Audrey Fashion Show Giveaway Winners Revealed!

Fashion. Music. Fun. These are just a few of the many words I can use to describe Audrey Fashion Show 2015, which took place this past Saturday, March 28th at 440 Seaton in Downtown Los Angeles.

To show our appreciation to our wonderful guests, we asked everyone to take pictures of the show and put it up on social media with the hashtags #afs2015 and #LetsGoVip. We then chose two lucky winners at random to receive an exclusive gift from the runway.

It is our absolute pleasure to announce our two winners:




Congratulations to Kelly Li and Suhaila Hobba! We will be direct messaging you soon to give you details about the giveaway. In the meantime, here’s a quick glimpse at even more fashion show fun we found on social media! Be on the look out for our event recap and even more pictures coming to you soon.




Baesian night. #afs2015 @wickedtides @feralcreature


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KRNFX x MIKESONG @krnfx @mikeosong #badassery #afs2015 A video posted by Yulree Chun (@yulch) on


@__justinkang__ favorite band #runrivernorth #audreyfashionshow


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