Favorite Street Style Looks From Seoul Fashion Week 2015 By Alex Finch

Street styles have lightened up quite a bit for Seoul Fashion Week attendees. While black ensembles were highly favored during last season’s session, Alex Finch caught some great pops of color this time around!  Always with a smile, Irene Kim keeps things playful when she’s off the runway, tossing a colorful bomber jacket over her lace midi.


Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch

Take a look at a few of the main themes below to inspire your spring and summer wardrobe.  From pale pinks to red accents, there’s a solid mix of subtle looks to statement styles that would appease your inner fashionista.



1. Vibrant Reds


Opt for some colorful, loose pants instead of skinnies this spring! Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


We loved both the red and yellow! Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


A more subtle approach to red. Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


We couldn’t get enough of this classy look. Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch



2. Pretty In Pink


A great way to break up the black! Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


Even guys are on board with the trend. Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch




3. Prints & Patterns


She caught our eyes immediately! Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch

Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


The jacket was a great addition to her solid, flowing layers. Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch



4. Let Your Sunnies Do The Speaking


Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch


Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch



Feature Image Courtesy Of Alex Finch.  For more great Seoul Fashion Week street styles from Alex Finch’s fan page, click here!

Seoul Fashion Week’s Metallic Fall Trend

This is for all those who love everything that sparkles and shines when the light hits just right.  Several SFW designers showcased work with glistening textures and metallic silvers and grays to make fall’s stormy palette pop, each with their own distinctive taste set to appeal to their target audience.

GREEDILOUS, Yohanix and 1SUPERCOMMA B took on the urban wear side and gave us punchy quotes and hashtags along with some serious in-your-face glare.  For the more modern and contemporary, How And What and NOHKE continued with favored boxy fits, but dressed up to glow.  We also shared a couple inspirations for an evening out with Tiger  In The Rain and LE QUEEN Couture.

Keep scrolling to check out the looks below and stay tuned as we continue to cover more Seoul Fashion Week excitement!



1. Urban Styles


GREEDILOUS, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org


1SUPERCOMMA B, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org


1SUPERCOMMA B, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org



2. Contemporary Cuts


NOHKE, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org


How And What, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org



3. For An Evening Out


Tiger In The Rain, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org


LE QUEEN Couture, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org

Feature Images Courtesy Of Seoul Fashion Week.

Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2015 Kicks Off With Menswear

This past winter’s street style was a good predictor of outerwear expectations for fall 2015, and opening day of Seoul Fashion Week had plenty of coats and jackets to inspire men for later this year.

Keep reading for a quick break down for Day One of the week long event.

Wintry, dark hues were favored, but Beyond Closet gave us a splash of light, camel hues and colorful motifs.  We picture these designs being favored among the youthful and urban street-wear lovers.


Beyond Closet, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org

Looking for clean, office-worthy styles?  Check out Jehee Sheen’s collection of slim-fitting suits and effortless coats.  Styled together they are rather eye-catching, especially when worn with interesting dress shirts as Sheen’s models were outfitted for the runway.


Jehee Sheen, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org

A.AV showcased more casual, street looks.  Layered jackets and pea coats paired with relaxed fit bottoms and tops were favored and we know we’ll see plenty of street style photos this coming winter from Seoul influenced by A.AV’s showcase.


A.AV, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org

Remember that cape trend from last fall?  Well, Sling Stone proves it’s not just for women– men can make it work as well.  A bit more daring than most men would probably prefer, but if you’re a bold dresser or know someone that loves to attempt new styles, give the cape jacket a try!


Sling Stone, Image Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org

Feature Images Courtesy Of SeoulFashionWeek.org 




Meet Jenny Ton, The Co-Founder and Boss Lady of ACMIST.com


I first met Jenny Ton during CAAMFest, the Asian American film festival in San Francisco, where Retrofit Republic debuted their collection of traditional Asian garments mixed with contemporary pieces. I was in love with her styling so much that I can even remember her outfit that night: a shift dress with black and white panels, a white collar and a bright red skinny tie. She knows what’s up, I thought.

Her work made a big impression on me, and her passion is truly inspiring. She has gone through a number of tribulations, but has always remained true to her mission to empower women. Since I last saw her, she had left Retrofit Republic and is now the co-founder of an online clothing company called ACMIST.



Audrey Magazine: What is ACMIST and how did ACMIST come about?

Jenny Ton: ACMIST is an empowering online women’s clothing retailer focused on validating and cultivating your inner Boss self. ACMIST is inspired by our love for social good and fashion, the strength and celebration of womanhood, and the transformative nature of fashion on one’s inner self. We hope you’ll feel your best, like the Boss Lady that you are, in our clothes.



Shop these looks and more at ACMIST.com. Photography by Abraham Espiritu. Design layout by Christine Joy Ferrer.


The stars serendipitously aligned into the birth of ACMIST [ak-mest], co-founded with my college buddy and serial entrepreneur, Angela Suh, and extraordinary fashion maven and renaissance Boss Lady, Eileen Yu. Angela had started another ecommerce fashion site during the same time I had co-founded my first clothing retailer and styling firm, Retrofit Republic.

With the timeliness of our business transitions, an undeniable voice told us we needed to join forces. It was the ideal time to put into practice our lessons learned from our first fashion companies into a new venture with a ton of purpose and promise.


Eileen Yu & Jenny Ton at Kearny Street Workshop x ACMIST’s Celebrate Your Body 2015.  Both are wearing ACMIST

Eileen Yu & Jenny Ton at Kearny Street Workshop x ACMIST’s Celebrate Your Body 2015. Both are wearing ACMIST


AM: What was it like growing up? What sparked your interest in fashion? 

JT: I grew up in a predominately immigrant and low-income community. We didn’t have very much growing up, which I believe was a catalyst of rich imagination and creativity for my family and me. From a necessity to survive, creativity and resourcefulness are byproducts of scarcity. I’ve seen some of the most creative individuals and ideas from the most under-resourced people in developing countries, which is where I believe my parents’ creativity and resourcefulness stems.

My mother, born and raised in Vietnam, is incredibly resourceful. She can and will repurpose almost anything. My father, also born and raised in Vietnam, is a talented construction worker. He is a self-taught architect and structural engineer, but without the formal education and fancy titles. He couldn’t afford them. He can build pretty much anything from scratch and retrofit old throwaways of any kind into something beautifully utilitarian.

mama chinh

As for me, we had no choice but to thrift shop. My mother was a stay-at-home garment worker, receiving five cents per garment she sewed. I learned my basic sewing skills from her. I was also a voracious fashion magazine reader. I would literally read every word in a magazine from cover to cover, admiring and critiquing a world that was vastly beyond the financial means of my family.

Although I couldn’t have what I saw in magazines, I had second-hand clothing with rich history and stories. I saw endless and exciting possibilities in styling and wearing these clothes but, shamefully, I also wanted to creatively conceal my poverty too. This was a time when thrifting wasn’t in fashion. It felt like everyone saw thrift clothes through an unsightly brown lens, yet I saw them through an ever-changing kaleidoscope of color. Via my style, I wanted to cultivate this kaleidoscope lens for others too. It wasn’t until college (when thrifting became fashionable) did I proudly share where I got my clothes.


AM: Who inspires you the most?

JT: My mom. She’s had an extremely turbulent life. I’ve thought about writing a book inspired by her life. Yet despite it all, her resilience and hero-like strength has been utterly inspiring.




UPDATE: An earlier version of this article included a quote by Ms. Ton about her departure from Retrofit Republic that was unclear, and we therefore removed it.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week F/W 2015 Recap: Vivienne Hu

Asymmetry, sharp lines, dark and stormy hues.

Vivienne Hu once again creates a collection made for strong personalities.  At first glance, there’s so much going on from the different cutouts, pipings and fabrics to the geometry and embroidery, but take a step back and you’ll see there’s a story tying everything together.  We picture women of strength wearing these designs, not shying away from being an attention-grabber, and completely living out the look with each step they take.

Scroll below to see some of the Fall 2015 collection, and decide for yourselves which looks are your favorites.  Perhaps some will find their way onto your wish list for this coming fall season!

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.55.01 AM

Images Courtesy Of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.58.38 AM

Images Courtesy Of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Here’s a few close ups for detail.


Images Courtesy Of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Images Courtesy Of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Images Courtesy Of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Image Courtesy Of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Image Courtesy Of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Feature Images Courtesy Of MBFW


Less is More: Minimal Jewelry Trend From Our Favorite Asian Fashion Bloggers


Last year, fashion bloggers showed off their favorite jewelry brands layer upon layer, stacking necklaces and bracelets in various combinations. But things seem to have taken a turn towards the minimal side.

Visiting some of our favorite Asian bloggers, we find simple and subtle jewelry replacing last year’s “wear it all” themes.  Interesting details are never lost on fashion bloggers– they manage to find pieces that easily draw attention without being overly flamboyant.  We are quite enjoying this movement towards simplicity, especially if it means not having to deal with tangled up chains and bracelets.


Image Courtesy Of Thechrisellefactor.com


Image Courtesy Of Wendyslookbook.com


Image Courtesy Of Thatschic.net


Image Courtesy Of Songofstyle.com


Image Courtesy Of Hapatime.com



Looking for new goodies to add to your collection?  We gathered a few eye-catching, uncomplicated pieces perfect for this coming spring.


1. The Pendulum Necklace by Ria Vianna, available here for $30, has a lovely thin chain and stone drop perfect for tees.

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

Image Courtesy Of Riavianna.bigcartel.com

2. If you prefer a shorter chain style, take a peek at the Tres Necklace by Ria Vianna available here for $25.


Image Courtesy Of Riavianna.bigcartel.com

3. Check out this effortless Cylinder Cuff is available here for $28.


Image Courtesy Of Needsupply.com

4. Prefer darker metals?  Here’s Kamryn Dame’s “understated, but not overlooked” Madison I necklace available here for $112.


Image Courtesy Of Kamryndame.com


Feature Image Courtesy Of Fashiontoast.com


Designer Amanda Shi’s Vintage Hollywood-Inspired Collection


Designer Amanda Shi expresses her adoration for old Hollywood glamour and vintage themes in her newest spring 2015 collection.  We love how Shi takes a simple piece, each inspired by an iconic woman from the golden era of Hollywood, and creates variations of it to highlight the individual personality of each woman, versus developing a large quantity of designs that can cause the primary vision to be lost.  In its simplest form, her tops are perfect for casual dress, but with additions of lace, sequins and vegan leather piping, you’re set for a night out wearing a beautiful blend of past and present.

Below are a few our favorites and descriptions from the designer regarding the names of the garments.



1. The Edna Blouse


Named For Actress Edna Purviance

This top is offered in three form-flattering variations. Pictured above is a clean, simple piece and a more adventurous version with detailed lace and sequins.  From the designer: “She is named after Edna Purviance, the first great love of Charlie Chaplin…the three versions of this style reflect her capability of bringing various personalities with each role she played.” 



2. The Anita Blouse


Named For Broadway Star Anita Page

We immediately fell in love with the Anita’s sheer paneling and wide collar, while the second version offers an edgier piped design, both can transition smoothly from day to night.  From the designer: “She [Anita Page] starred in one of the first true film musicals which depicted two sisters in love with the same man.  The two Anita designs are representative of them.” 





3. The Joan Blouse


Named For Actress Joan Crawford

Fitting the contemporary oversized style that’s in right now, the Joan top has a loose cut, but the subtle drape to balance out the modern shape.  From the designer: “It [the top] creates movement and its collar reflects Crawford’s spunky and sexy personality.  Our printed Joan is inspired by Joan’s reinvention of herself.”



4. The Lydia Jacket


Named For Socialite Lydia Williams

This isn’t your regular moto-inspired jacket of solid fabric and zippers. Instead, you’re given the same interesting details that are notable throughout Shi’s entire collection making this jacket a knockout.  You can expect to turn heads anywhere you go.  From the designer: “Named after socialite and flapper girl Lydia Williams, this jacket presents her attitude and party girl style.”


For more about the collection and where to buy click here.

All Images Courtesy Of Jody Green For Amanda Shi


Street Style 2015: Refresh Your Daily Wardrobe


Independent fashion designers sometimes fly under the radar and it can be difficult to compete against larger retailers, but before you begin diving into the hoards of seasonal sales, consider checking out these websites. We hand selected a few items that provide both quality and distinctive style to your daily wardrobe—all created by Asian American designers.



1. Here’s the prettiest skort we’ve ever seen!


The Rosie Skort, Image Courtesy Of Vivianchan.com

At times we weren’t the biggest fans of some of the skirt and short combinations that made their rounds through the street style blogs during 2013 and 2014, but designer Vivian Chan produced a beautiful, classy option that we can’t wait to get our hands on.   We adore the hint of sensuality in its sheer paneling and the modest length. Get the flowing full skirt effect combined with the comfort of shorts here for $248.



2.  These necklaces will make your tees anything but boring!


The Leatherock And The Rumi Necklaces, Images Courtesy Of MJXLjewelry.com

MJXL Jewelry is perfect for street style bloggers and fashionistas looking for some edge to their plain t-shirts. If you want to step away from your more timeless accessories, try out some crystal quartz and leather. Designer Michelle Lee describes it best on her site, “let it rock, let it rock, leatherock…” We also found ourselves falling for the slight curve of her Rumi necklace. Both designs are available here for $34 and $29—budget friendly as well!



3.  Time to shed your jackets for this luxurious cardigan!


Oxblood Shawl Cardigan, Image Courtesy Of Candyandcaviar.com

Designer Candy Lin produces cardigans of softly spun cashmere mixed with a contemporary, menswear inspired look that is both iconic, yet current. We loved her oxblood, marled knitwear with its ribbed sections and flattering fit that’s not too oversized or too snug. Though the price may be intimidating at $395, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a lower quality fiber or blend combination that will pill much more readily and lack the insulation expected of cashmere. Want to invest in this piece? You can find it available here.



4.  Check out this top hand illustrated by the designer herself!


The Crowea Sweatshirt, Image Courtesy Of Hanhny.com

Right on trend with all our Asian street style posts from fall and winter, this short sleeved, crew neck sweat shirt provides an exclusive feel with its detailed hand illustrations by designer Hanh Nguyen, whose work combines pleasing minimalist styles and original art. Named for an exotic plant that blooms star-like flowers in the midst of winter, the Crowea fleece is available here in both red and back for $78.


Feature Image Courtesy Of Vivianchan.com by Photographer John Michael Fulton



New Year, New Style: Audrey’s First Box From DAILYLOOK’s Elite Service


In the beginning of December, we brought to you an interview with DailyLook’s founder, Brian Ree, regarding their new Elite personalized styling service, and now Audrey gets to share with you our very first box set! Keeping scrolling to see the step-by-step process along with imagery for a first-hand look at how easy and streamlined the monthly program works.



Step One: The Assessment

At first glance, the initial style questionnaire seems rather long, but for good reason. After all, your monthly box caters exactly to you. DailyLook’s stylists want to have a precise idea of your measurements and outfit preferences as well as brands you currently favor, preferred color palettes and trends, what your closet is in dire need of and what items you absolutely don’t want in your box.


Shortened Preview Of The Questionnaire, Images Courtesy Of DailyLook.com



Step Two: Box Arrival

Towards the end of building your profile, you pick a date of the month for each box to arrive around. In our case, we picked the 3rd of every month. When the time came, UPS delivered and we couldn’t wait to see the curated styles. Inside everything was wrapped neatly and when opened, the cover of the box gave a shortened review on what to do with the new goods.


Images Courtesy Of Audrey Magazine



Step Three: Outfit Review

Our box contained dresses, bottoms and a few tops totaling eight pieces, with some to mix and match and others you can accessorize and pair on your own. Classic black and white was the main request and the box was filled with the favored color scheme, along with contemporary cuts and fits based on our first assessment. This box definitely had us excited for spring and summer with its loose, flowing fabrics and we saw throughout 2014’s major trends that black can be an all-year-round color.


Images Courtesy Of Audrey Magazine



Step Four: Try It All On

There’s no guarantee that everything will fit how you want, and others items may look better on than expected, so definitely try everything out and even style it with your own closet staples to see how you could work them into your daily rotation.  Below is our favorites based on the cut, fabric and over all feel.


Dress By The Fifth Label, Grid Crop Top By J.O.A., Bottoms By Cameo – All Are Available At DailyLook.com



Step Five: Keep Or Return

After trying on every garment, it is time to decide which ones go straight into your closet and which ones go back.  Once you’ve decided what items to return, DailyLook includes in the box a pre-paid USPS label and return envelope for your convenience.  You just pack everything into the bag and make sure it is dropped at your local post office within seven days of the receiving date.  Finally, you have to login to your DailyLook Elite account and fill out a questionnaire containing mini assessments for the individual items.  Every line has to be marked so when stylists curate your next box they can take into account your reviews of each previous set in order to keep sending you the best possible matches.


Images Courtesy Of Audrey Magazine And DailyLook



Our final take on the DailyLook Elite program is a very positive one. There’s no fitting room lines, everything is tried on in the comforts of your own home allowing you to really see how items will fit your wardrobe, and shopping hassles are decreased with stylists handling the curation and pulling process. The website is easily navigable. It does take a bit of time to fill out all the assessments, but compared to driving somewhere, browsing endless racks and so on, the time is infinitely shorter. The return process is simple, while the policy timeline is very short, the packaging and labels are already taken care of by DailyLook. If you decide you don’t want to keep participating in Elite over time, you only have to login and cancel your account.  For those of you with busy lifestyles, this subscription service could be your best friend.

We’re already looking forward to seeing what goodies pop up in our second box, and we hope you give Elite a try!


Feature Image Courtesy Of Audrey Magazine


Fashion For A Cause: Liberty in North Korea (LiNK)


We’ve been bringing you on-going news regarding the cancellation of The Interview theater showings under the pressure of recent hacker attacks and the uproar it’s causing, but looking deeper into the terrifying realities of North Korea, one organization strives to aid North Korean refugees on the extremely hard and secret journey to freedom.  Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) takes on the complex, sensitive subject of non-existent human rights for North Koreans by educating others on the history and the underground movements of the country.  So much is shrouded in secrecy, but with changing technology and advocacy, there is a growing fight for a better life for the people under the current dictatorship.

LiNK created this page to help others more clearly understand the challenges and history of North Koreans. Many things that we may take for granted, such as freedom of speech and information, is not available to citizens under the dictatorship. In fact, they face constant famines, lack of public health systems, and even public executions and exploitation. It is a very emotional read, but examining hard truths always is.

What exactly does the LiNK organization do?

“We rescue refugees without cost or condition and ensure their safety and dignity on their journey to freedom…while hiding in China their illegal status forces them to work in invisible industries and leaves them vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers and sex traffickers, as they have no recourse to any authorities.  Although many refugees try to escape many do not have the resources or connections to get themselves out of China.  That’s where we come in.” —via Liberyinnorthkorea.org

Below is the breakdown of the $3000 cost of a rescue and resettlement by LiNK, which can also be found here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.04.43 AM

Rescue & Resettlement Plan Via Liberty In North Korea

So what can we do and how does this tie into fashion right?

Outside of the traditional donation methods, LiNK has their own shop full of statement making t-shirts.  We already know graphic tops and jackets are favorite trends each season in Asia, but you can own or gift eye-catching tees that carry a more meaningful purpose.  We talk about conversation starters in fashion continuously, but these could create a conversation that educates and can ultimately aid in the rescue process of a North Korean refugee.

LiNK’s graphic designers have created a variety of designs from simple text to pop art styles and with all proceeds funding LiNK’s work and mission. Below are some of their holiday shop designs with prices ranging from $10 to $40.  Also, if you explore their shop you’ll find more than just tops: there’s coffee, canvas prints and even phone covers all made for a great cause.  If you interested more about the traditional donation process click here.

While we settle in with our families for this Christmas holiday, we keep the lives of others nestled deeply within our hearts as well.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.24.36 AM

Image Courtesy Of Libertyinnorthkorea.org

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.25.07 AM

Image Courtesy Of Libertyinnorthkorea.org

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.24.49 AM

Image Courtesy Of Libertyinnorthkorea.org


Image Courtesy Of Libertyinnorthkorea.org

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.38.08 AM

Image Courtesy Of Libertyinnorthkorea.org