ladies, are you shy and subtle or bold and daring? Let us know your go-to pink shade for spring!

Feature image courtesy of yourstylejourney.com.



Incredible Makeup Hack: Use Red Lipstick to Get Rid of Dark Circles


If I’m being completely honest with you, there have been quite a handful of “all-nighters” in my life. Who hasn’t had to give up sleep for work, school or that unhealthy addiction to Netflix? Whatever the cause may be, you’re bound to have a few days where you can’t hide the missing hours of sleep– they show up on your face in the form of dark, unforgiving circles.

Sure, there are plenty of expensive products specifically made for dark circles, but these brightening products often don’t give full coverage or simply create unnatural white circles. Trust me, you don’t want those things either.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.53.16 AM

Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed/Getty Images

Leave it to YouTube beauty blogger, Deepica Mutyala, to find the solution. As it turns out, we don’t need expensive products to cover up our dark circles. All we need is a red tube of lipstick.

I know, I know. Lipstick doesn’t sound like something you’d want near your eyes, but trust us on this. Mutyala explains in her video that the opposite colors of your blue and green circles are red and orange. As a result, putting some lipstick on your dark circles offers more coverage than a bright concealer.

The trick is to know your skin type and understand what shade of lipstick would best oppose your circles. For instance, those of you who have have lighter skin will probably want to stick with a peach color while those of you who have tan skin can opt for orange and red shades. Blend the lipstick, cover it up with your normal concealer and voilà! You’ll be able to fool anyone into thinking you got a full night of sleep.

Mutuala’s viral video has already gathered nearly 4 million views. Check it out for yourself and let us know if you have any other crazy makeup hacks!





Top 3 Lipsticks Made Famous by K-Dramas


Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun’s lipstick color made a huge hit during the Korean drama My Love From Another Star. But the Korean wave didn’t simply end there. Other lip trends, including the most recent ombre lips, were commonly spotted on K-Pop Stars and K-Drama actresses, which later brought wide interest even within American media.

There are countless make up trends that trace back to K-Dramas, but today, we’re focusing on three of the latest and most popular Korean dramas as well as the actresses’ iconic lipstick colors that you should get your hands on.


Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.58.54 PM

1. Kong Hyo-Jin from It’s Okay, That’s Love

Whatever Kong Hyo-Jin brings to the TV screen is the next trend. Known for her laid-back yet unique sense of style, Kong has earned reputation as one of the most stylish celebrities in Korea. Of course, we can’t miss the lipstick she wears in the K-drama It’s Okay, That’s Love.

For those who love orange hues like Kong should try the Armani Lip Maestro in 300 to get that extra vivid and sweet look.





Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 5.14.12 PM
2. Lee Yoo-Ri from Jang Bo-Ri Is Here!

Though Lee Yoo-Ri acts as the villain in the drama Jang Bo-Ri Is Here!, you can’t help but be a fan of her makeup on set. Most often talked about is Lee’s bold lip color in the drama, which is more powerful and rich than any red lipstick you might have ever seen.

The ‘limited-edition’ Seatree-Art Matt Kiss Lipstick: 03 Gorgeous Red is the answer to your curiosity and has quite the power of bringing out a soft, velvety richness appearance on the lips.


Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 5.23.31 PM

3. Han Yeo-Reum from Discovery of Romance

The makeup worn by Han Yeo-Reun from Discovery of Romance is known for bringing back the man that broke your heart. What makes her makeup look different from other actresses is that she looks extremely natural. Of course, the lipstick takes a huge role in creating that look.

The Dior Rouge Baume #688 Diorette is the lipstick that makes Han’s skin look even brighter and softer than before. A touch of the lipstick will make your lips appear as if you put tinted lip balm, and two to three touches will bring out the actual rich color.




The Lipstick That Sold Out Worldwide Thanks To K-Drama ‘My Love’ Is FINALLY Back


Hallyu stops for no one. Also known as the “Korean Wave,” Hallyu — that sweeping flood of catchy K-pop bands and heart-wrenching Korean dramas — has left a crazed world in its wake, leaving a multitude of screaming fans incoherently babbling through tears as their favorite star graces the stage.

Needless to say, Hallyu is a bit overwhelming, and its influence, mind-boggling. You might be familiar with a recent example of the mania — the worldwide shortage of one lipstick color that went viral. Now you may be wondering how a lipstick could possibly get so popular. Apparently, all it took was a rumor that the lipstick was worn by the main character of the popular K-drama My Love From The Star. Yup, K-drama influence can get that crazy.

After the rumor spread, YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture No. 52, which boasts a coral-pink shade, universally sold out online and in-stores. It was virtually impossible to get the lipstick unless you wanted to dish out $100 on eBay for a tiny tube of color.

But we have some great news for you — the lipstick is back in stock (and you should probably act fast).


While No. 52 is still selling for up to $70 on eBay, a quick click of the refresh button on the YSL store page shows that the color is up for sale at the original (and more reasonable) price of $35. You no longer have to mix four different shades of lipstick to achieve the perfect coral-pink hue.


Behind all this marketing madness is My Love From The Star, a romantic Korean soap opera with a sci-fi twist. An alien disguised as a human landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty and eventually falls in love with a haughty actress in modern South Korea. Twenty-one episodes of hilarity, romance, and an unhealthy amount of chicken and beer ensue. The show was widely and positively received. In particular, viewers in China are die-hard fanatics of the show; one fan reportedly ended her relationship with her boyfriend because he was not as romantic as the show’s leading man.

Predictably, the show’s success has brought much fame to the the stars, actress Jun Ji-hyun and actor Kim Soo-hyun. And while one completely obsessed fan underwent the knife to resemble Kim Soo-hyun (I mean, understandably. Just look at the guy), millions of fans emptied out YSL’s stock of Rouge Pur Couture No. 52  when it was rumored to be the popular lipstick color worn by Jun in the show.




However, the major plot twist of the drama still remains: the lipstick that Jun wore was not made by YSL.

“The color of her lips [during the show] cannot be produced by a single product. The make-up artist mixed a number of different [products], and YSL was not one of them,” said an industry source, according to the Korea Herald.

In fact, it was Korea’s largest beauty company, AmorePacific, who officially sponsored My Love From The Star and had many of their products promoted in the drama. The sales of their skincare products and lipsticks used by Jun skyrocketed 75 percent and 400 percent, respectively, according to Chinese media.

Other companies who sponsored the show have also gained profit. Jun and Kim’s characters used Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphones and all visible consumer electronics, including computers, cameras, TVs and refrigerators were Samsung products in the show.

YSL, however, was not a sponsor.

“AmorePacific had considered filing a lawsuit against YSL, which is choosing to remain silent on whether June is using their products,” said a source, reported the Korea Herald.

With all of the craze surrounding this lipstick, you’d think that it had fallen from the stars.

Photo courtesy of Korea Herald and Drama Fever.