Audrey Do’s and Don’ts | The Second Date

Wong Fu Productions Short “Best Date EVER

On our last Audrey Do’s and Don’ts, we gave you some tips to get ready for a date. Today, we’re gonna take it one step further and talk about the Do’s and Don’ts of the second date.

Many believe that the second date is actually more important than the first. With a first date, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that the date could be good or bad. If it’s bad, you never have to see your date again (at least not in a romantic way). The second date? Completely different story. The first impression is done and apparently it went well. The pressure of that is now replaced with the pressure of testing the waters.

You like each other. You both want more. And you both know it.

So what now? What do you wear? How physical do you get? Continue reading for Audrey’s Dos and Don’t of the second date!

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Audrey Do’s and Don’ts | Getting Ready For A Date

So you finally got your crush to ask you out on a date! You’ve been looking forward to this for weeks and now the date is only hours away. What to do now? Well sit down and take a few minutes to read our Do’s and Don’ts when getting ready for a date!

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Ask Audrey Staff | How (NOT) to pick up an Asian Girl

Wong Fu’s “This is how we never met”

Lets just make one thing clear: If you’re going to include race when trying to flirt with a girl, you’d better choose your words wisely. Some people have a really strange approach to flirting with Asian women and (trust us) a lot of times this just won’t end in their favor. We’ve come across quite a few no-no’s ourselves and we’re here to share them. Continue reading for a list of things NOT to do to pick up an Asian Girl.

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