Designers Jason Wu and Jimmy Choo Create Michelle Obama’s Stunning Look at the Inauguration Ball

The First Lady and President at the Inauguration Ball (Source)

First Lady Michelle Obama graced the Inauguration Ball with the work of not only one, but two Asian designers. Mrs. Obama wore a ruby-red chiffon and velvet gown which was custom-made by designer Jason Wu. The delighted Wu was also the designer Obama chose back in 2009. Michelle Obama’s decision of Jason Wu was career-making and his work has since then been in collaboration with Target and Nordstrom.

2009 – Michelle Obama’ first Jason Wu gown. (Source)


You may also catch glimpses of the matching red shoes Mrs. Obama chose for the Inauguration. She decided to accessorize with Jimmy Choo shoes who’s founder is from Penang, Malaysia. The entire outfit has people raving that this First Lady has quite the eye for fashion.

Get This Kpop Look | SHINee “Dream Girl” Music Video

SHINee is back with their third album “Dreamgirl: The Misconceptions of You”. The boys recently released the music video to the title track,  but the new song wasn’t the only thing we noticed. Patterns, colors, and even more patterns (did we mention patterns?) The boys were definitely trying to stand out on this one and we’re here to help you stand out as well! Continue reading to find out how you can get this kpop look!



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NYFW Designer Spotlight: Anveglosa

Anveglosamade its way to the US shores during New York Fashion Week, presenting its Fall/Winter 2013 collection at Eli Klein Fine Art on Tuesday, February 12. The Hong Kong-based brand was created by Annette Chan in 2007, naming Anveglosa after her three daughters – Venus, Glori and Sabrina. Chan had in mind to design fine clothing with timeless style and eventually found success after the debut of her first collection. Her leather creations garnered her attention and Chan has used the material to globalize Anveglosa.

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Get this Kpop Look | Ladies’ Code for High Cut

The new girl group Ladies’ Code was featured in the fashion magazine High Cut showing off their spring-time dolls looks.


Want to get some tips on how to look this adorable come Spring time? Continue reading to find out how you can get this Kpop look!

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Asians in Fashion | Trends and Favorite Looks from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Ming Xi for Jitrois Fall 2013

Out of all the fashion weeks around the world – all eyes definitely fall on Paris Fashion Week, where hot trends are picked off right off the runway. While you may not picture yourself wearing any one of these looks out on the street anytime soon, it’s always good to take note of the concepts and themes of every collection for inspiration while putting together your fall wardrobe. Some of our favorite trends that came out of Paris Fashion Week included: Stella McCartney’s “tractor soles”, menswear slacks, the return of the 1990s (think back to Courtney Love, baby doll dresses, plaid, and wet hair), and purple as a statement color.

Check out below for some of our favorite looks featuring our favorite Asian models!




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Fall 2012 | Harold Koda

Harold Koda
DEPT Pop-arazzi
AUTHOR Olivia Ouyang

A peek into the brilliance of Harold Koda, Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, who has curated exhibits Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations and Poiret: King of Fashion.

AUDREY MAGAZINE: You have curated numerous critically acclaimed fashion exhibits throughout your career. Is there one show that stands out in particular way to you?

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Wedding Dresses Go Black With Vera Wang

Photo credit: WWD.

Photo credit: WWD.

If I had to choose one, this would probably be my favorite. Not that I would wear it, but I do like the two-tone to the dress with the lace overlay. The overall design is just very flattering and unique. Plus it’s the least gloomy-looking.


Photo credit: WWD.

This would probably work better for a red carpet event in my opinion.


Photo credit: WWD.

The dress’s silhouette and color contrast creates so much drama that it wouldn’t be easy to pull off.


Photo credit: WWD.

All I can say is… at least it’s not all black!


Photo credit: WWD.

This has to be my least favorite since from far it actually looks kind of cheap (sorry Vera!) and that’s not how a Vera Wang dress is supposed to look like! The details cannot be seen and the shape is not the most flattering.


Photo credit: WWD.

Again, I feel this dress is also more appropriate for a fancy party or show rather than a wedding. Who wants to get married looking so dark and gloomy?

Who Wore What at Audrey’s Night Out 2011

“Audrey’s Night Out is filled with free booze, fashion plus lots of hot girls and guys. If you could only pick one, what would you choose?” While other people may be there for the alcohol and the hotties, I was there for the fashion. Here’s my fashion picks for the night:

1. Classic Cocktail Dresses
Simplicity speaks louder than you think. I am loving Nikki Soohoo’s cocktail dress here with the heart neckline and black and nude contrast. It hugs her in all the right places and she looks absolutely stunning.

Nikki Soohoo.

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