Roll Models Countdown: Meet Gina Darling

If you’re a fan of the K-Town reality show – then you should also take a look at the producers’ next new show: Roll Models. Set in Southern California, Roll Models follows the lives of various Asian American import car models and gogo dancers. While there’s a plenty of negative talk and controversy around the show – we appreciate that this show adds on to the Asian American experience – namely, Asian American youth subculture. Hate it or love it – it’s a show featuring a predominately Asian American female cast. I’m definitely tuning in to watch.



Now, while we wait for the show to premiere on the 27th on the LOUD Channel, we did a fun 20 questions interview with some of the cast members – first up, Gina Darling!

NAME: Gina Darling
NICKNAMES? EXSUPERVILLAIN (Gamer Tag), Unicorn, and Gyna (Vagina…get it? Yeah.)
ETHNICITY: Vietnamese and Russian
WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Northern California
GIVE US ONE REASON WHY EVERYONE SHOULD TUNE INTO ‘ROLL MODELS': Dude, it’s a show about hot chicks, boobs, and cars. What more is there to say?



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1. Your go-to karaoke song: I like to sing “Dreamin of You” by Selena. Also, if I’m feeling extra ridiculous, “Barbie Girl” gets thrown in the mix if I have a guy with me to sing the guy part. This is assuming that you’re actually able to get me to sing karaoke. It’s usually a once in a lifetime thing. Will never be done again.

2. Last time you cried: I usually cry when I talk about my parents. I love them to pieces and I turn into such a baby when I talk about them. They think it’s the cutest thing in the world.

3. What always makes you laugh: I love sarcasm. Good god, it makes me happy. I love when you can just sit around with your friends, talk crap to each other, and sometimes say the meanest things but still be able to just laugh it off. Also, stupid videos of animals yelling like humans.

4. Your go-to comfort food: Pasta. I LOVE pasta. It makes me unreasonably happy.

5. Last thing you ate: I had a Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich from Subway with an absurd amount of olives in it. I told the woman to “murder it with olives”. After a bewildered look, she complied. I LOVE olives.

6. Currently on “repeat” on your ipod: I’ve been listening to a lot of Trap music lately. It makes me dance like an idiot in my car. Currently, I’ve had Baauer and Major Lazer on repeat.

7. A guilty pleasure you don’t feel guilty about: Napping. I am a serial napper. My friends say that I’m like a fat cat because I can seriously nap multiple times a day.

8. Current favorite place: The Griffith Observatory. I’ve been a space geek since I was about 12 years old. I love anything that can bring me closer to the cosmos.

9. Favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise: I’m obsessed with coconut water. I drink it almost everyday. As for alcoholic, I’m not much of a drinker. I don’t particularly like liquor very much. I do love a glass of red wine at night though.

10. Current obsessions? I’ve been obsessed over a game called Last of Us. I beat it a month in advance before it was released due to some special circumstances. Now I’m just obsessed with talking about it to my friends that are now playing it. It’s such an amazing game!

11. Pet peeve: i hate when people walk in front of the TV or talk to me while I’m playing a game or watching something that I am really interested in. That’s an automatic death sentence right there. I also hate when people wake me up abruptly. I might wake up swingin’. Also, bad/slow drivers make me lose my mind.

12. Habit I need to break: I have the worst sleeping habits ever. I would sleep at 7am and wake up at 4pm. Apparently, a lot of neat things happen during the day that I’ve been missing out on. I wouldn’t really know.

13. Talent you’d like to have: I really wish I was craftier or more handy. I want to be able to build or make amazing things. Unfortunately, the last time I tried to be handy, I got a light bulb stuck in the socket when I tried to unscrew it.

14. Word or phrase you most overuse: “Dude.” “….w…what?” “Ain’t got enough peanut butter to be this jelly.” Ha! Awesome.” “That was…AMAAAAAZZIINNGG.”

15. Most treasured possession? Each of my parents gave me a teddy bear when I was about 3. I still have them and I will never get rid of them. I also have a piece of a telescope that my good friend Damiyan gave to me before he passed away.

16. Greatest fear? Super Villains never disclose such details!

17. Favorite childhood pastime or memory: Going to the park with my dad and him teaching me how to fight, dancing in the car with my mom, summer water fights with my family, secretly playing Mario Kart with my friends in English class, and just not really having any responsibilities.

18. Motto? “There is no such thing as failure. Tis’ just a work in progress.” Also, “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t f*ck ‘em” ― John Waters

19. What’s cool about being Asian: As an Asian female, we don’t get any really bad stereotypes. I mean Asian men have that “small penis” stereotype they have to deal with but us women don’t really have any problems of that type. Also, we’re small and compact, you can fit more of us into clubs.

20. If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what occupation would you be doing? I would probably be focusing more on the gaming world. I currently work with Machinima, which is a huge company that basically covers all things gaming. I think I would try to be more involved with that.


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