Seoul Holds World’s First Ever “Spacing Out Competition”



On October 27, Seoul held the world’s first spacing out tournament at the Seoul City Hall. As the name suggests, participants competed against one another to see who could space out for the longest time.

The purpose of the game was to let everyone relax their brains and unwind from busy, modern society.


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A total of 50 people participated in the three-hour tournament that started from noon till 3. They had their heart rate checked by staffers to determine who had the lowest tension. The ideal winner was someone who maintained a static presence with the most stable heart rate. Those who make any abrupt movements, laugh, or tend to get distracted were disqualified. The competition was dragged out thanks to the so-called “death angel,” one of the youngest participants.



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The nine-year-old girl won the contest and was awarded a trophy that looked similar to “The Thinker.” Apparently prior to the tournament, the girl’s mother scolded her after hearing from a school teacher that her daughter was spacing out during class. No surprises there.


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MUST WATCH: Tessanne Chin Wows “The Voice” Judges

The Voice has found another amazing star. 28-year-old reggae fusion recording artist, Tessanne Chin, recently graced the stage of The Voice with her powerful vocals.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, this Half-Chinese beauty is most known for her hit singles “Hideaway” and “Messenger”. Both songs were featured in her 2010 solo album In Between Words.

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After only moments of showing off her vocals, Chin got all four judges to turn their seat in amazement. With a warm personality and a breath-taking smile, Chin quickly won over the judges, the audience, and viewers at home.

Sure to be a fan favorite, Chin has chosen to be on Adam’s team (he did give her a standing ovation afterall). Check out the performance yourself and be sure to keep an eye out. This one is definitely going places.