Video of Talented Japanese Drummer Senri Kawaguchi Goes Viral


This past summer, S. White, a Taiwanese jazz drummer and street performer, stole everyone’s heart with her impressive drumming skills and adorable head-bobbing. Well, it looks like she’s not the only one gaining attention for her drumming!

A video of Senri Kawaguchi playing along to “Jinshin War” by Kawaguchi Chisato has been going viral. Many people claim she is more talented than most professional drummers and she has mastered quite a unique technique. Most impressive of all? Kawaguchi is only 16-years-old.

So how exactly does a teenager get to be so talented? Well apparently Kawaguchi was only 5-years-old when she first picked up drumsticks. By the time she was eight, she was receiving lessons from famed Japanese drummers.

Since then, she’s kept herself quite busy with her passion. She performed with rock band Nokemono before she became a teenager, landed endorsement deals with Yamaha and Zildjian, received awards in the “Rhythm & Drums Magazine” contest, appeared on a number of television shows, released her debut DVD “Horoscope,” and is currently touring with idol group E-Girls.

Check out the viral video for yourself and tell us what you think!

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Why Everyone is Falling in Love With This Talented Taiwanese Drummer


Step aside Ringo Starr and Travis Barker, we have a new favorite drummer in town. From the looks of things, she intends to keep her spot as a favorite.

Known to us by her English name, S. White, this Taiwanese jazz drummer and street performer has been turning heads and catching quite a bit of attention. In fact, her official Facebook fan page has nearly 200,000 likes. Now don’t let her youth and petite size fool you– White packs a punch in her performances.

She is often seeing laughing, singing along and bobbing her head while rocking out to everything from Crayon Pop to Lady Gaga. Many media sites have praised her on being such a “cute and pretty” drummer, but the reason she’s on our list of favorites is her undeniable talent and charm. Simply put, she has so much fun during her performances that we can’t help but smile along.

Check out some of our favorite S. White performances below.