How Fashion Bloggers Are Changing Up the Fashion World

magazine’s February cover is here, and yes, you should stop and stare. For the first time, Lucky put three fabulous fashion bloggers on its cover: Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), Zanita Whittington (Zanita) and Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl).

As StyleCaster points out, this is an incredibly big deal:

Well, for one thing, cover stars are what sell magazines, and while these three are well-known among digital-savvy fashion fans, they’re extremely niche—which is a huge risk for a national magazine. Even if you’re not a fan of, say, Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba, you know who they are when you see them at the newsstand, whereas most average women probably have never heard of or seen Zanita, Chiara, or Nicole before.

Needless to say, we definitely think the risk was worth taking.

The cover story talks about how the fashion industry is no longer represented by just magazine editors, movie stars and artists. In fact, the fashion industry is no longer influenced by just brand name label companies either. Instead, inspiration has stemmed from the streets, making street style and fashion bloggers big components of this art. These bloggers, as Lucky says, are tastemakers, some with full-fledged careers that blossomed from what might have started as a hobby.

Many fashion bloggers are certainly embracing this turn of the tide. There’s Margaret Zhang of “Shine by Three” who did an editorial for Elle, while still maintaining her blog and going to university in Australia.

Model? Fashion photographer? University student? Fashion blogger? How about all four.

Model? Fashion photographer? University student? Fashion blogger? How about all four. (

Then there’s Aimee Song of Song of Style who recently launched an online clothing shop with her sister called “Two Songs,” catching the attention of legendary designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

And it doesn’t end there. Fashion bloggers both through blogs and YouTube are quickly settling into different avenues of influence. YouTube blogger Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters, for instance, just finished a Refinery29 vlog series called “Hang Time with Jenn Im” in which she visits fellow fashion bloggers’ closets (she also just did a Street Style video with Glam).

Lucky‘s the editor-in-chief Eva Chen points out, “They and their peers are breathing life into the industry, launching small designers, bringing fresh eyes to existing brands and having a one-on-one dialogue with their readers. There’s an energy and an excitement to what they’re doing…so elevating them to cover status makes total sense.”


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Top 5 Petite Fashion Bloggers

Ever shop around at your favorite stores for that perfect outfit, only to discover in the fitting rooms that those trendy boyfriend jeans are much too long, or that adorable cozy sweater is too wide to fit your petite frame? Look no further -– we found five fashion-forward petite bloggers that may be able to ease your shopping frustrations and at least one of them is sure to fit your style!




1) Her Waise Choice

Name: Jen Tam

Who: 24-year-old Jen is a Vancouver-based personal style blogger with a love of styling, fashion and photography. She hopes to inspire people with approachable yet fashion-forward outfits, using only quality-imagery on her blog.

jt1       jt2
2. Cute & Little

Name: Kileen

Who: American-born Chinese girl living in Texas with hubby, son and two cats. At just 5’ft tall, she hopes to help the everyday woman look fashionable at a reasonable price. She also hopes that her clothes will provide inspiration for women to feel confident in their own skin, as well as boost their self-esteem.

cl1        cl2

3) I am Khatu 

Name: Khatu

Who: Khatu is a 20 something year old Vietnamese girl living in Boston, Massachusetts, and is also newly married! Her blog is not only a source of inspiration for young women, but is also a creative outlet for her sewing projects as well as her design work.

khatu       khatu2


4) Wendy’s Lookbook

Name: Wendy Ngyuen

Who: Based in Los Angeles, Wendy volunteers at a non-profit organization that works with previously incarcerated youths. Aside from her rewarding job, Wendy is also passionate about fashion, art, culture, and music.

wendy1         wendy2


5) Stylish Petite 

Name: Annie

Who: Annie is 5 ft tall and 90 lbs, and originally started her petite blog as a way of de-stressing from her business, which quickly became her passion to share her personal style with the world.

sp1         sp2