Master Your Contouring Skills … With A Spoon?

Are you having trouble perfecting your contouring skills? Do your contour lines resemble dirt on your face rather than chiseled cheekbones? Theres no need to go out invest in expensive new makeup brushes. You can achieve the perfect contour with the help of a metal spoon and standard clear tape. Yes, you read that correctly.

Mari from the beauty website, XOVain, shows you step-by-step instructions for three contouring methods. Now grab your favorite contour shade, your go-to face brush and let’s get started!



1. Apply tape on top of your cheekbones.Contour1

2. Sweep contour shade beneath the tape.Contour2

3. Blend until the harsh line softens.





This is similar to the tape method, but your contour line will be less angular.

1. Place spoon on your cheekbones and use the curved edge as a guide to apply the contour.


2. Once again, blend the harsh line.ContourSpoon3



This method is a bit more time consuming, but the goal is to contour three points on your face: the temples, cheekbones and jawline. What’s the point? Besides cheekbones, contouring your temples will give the illusion of a narrower forehead, and contouring your jawline will give you a chiseled jaw line and even help hide a double chin in photos. Initial placement of the contour shade in these areas will look like an “E” and “3” on the sides of your face. But not to worry! That is why blending is the most important step.

1. Sweep contour from your temples, to below your cheekbones and around your jawline. ContourE

2. Blend away!CountourE2


Voila! With some practice, you’ll be a contour master in no time and will be ready for your next photo op. Don’t forget to turn your head and pout to show off your new contour skills!

Which method was most helpful to you?

All photos courtesy of Mari at