These 6 Videos Will Turn You Into A Morning Person


My bed and I have a very loving relationship, but my alarm clock seems determined to rip us apart. Are you a morning person? I’m certainly not. Luckily, there’s people who can help.

If your New Year’s resolution was to wake up earlier, or if you just want to beat some winter blues, have no fear! Here are six tried-and-true morning routines from some of YouTube’s favorite beauty and fashion gurus. Watch while grumpily pouring your cereal into your bowl, and find yourself slowly feeling more excited about this morning…and all of the mornings after it!




1. Getting ready for a chill day in? Check out Jenn Im‘s morning routine with everything from a healthy smoothie, a neutral makeup look and even a tutorial on how to rock a side braid.



2. Follow Michelle Phan‘s busy morning. Phan’s day always includes a 10-minute workout, a walk to the subway and lots and lots of make up fun.



3. MamaMiaMakeup certainly isn’t a morning person either, but in this video, she successfully gets out of bed, puts on her makeup and even makes a batch of pancakes.



4. Vagabond Youth’s Amy Lee shows us that all you need for a good morning is an omelette,  a leather jacket, a good lipstick color and some happy music.



5. In this “Asian Morning Routine,”  you’ll find awesome skincare techniques, a super filling breakfast and (most importantly) fluffy Hello Kitty slippers. 



6. From Head to Toe’s Jen Chae shows us that a dog is the perfect alarm clock. Apparently, good mornings also include onesies and dancing your way to the shower. 



Feature photo courtesy of Asian Beauty Secrets 

Breakfast Food From Around The World

If there’s one thing that joins people together, that would be food. In fact, people often travel the world with the goal to try new types of food. This happens so often that the World Food Travel association has coined the term Food Tourism which is “the pursuit and enjoyment of unique and memorable food and drink experiences, both far and near.”

And why shouldn’t travelers be interested in new foods? Afterall, food can tell you much about culture, traditions and taste.

Now the old saying is that breakfast in the most important meal of the day. In honor of that, Buzzfeed recently decided to create the video “What Does The World Eat For Breakfast.”

In the video, we get a glimpse of a typical breakfast in various parts of the world. The video doesn’t seem to contain entire breakfast meals, but it certainly shows the most common breakfast foods of each country including the following Asian countries:
food- china food- india

food- vietnam food- japan

Check out the entire video below: