We Finally Know the Identity of Katy Perry’s Famous Left Shark


During Super Bowl XLIX (2015) a real MVP came through and no, I’m not talking about Tom Brady. I mean none other than the Half Time showstopper, Left Shark.

He stole our hearts with his flustered movements as he boogied to his own beat. Call me a softie, but after watching his performance, I was inclined to console him with a great big hug and an “It’s okay, you did your best” speech.

As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one touched by his impromptu dancing. In a matter of 24 hours following Super Bowl, Left Shark was turned into an internet sensation. Left Shark memes and gifs took over social media and it seems there wasn’t a single person who Left Shark didn’t woo with his awkward dance moves.




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Because of their rocketing notoriety, the dancing duo were featured as special guests on The Late Late Night Show with John Mayer. Being from a special species of “dancing sharks,” the great whites had a “marine biologist” accompany them and explain the “clumsier, dumber” nature of the Left Shark.


But all jokes aside, I’m sure we’re all really wondering who exactly is behind this adorable, bewildered, flailing Left Shark? Recently on Today, the identity of the man behind the great blue and white costume was revealed.

Left Shark is none other than Bryan Gaw.


image1 image3

Although a review of the performance joked that “the Left Shark failed out of choreography school,” it’s safe to say that Gaw is quite learned in the arts. Gaw is a professional dancer who has been working with Katy Perry for quite some time now.  His Instrgram shows a number of photos backstage during Katy Perry’s various events and gigs. In fact, he’s one of the few people Katy Perry follows on Twitter. Much to our amusement, Gaw seems to be fully embracing his Left Shark identity.

Go ahead, Bryan, go ahead with your Left Sharky self.



Featured image courtesy of avclub.



Video of The Week: Japanese Dancer Kenichi Ebina Wins “America’s Got Talent”

Months ago, Kenichi Ebina’s audition performance for America’s Got Talent went viral. Ebina stunned the judges and viewers nationwide with his “dance-ish” performance that included the robot, some gasp-worthy matrix moves, and entertaining martial arts.

Not only did the 39-year-old dancer’s video trend social media sites, he also gained a standing ovation from the judges and and continued on in the competition.

As the competition went on, Ebina continues to earn his spot at the top. His performances ranged from high-energy and fast-paced dances to slow and emotional routines. He easily kept the judges’ attention and became a fan favorite.

audrey ad elodie

Last night, after one of the longest, heart-pounding pauses, Ebina was announced the winner of America’s Got Talent. Although Ebina was engulfed in lights, sparks, and confetti, he was unable to hide his surprise with the results and happily gave out his thank you’s to his family, friends, and fans.

Kenichi Ebina will be rewarded $1 million along with his very own Las Vegas show.

In honor of this very talented dancer winning, our Video of The Week is his mesmerizing audition piece.  Check it out below as well as his winning moment. You can see all of this other performances here.