You Can Now Get Kogi BBQ While Traveling Through LAX


Looking for everybody’s favorite fusion tacos? We’d normally direct you to the streets of Los Angeles, but it looks like there’s a new home for our favorite food truck: the Los Angeles International airport! Kogi BBQ, a long-time favorite since its opening six years ago and one of the original trucks to start the food truck trend, has now set up shop inside the American Airlines terminal. This means passengers just need to head over to Terminal 4 to experience the burritos and sliders that have made chef Roy Choi so popular.

While hours are not set at the moment, the expectation is that the truck will open from early to later in the evening like most other airport eateries. Kogi, located next to 8 oz. burger, offered free bites to samples during its opening days as Choi live-tweeted with customers and staff members.

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Chef Roy Choi’s Twitter,

Kogi will also serve breakfast for the first time ever, ideal for those sluggish red-eyers.

Big name chefs all around America are moving into terminals such as Newark Airport’s United Airlines terminal partnership with chefs Alain Ducasse, Dan Kluger, Paul Liebrandt, Einat Admony, Mario Carbone, Amanda Cohen, Alex Stupak, Jose Garces and Amanda Freitag. This opens no fewer than 55 new dining options. Choi is one of the first chefs on the West to continue this extension into airports.


“Fly Tacos” indeed! Complete with a faux truck inside the terminal, a layover or delay now sounds quite alright.