Video of the Day: Are Curry Noodles The Next Great Instant Noodle?


The typical college student meal must be cheap, quick and easy to whip up. This is probably why instant noodles are always associated with them. Sure, you can spruce things up by mixing in eggs or vegetable, but sometimes I get tired of the typical chicken Maruchan or the spicy Shin Ramyun. Although they are tasty, I know there are other types of instant noodle flavors out there that is worth a try.

Behold, the newest addition to the instant noodle family: Penang White Curry Mee. This is a recent creation by Ibumie, a company based in Malaysia that brings Indonesian and Thai influences into their products. What makes the Penang White Curry Mee so special? According to the Fung Brothers, it’s instant curry noodles with restaurant-worthy taste. In their lastest video, they even show you five different ways to use Penang White Curry Mee at home, including revamping those unappetizing leftovers! Heads up, they even teach you how to make curry fries.

Did Ibumie really create the next great instant noodle flavor? If you’re a fan of your instant noodles with a spicy kick, give it a try and let us know!

Feature image courtesy of FungBrosComedy on YouTube.