Touching Thai Commercial: This Boy’s Secret Causes Bullies to Stop In Their Tracks


Every time I hear about a new Thai commercial going viral, I prepare myself with some tissues. Better safe than sorry, right? After watching an emotional video about financial burden, a heartwarming video about the power of good deeds and a touching video about motherhood, one can’t be too careful about these tear-inducing commercials.

And I was right. This new life insurance commercial certainly does a good job of pulling at heartstrings. In the video, a young man is constantly ridiculed by his peers for his poor guitar playing.

All of this comes to a stop, however, once the bullies discover the true reason behind the boy’s guitar playing. What could possibly stop the bullies in their tracks? Watch the video below and find out.

In less than a few weeks, this video has gained over 3.5 million views. Let us know if it pulls at your heartstrings as well.



This Heartwarming Video Celebrates the First Year of Motherhood


Let’s be honest here — the first year of motherhood is hard. Unless you’re one of the lucky few out there who are breezing through the first couple years of motherhood (what sorcery is this?), chances are you’re barely getting any sleep, your body is still recovering and you’ve worried yourself sick over a small head bump. Oh, and you’ve been thrown up on. A lot.

With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the challenges that a woman may experience during her first year of motherhood, so Pampers Japan decided to give new fathers an opportunity to thank the mother of their newborn.



This extremely moving video shows fathers surprising their beloved with a photo gallery celebrating and documenting the first year of motherhood. Most touching of all, the gallery includes heartwarming thank you messages which truly show how much mothers are appreciated for all their hard work.

Get the tissues ready and check out the heartwarming video below.



Heartwarming Story of the Day: This is What True Friendship Looks Like


You may be wondering why the girl in the green shirt appears to be glaring at the camera. Perhaps you may be thinking she is merely annoyed at the other girl strapped around her neck. Without having read the story behind this picture, I would have thought so as well.

But that expression on 13-year-old He Qin-Jiao’s face isn’t a result of some sort of sister feud — in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The look is of determination to carry her polio-crippled classmate, He Ying-Hui, to school everyday — for three years.

According to the Mayo Clinic, polio (short for poliomyelitis) is a contagious, viral disease that is transmitted orally. Its symptoms can include anything as minor as a sore throat or back pain, or as severe as paralysis. In this case, He Ying-Hui’s polio was in fact paralytic, to the point where she could not walk due to muscle weakness.




In the fall of last year, Ying-Hui was finally granted a wheelchair from the local government, but her friendship with Qin-Jiao didn’t end there. In fact, Qin-Jiao woke up every single day at 6 am so that she could rush to Ying-Hui’s house to push her in her wheelchair, all the way to school. Once they reached school, Qin-Jiao would then carry Ying-Hui on her back to the second floor, where the girls’ classroom is located.

Of her friend’s unwavering dedication, Ying-Hui wrote in her exercise writing book, “He Qin-jiao uses her little young shoulders to prop up my sky.”



Video of The Week: Google India’s Heartwarming Ad

Ready to have your heartstrings pulled? This ad for Google India will sure do the trick. The video, titled “Google Search: Reunion,” focuses on two men in their elder years who were childhood friends.

The men reflect on their younger years and on their forced separation due to the India-Pakistan partition of 1947. Thanks to technological advances, Google’s search system and their kinda grandchildren, the two are finally able to reunite.

Times of India claims that the ad went viral within a few hours of being released because it strikes such an emotional chord. They certainly weren’t kidding. The video has already gathered over a million views since its release yesterday.

Check it out for yourself and be prepared to find a smile on your face.
Note: Turn subtitles on by clicking on the Closed Captioning option in the video.