The Daily Shag | We Got Married’s Julien Kang

Happy Friday! We hope you’re winding down from the week and making good plans for the weekend. In fact, one of our own plans this weekend is to catch the last episode of the Julien Kang/Yoon Se Ah couple on the South Korean reality show We Got Married. I’m a longtime follower of the show and I’m sad to say that they’re ending their run.  

For those of you who don’t know – Julien Kang is Korean Canadian actor (his dad is Korean and his mom is French Canadian) based in Seoul. He’s also starred in popular Korean dramas such as To the Beautiful You and High Kick 3, in addition to We Got Married. 

But to congratulate him on a successful stint on the reality show – and to well, his beautiful abs – here’s a some of our favorite pics of Julien. He’s definitely a SHAG (Smoking Hot Asian Guy).


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