This Video Warms Our Hearts: Children React to Bi-Racial Cheerios Commercial

Earlier this summer, a Cheerio’s commercial showing an interracial couple/family sparked negative backlash. A disturbing amount of people voiced that they were uncomfortable about the commercial and were under the impression that it could be a bad influence on children.

Clearly, we find the commercial adorable. Much of the public, however, didn’t seem to agree with us. The commercial got so much hate and negative reactions that Cheerio’s was forced to disable the comments portion for the youtube video.

So does this commercial really have a negative influence on children? The Fine Bros wanted to find out. They recently released a new episode of Kids React showing kids watching the Cheerios commercial followed by a discussion of what the children felt about it. What did the episode prove? Children may very well have a better sense of right and wrong than adults. Check out the adorable reactions below:

It is heartwarming to have children understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with bi-racial couples. In fact, the kids point out that its very unfair and cruel to dislike a family simply because of the color of their skin.

As one child points out, we claim that we are a country of equality, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, this issue extends beyond the black and white community which was featured in the Cheerios commercial.

In this day and age, many Asians find themselves in interracial relationships, but their love is met with negative reactions. Asian women are called sell-outs for choosing a man of another race, Asian men are high-fived for finding a non-Asian girlfriend, Asian parents scold their children for not choosing someone of the same cultural background.

If children are mature enough to understand that love is love despite the color of one’s skin, why is the public having such a hard time? Why does our Asian community struggle to accept the possibility of legitimate feelings for someone outside of the Asian circle?


Let us know what you think and share some of your own experiences below.