Pakistani Teens Become Viral Sensation For Singing Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

Like countless teenage girls, Saana and Muqqadas Tabaydar love Justin Bieber. Unlike countless teen teenage girls, they are achieving fame in Pakistan for their Justin Beiber love. It’s all thanks to their cover of Justin Beiber’s “Baby,” which has become a viral sensation.

According to BBC News, Saana and Muqqadas Tabaydar come from a very poor family and were forced to drop out of elementary school. But the girls have always had a love for music, so when they heard the song “Baby,” the Tabaydar sisters essentially lost their minds like teenagers are wont to do. Saana and Muqqadas decided to form a duo under the name “Justin Bibis” and worked hard to prepare for the video. The girls don’t speak English so they transcribed the lyrics by sounding out the words and writing them down in Urdu.

The Justin Bibis then filmed themselves singing “Baby” on a street corner, accompanied by their mom who drummed the background beats using a pot. After the video was first posted, the Justin Bibis were invited to perform on Pakistani news shows and their fame exploded. Of course, the girls say their ultimate wish is to meet Justin Bieber himself.

Here is their cover of “Baby”:


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Viral Alert: Justin Bieber Kisses Sandara Park?

When we think of Justin Bieber, our minds automatically go to his never-ending collection of snapbacks, his on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez and even to his odd obsession with the color purple.

Of all the things that come to mind when we hear Justin Bieber’s name, we certainly didn’t expect to ever add Sandara Park to that list.

Sandara, better known as Dara, is a Korean idol and member of popular girl group 2NE1. Prior to her success in Korea, Sandara gained quite a bit of popularity in the Philippines through ABS-CBN’s talent competition Star Circle Quest. 

Although we never would have paired the two together, a simple google search will show tons of stories about the duo, all of which are in shock over a picture of Bieber planting a kiss on Sandara’s cheek. Needless to say, the picture went viral and speculations sprouted everywhere.

But before you start any speculations of your own, it may be important to view the entire picture first:

jbs 2


Clearly, Korean-American jeweler Ben Baller is in the picture as well. In fact he was the one who uploaded the picture and shows no signs of uncomfortable third-wheeling.

But even with the addition of a third person in this picture, netizens are going crazy over the idea of the two stars potentially having a romantic relationship, especially because of their 10-year age gap. reports both negative and positive comments about the pair:

“Please take care Dara,”
“Justin Bieber and Sandara Park, is a fresh combo,”
“A gathering of shining stars,” “No one is even interested at Ben Baller,”
“Nooooo. My Dara-noona,”
“They must’ve talked a bit since Sandara Park can speak English well”
“Justin Bieber, please put into mind that she is a noona to you,”
“Justin Bieber fell under Sandara Park’s charm,”
“Justin Bieber and Sandara Park match each other,”
“A hot expression of affection,”
“You guys surprisingly match well,”
“Does Justin Bieber know that there’s a 10-year gap between him and Sandara Park?” “It’s nothing, Sandara Park makes anyone look good,”
“About Justin Bieber kissing Sandara Park, Justin Bieber’s fans are known to cause mischief, please be careful Sandara Park,”


The photo was apparently taken during a launch party for Jay Park’s hip hop label AOMG. According to Soompi, Justin Bieber is currently going through his Asian tour and is (clearly) making friends along the way.