The Reason This Father Lies to His Daughter Will Break Your Heart


Leave it to David Choi to have us bawling our eyes out. This time, it isn’t one of his sad songs that has us in tears. Yesterday, Choi posted a video on his official tumblr which apparently left him “completely wrecked.” Intrigued? We certainly were.

We’ve already seen an awful lot of heartfelt Asian videos over the years. Don’t even get us started on all those Asian life insurance commercials! Honestly, we were pretty confident that we could get through this video without losing any tears.

Boy, were we wrong.

Well it looks like an Asian life insurance commercial got us again. This time, we have MetLife Hong Kong to thank for making us run out of tissues. The video description says, “MetLife values the dream of every parent to give their children a good education to pursue a better life. We understand every sacrifice you make for your children’s future.”

This goes out to all the parents who have struggled financially and have sacrificed their own well-being for their children. This is for the parents who have pretended like everything was okay just to see their child smile. This is for the parents who have worked countless hours so their child would want for nothing. We hope you know we appreciate you.



Son Gives Mother A Heartwarming Surprise

With the help of Nissan’s Happy Surprise campaign, 8-year-old Hinata was able to show his mother just how much he appreciated her with an adorable surprise.

For the surprise, Hinata’s mother was told that she and Hinata were chosen to help shoot a commercial. Suddenly things take a turn when the two children in the back begin singing and playing the violin. She is delighted as she drives past her father and her daughter.

By this point, she notices that things may not be what she expected. She is directed to drive over to a stage where Hinata gives her a heartfelt performance of song and dance.

Hinata begins by saying he is worried that his mom is too tired from work and he hopes to cheer her up with his surprise. He thanks her for always laughing and for putting up with his mischief.

Moved by his surprise, Hinata’s mother is in tears by the time he tells her that her smile is his favorite and he hopes she keeps smiling even when he grows up. Watch the beautiful surprise below and see if you shed a few tears of your own.