Sky High Catwalk: The World’s Highest Fashion Shows

For me, looking down from a high-rise building gives me goosebumps. Gulp.

But not for Jessica Minh Anh. In fact, she enjoys hosting catwalks in them, while looking fierce and stomping around in stiletto heels. On June 25th, 2014, the model and entrepreneur will be hosting yet another fashion show in a skyscraper, this time at the World Trade Center in New York on the 63rd floor. The World Trade Center is you know, casually the tallest building in the entire Western Hemisphere. There are 104 floors total and is 1776 ft, to be exact.

Known for her sky high catwalks, Jessica Minh Anh has also previously hosted a show on the Bay’s OCBC Skyway, as well as on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, where she broke the world record for the highest fashion show.

Many designers from all over the world are set to show off their latest collections, including Jessica’s favorite designer Ziad Nakad from Lebanon, Indian designers Libas Riyaz and Reshma Gangji, Peruvian Norka Peralta, and many more.

On why she chose this particular location for her upcoming catwalk, she told the Borneo Post that the “One World Trade Center represents determination, innovation, and ambition, which are the qualities I stand for as a young entrepreneur. Similar to the Tower, I strongly believe you’ve got to dig deep to rise high.”



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